Project A-ko: The New Adventures of Supergirl

Earth Side

Natasha Irons, acting President of the United States, took command of Earth's militaries in a room in the Moon based Watchtower complex of the Justice League. She didn't want to be here, she wanted to be on Earth with her countrymen, but the sudden death of President Olsen showed her that was just foolish arrogance. The military needed a living commander, and there was no way she'd survive on Earth.

The planet Earth was being swept under a wave of superhumans, but they were being pushed back gradually. Natasha had to acknowledge that they had lost a good sized chunk of the US to the first blitz attack, but in the hours afterwards they were driving them off.

"Come on, every one!" Uncle Sam yelled, the white haired man in red, white and blue standing dramatically in the street in Washington DC, "Who wants to live forever?"

"I would, actually," Neon bitched, the multicoloured hero blasting a Almeractian woman out of the sky before she could heat-vision Uncle Sam. His black bodysuit seemed to draw in energy, while the multicoloured tracery of light around him glowed eerily.

Around them in the ruins of Washington the Freedom Fighters and the US Army were striking back against the aliens, driving them back with weapons and powers. Firebrand blasted a Khund trooper away with a fire blast, while armored Firebrand droids followed him in.

Black Condor soared in air combat against several Almeracians, even as he wished he was fighting the Thangarians instead. "Damn it, it's just not fair..." he started to say before a laser-vision bolt cut him in half.

"NO!" Human Bomb yelled angrily at seeing another comrade die. The while, glowing man looked at his teammate, "Toss me at them, Iron!"

Iron Monroe casually picked the Human Bomb up, the silver haired man smiling grimly, "Don't die on me, buddy." With that he threw the Bomb right into the mass of aliens, the explosion lighting up the sky for miles around.

"Wow," Miss America noted even as the black haired woman used her transmuting ability to disable a Khund tank. The Bomb would reform in a few minutes, then he would be ready to explode again. Hell of a power...

The Invisible Hood lurked around the edge of the battle, the mysterious cloaked hero using his cape and the strange mists that swirled around him to disable enemies. Like him Doll Man attacked when he could, the miniature man tripping and disabling troops.

Patricia Lynn Dugan, Starwoman, blasted several aliens back with her Stellar Rod, a device based off her sister's Cosmic Rod. The heroine blazed like a star as her force field absorbed energy fire, then she rechanneled it into bolts that seared the street clean of attackers.

"Nicely done, missy," Uncle Sam congratulated her.

"Don't call me that," Starwoman snapped back, "I'm only helping you idiots in hopes of finding my sister Courtney."

Red Bee hung back, not being a idiot. Instead, Jenna used her army of Red Bee androids to attack and harass the attackers, their 'energy stings' doing slow but steady damage. Her exo-suit offered some protection, but against a Almerac soldier she'd be turned into paste.

Iron Monroe, Captain Collin Challenger and Doc Damage together charged the ground forces, literally shoving the soldiers and their massive armored vehicle backwards. "Doc, I've meant to ask," Iron said grimly as he ripped a gun out of a soldier's hand, "are you related to the earlier Damage?"

Doc Damage smiled grimly under his half mask. "Sorry to say no," he conceded even as he used a explosive blast to boost a punch.

Collin Challenger, US Army and incidentally super strong and built like a talk, wryly noted that Doc Damage even had the same powers as the earlier Damage. Too bad the first Damage had his heart ripped out years back...

"Is it me or is this getting easier?" Collin asked wryly as the energy bolts constantly bouncing off of the three men eased off.

"I'll be damned," Iron muttered, "they're pulling back!"

"Doesn't mean we're done," Uncle Sam noted as he took his hat off and wiped his brow, "there's still a lot of fighting ahead of us."

Up on the Moon Natasha listened to the update from the commander on the spot, a Lt. Colonel Trevor. The older blond haired man stood at attention as he said, "We've successfully driven out the Khund land forces and their Almeracian air support."

"What's the damage to Washington?" Natasha had to ask, even though she expected it to be very, very bad.

"Almeracian suicide attackers destroyed both the house of congress and senate while they were meeting," Trevor admitted, "no survivors. The Pentagon has also been hit, but it wasn't a total loss."

"I thought the Pentagon bunker wasn't rated to stop that kind of attack?" Natasha asked, faintly surprised.

"It wasn't," Trevor reported, "but Agent Liberty and Codename Patriot successfully stopped the woman before she could hit." He paused before adding, "Neither survived."

Natasha puffed out a sigh, but nodded. "They will be remembered," she told him seriously, then signed off. Another report came in, and Natasha took the call, "Hello, Waller."

Amanda Waller smiled wryly at the disdain in Natasha's voice, but she didn't let it bother her. As the former head of the Suicide Squad, she knew Natasha disapproved of a program that let criminals go in exchange for assisting on missions and therefore didn't much like her. Even though she was now a Black King in Checkmate, that history remained.

"Black and White side agents have been deployed, as per UN security council resolutions on alien invasions," Waller told her. "Donna Troy, our White King, is out in the field leading attacks against the aliens as well."

"Good," Natasha nodded.

Waller hesitated then added, "I'm sorry about President Olsen. He was a good man."

"Thank you," Natasha said, smiling faintly. Changing the subject she asked, "Any new intelligence on Warworld?"

Waller smiled grimly. "Several espers in Checkmate service thing they know why the planet has slowed," she revealed, "they've had a prison break. Superhumans that Warworld had captured have broken free and are gumming up the works."

Natasha leaned forward "Any idea who?"

Waller actually smiled broadly. "Superman and Wonder Woman," she said with satisfaction, "they're alive and kicking ass."

"Thank god," Natasha breathed out, even though she was in theory a agnostic.

"The international superhuman community is stepping up against the aliens as well," Waller updated her, "the Global Guardians have retaken the United Kingdom and are launching attacks against mainland Europe. Japan has successfully repelled their invasion force, and the super villains are chipping in too."

"Understood, keep up the good work," Natasha nodded calmly before disconnecting.

A few moments later the head of Task Force X was on the line. She would never admit it to anyone, but Natasha was honestly intimidated by Bruce Wayne. She had known him as Batman, for crying out loud. Plus, he scared HER at times.

"Madam President," Bruce nodded regally, "I'm sorry you ended up in the job the way you have. Olson was a good man."

"Thank you," Natasha nodded.

"Now, down to business," Bruce said gruffly, "I need your permission to unleash everything Cadmus is holding back."

"Cadmus?" Natasha echoed. "And what do you mean, holding back?"

The Cadmus Project was the United States leading genetic engineering facility, thought calling it a facility was a understatement. Cadmus was a massive underground complex not far from Metropolis, filled with genetic superbeings and brilliant scientists.

"Cadmus is notoriously protective of their technology," Bruce told her, "they're refusing to release and DN Aliens to help fight without Presidential okay."

"I'll contact them," Natasha promised. "How are things on your end?"

The DEO is investigating a attempt by Braniac 6 to take over the world," Bruce said dryly, "Cameron Chase is leading the charge. The Suicide Squad is doing hit and run attacks on the Aliens, with some success. It looks like Luthor has mobilized the entire Secret Society against the aliens as well, though we can bet they'll turn on us once we win."

"Do you have a plan to deal with that?" Natasha had to ask.

Bruce smiled coldly, "I always have a plan."

Natasha decided not to press as she briskly ended the conversation, promising to call Cadmus. As Bruce predicted the Project was less than thrilled at unleashing their forces, but there wasn't much they could say in reply to a direct presidential order. Within minutes the DN Aliens were racing off to use their powers to try to turn the tide.

With a tied sigh Natasha looked up at the situation board Oracle had set up for her, taking in the current military situation. The planet was mostly red, signifying major alien attack, with only small segments of the world showing green for human controlled. But even as she watched the green zones were spreading, slowly driving away the invaders.

Just then Oracle's voice came over the intercom, "Would you like something to eat or drink? You need to take a break eventually."

Natasha got up, deciding that yes she was getting hungry. The older woman made her way up the hallway, her bodyguards following her as they kept a wary eye on the remaining alien refugees. Natasha wanted to reassure them she could take care of herself, but she could understand the worry.

In the commissary Lena Luthor was sitting at a table with her girlfriend Jessica Olsen, James's daughter, The young woman had been heartbroken, and Natasha had talked to her a bit after she arrived on the Tower. She picked up a sandwich and walked over to where they sat, smiling tiredly.

"You mind if I join you?" Natasha asked.

"Certainly, Madam..." Lena started.

"Stop that," Natasha smiled tiredly, "this isn't the time or place, considering we could all be dead in a few hours."

Jessica looked startled, "It's THAT bad?"

Lena hugged her lover gently. "I suspect Natasha is considering the worst case scenario," she said, "we either lose, or the War World tries a desperation play like crashing into the Earth."

"Pretty much," Natasha sighed. "That, and it's pretty frustrating sitting here with nothing to do."

"You and Oracle are pretty much running the planetary defence up here," Lena noted, "that's enough to do I think."

"True," Natasha smiled faintly. Tiredly she wondered if she could deputize Oracle as Minister of Defence...?

To be continued.