Project A-ko: The New Adventures of Supergirl


After Action Report to the Guardians of the Universe

Green Lantern 2814, Kyla Scott

I am pleased to report that the invasion force has been stopped and that the Almeracian armed forces have surrendered. Queen Maxima has taken full responsibility for her people's actions, though that itself has complicated the local situation.

Due to a combination of battle damage and self destruct systems activated by several loyalists, Warworld was rendered largely uninhabitable. As it previously contained the surviving population of Almerac, this posed a rather serious problem. A temporary solution has been to offload the survivors on Mars.

J'onn J'onnz watched with satisfaction as life began again on his home world. It wasn't what he had dreamed off, in the past, but it was satsfying none the less. Many Almeracians had physical toughness that allowed them to function even in the thin air of his home, and they were salvaging scrap from Warworld to build habitats for those who didn't.

Kyla descended in a flash of green light, the Green Lantern coming to a stop beside him on the rise. "They're being nice and meek so far?" she asked dryly.

J'onn looked amused. "They have given me their parole, and so far they've been perfectly peaceful," he noted. He looked over at Kyla, "Has A-ko found Princess Cylene?"

Kyla made a face, "No, not yet. Or at least she hasn't reported to Oracle that she has."

"It's only been two weeks," J'onn noted, "and it is a very, very large search area."

"Could you try a telepathic scan?" Kyla asked hopefully. "I tried a ring search, but there's just too much free energy churning around the solar system."

J'onn shook his head, "She's too skilled at shielding her thoughts. Even as upset as she is, she's able to block me."

"We mobilized the Justice League shuttles at first, but we need as much of the team available to help with reconstruction efforts," Kyla admitted with a sigh.

J'onn nodded understandingly. "You are going to be contacting the Guardians?" he asked curiously.

"I am," Kyla agreed, "I'm putting together my first report now."

"If you could I would appreciate you requesting that they assign a second Green Lantern to our sector," J'onn said. He nodded towards the domes and flying people, "The Almeracians seem interested in actually settling here, and the planet is quite terraformable. If they do stay, we'll have two planets full of superhuman in your sector..."

"Point taken," Kyla agreed, "I was going to put the request to them, too." She smiled wryly, "Adding your request will probably help. The Guardians respect you."

"Thank you," J'onn said, "I think."

After Action Report to the Guardians of the Universe

Green Lantern 2814, Kyla Scott

Damage reports have mostly been tabulated, and there will be decades of rebuilding on Earth. Several world capitals are gone, and there was a massive surge of hatred over who they saw as responsible. Superman and Wonder Woman have done a lot to calm the rage, as well as assisting in rebuilding efforts.

And Corps assistance would be deeply appreciated. I and the Justice League are doing all we can, but there is a massive amount of works to do. One of my priorities has been in containing and removing alien technology, so that it won't disrupt things any more on Earth.

"I am not happy about this," Amanda Waller complained as her Task Force X teams cooperated with DEO and other organizations to gather alien weapons to be collected by the JLA and Green Lantern.

"You wanna keep them?" Cameron Chase asked, the slightly younger woman carrying equipment to the waiting pile.

"Hell yes," Amanda growled.

"Then you can argue with President Irons," Chase said with a smirk. THAT shut Amanda up while they supervised their troops.

Some of the gear they were collecting was left overs from the attempted villain uprising that happened right after the aliens put down their arms. That came to a sputtering halt as soon as word came that Superman was alive and well. There were very few supervillains who would challenge Superman, ESPECIALLY a Superman furious over his friend Jimmy Olsen's death.

"Any news on where Lex Luthor is hiding?" Cameron had to ask.

Amanda sighed, "No idea. None of my snitches are talking, and there are zero credible rumors coming out of the underworld. As far as anyone can tell, he's just disappeared."

After Action Report to the Guardians of the Universe

Green Lantern 2814, Kyla Scott

The Maxima situation is especially complex. The alien Queen has claimned that she used mind control to 'force' her people to wage war. How true this is is arguable, but her taking sole responsibility is shielding her people from the wrath of the people of Earth. Sadly, that wrath is now focused on HER. I urge you to send a representative to observe her eventual trial.

Supergirl paused at the edge of the solar system. Except for a oxygen system she was simply dressed in her costume, the red and blues clinging to her body. She was near Pluto orbit, remembering how several past alien warlords has set up outposts here. She swept the region with her super senses, then grunted in satisfaction when she found the ship, hanging in the void.

Cape fluttering around her she reached the airlock, mildly surprised to find it unlocked. Supergirl stepped inside and let the chamber pressurize, then opened the inner door. Within was a larger inner chamber. The central body of the ship was a multipurpose sciences set up, with a control room off to one and and presumably a bedroom off the other doors.

Cylene emerged from the control room, the tall blond looking tired. Her 'battle costume' was replaced by a robe, and her expression was a mix of sad and annoyed. "I almost expected you a week ago," she noted flatly.

"I've been a bit busy," A-ko said dryly. "Hello, C-k..." she stopped herself and corrected, "Cylene. Are you all right?"

"Thank you," Cylene sighed, "and honestly, I don't know."

Supergirl wanted to go over and hold her, but she wasn't sure how she might react. "What happened?" she asked instead.

"You," Cylene aid with a sigh. As Supergirl looked confused she added, "When I was... rescued by the Almeracians, my mother Maxima activated my DNA potential and trained me."

"More like abducted," Supergirl muttered.

"You say tomato, I say to-MA-to," Cylene smiled wryly. "Anyway, I hadn't realized how much she... influenced me, until our battle."

"I'm sorry," A-ko said honestly, having heard stories from her parents about how confusing brainwashing could be.

"Anyway, I'm... fairly confused right now," Cylene admitted, "I've been out here trying to get my head together."

"We could use your help," Supergirl said. As Cylene looked at her curiously she added, "The Almeracians are on Mars, for now, but things are pretty chaotic. They could use a leader."

What Supergirl really wanted to do was hold Cyl;ene in her arms and promise the girl no one would hurt her again. Sadly, that was pretty unlikely. Cylene seemed to pick up on that, a smile pulling at her lips slightly.

Instead Cylene simply said, "All right, let's go."

After Action Report to the Guardians of the Universe

Green Lantern 2814, Kyla Scott

The alien captives of the Almeracians have left the system, along with the retreating allies of the Almeracians. I have sent a warning out to Green Lanterns along their projected courses, just in case of banditry by the defeated militaries. Mon-El will also be shadowing them, along with the Omega Men.

The New Gods that were held captive have simply... disintigrated, crumbling to dust on their own. MY ring scans were inconclusive, but Superman theorizes that they simply abandonred these bodies and returned to their home world. As he's had some experience with these beings, I'm inclined to take his word for it.

Kestrel smiled slightly as she saw the silver armored figure zip across the sky, then descend to where she was standing. "About time you got here," she teased, pulling back her cowl.

B-ko smiled back warmly, unhooking her clear faceplate then kissing her lover hello. "I've missed this," she agreed, chuckling.

"We've both been busy," Helena Wayne smiled as they headed into the apartment she had moved into with B-ko. Both woman had seen the devestation the world suffered in the invasion, and decided there was no reason to delay any more.

"Sorry I had to spend a few days in Metropolis," B-ko apologized. Both women were heavily involved in rebuilding efforts, with B-ko working with her mother Lena Luthor in Metropolis.

"Bruce has been keeping me busy too," Helena made a face, "I think he's grooming me to take over Wayne Enterprises."

"You don't want the job?" B-ko asked curiously.

"It is a big responsibility," Helena noted. They went inside the opulent living room, "Heard from Supergirl yet?"

"She's on Mars with Cylene," B-ko said, her mixed emotions evident in her voice. Once upon a time she had had feelings for the sweet blond, though admittedly those had faded over time. Still, it had to feel odd...

"I'll check in with Oracle, then we'll take the night off," Helena changed the subject.

They activated the communications device they had built into the wall. "Ugh..." they heard.

"Huh?" B-ko blinked.

"Sorry," a oddly breathless Oracle managed. "Uhm, is there a emergency? Because I'm kind of busy right now."

"Busy?" a bemused Helena echoed.

Another familiar voice came on. "Your timing actually sucks, you know that?" a annoyed sounding Kyla noted.

Helena and B-ko instantly realized exactly what they had interrupted. Fighting back a laugh B-ko said, "NO emergency, sorry. We just wanted to warn you we were going off the grid for a while..."

"Probably doing what we're doing," Oracle noted, laughing softly too. "Have fun."

Helena shut down the communicator then smiled at B-ko. "Now, where were we...?"


Notes: Wrapping things up. Sorry about not having scenes with everybody, but I wanted to at least touch on all the core cast. (Yes I skipped Flash and Firestorm. BLEH.) Mostly because I couldn't figure a organic way to slip them in.