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The next day during her lunch break, Lorelai knocked on her mentor's office door.

"Lorelai!" Mia exclaimed happily when she saw who came into her office.

"Hey, Mia. Do you mind if I talk to you about something?"

"Anything, Dear. What's on your mind?"

Gathering her thoughts, Lorelai made herself comfortable on the couch before she stated, "It's about Luke."

Aghast, Mia looked directly at the young mother wondering what she was about to say. Staying calm, Mia asked, "Lucas?"

Lorelai nodded before explaining Father's Day and Luke's comment about being there for Rory.

"I'm just afraid it will fall apart. I mean ever since she was a baby I had rules I stuck to to keep her safe. I can't abandon those. What happens when he goes back on his promise?" Lorelai questioned. Mia took a moment to process the woman's ramblings and soon explained, "Firstly, Lorelai, Luke is not Chris. Nor will he ever will be. Second, Luke doesn't turn his back on the people he cares about. Luke adores Rory. I could tell the first time I saw them together. Just give him a chance. It's not like he asked you to date him."

Sighing in relief, Lorelai smiled.

"Thanks, Mia," She said. After work, Lorelai picked up Rory from the kitchen and tasted on of the desserts her friend prepared.

"Ready to head home?" Lorelai asked once she swallowed her food. Her daughter nodded adding, "Can we go to the festival in town on Friday?"

"You wish to go to the festival?" Lorelai sang at her which caused Rory to cock her head to the side.

"I have so much to teach you," Lorelai grinned. "Yes, we'll go to the festival."

"With Luke?"

Unsure, Lorelai told her daughter that she needed to ask first. Not phased by the time, Rory led her mother out the door to head to the diner.

"Sweets we can call him," Lorelai stated while she followed her daughter no farther than the potting shed. "Besides, the library doesn't close until 7 tonight. Why don't we go by and check out a book."

Excited to go back, Rory raced into the potting shed to retrieve her current book.

"Mom?" The five year old asked while her mother dressed in casual clothing. Putting her jeans on, Lorelai replied, "Yeah?"

"Do you think Luke liked my picnic?"

Wondering why her daughter was questioning their outing from yesterday, Lorelai replied, "I'm sure he did. Why do you ask that?"

Rory shrugged unable to fully express her feelings. After a moment she answered, "Sometimes I wish Luke was my dad."

Lorelai's face fell, but only for a moment before she turned toward her daughter with a smile.

"Okay! Library time!" The young mother called out happily.

Being the last patrons to leave the library that night, the mother and daughter strolled down the street while Rory happily held onto her two new books. Lorelai listened to her daughter endlessly go on about how great her books were going to be even as they entered the diner.

"Luke! Do you like my books? We checked out Anne, but we got to buy the first Boxcar Children book for twenty cents!" Rory rambled. Luke looked at her copy of Anne of Green Gables and the newest Boxcar Children and nodded figuring they were good choices.

"Will you read the Boxcar Children books with me?" Rory asked as she followed him to the edge of the counter. Grabbing an order, Luke glanced down to keep from tripping over the five year old as he answered, "Sure, kid. Right now I have to serve some people though. Okay?"

Rory nodded before heading to her table where her mother sat waiting for her.

"Luke said he'll read the new Boxcar Children with me," The child announced once she sat at her seat. Teasing, Lorelai asked, "With the voices?"

"Mom, he doesn't do voices," Rory replied seriously before picking up Anne of Green Gables. Later, Luke came over to take their orders when he noticed Rory with tears in her eyes. He looked over to Lorelai who shrugged just as Rory began to explain how sad it was that Anne was an orphan and stuck at a train station and how the Cuthberts did not want her.

"Mom, did you want me to be a boy?" The five year old asked. Confused on how to answer, Lorelai instead looked at Luke, who now knew their order, asked, "The usual?"

"The usual," Lorelai returned before she answered her daughter, "No. I'm glad I got a girl."

"But did you want me to be a boy?" Rory asked again knowing her question was not actually answered. Taking her daughter's hand, Lorelai explained, "Rory, it didn't matter to me. I just got you."

The child perked up a little at the statement and quickly put her book down not wanting to dwell on the sad complexities of the poor orphan any longer. The pair ate slowly that night to be sure they were the last customers. Once everyone else was leaving, Luke started to clean up. However, as he went to put up the tables, he noticed Rory looking at him expectantly. He locked the door before asking Rory what she wanted. Lorelai piled their dishes and took them to the counter. Quietly, the mother motioned for her friend to sit down with Rory. Thankfully he understood and did just that.

"You okay," He asked her. Rory nodded before finally asking, "Will you go to the festival with us on Friday?"

Caught off guard, Luke thought over the question. Then, he accidentally looked into Rory's eyes and caved.

"Sure," He answered unable to say no to the five year old.

Friday came quickly for Rory who happily ran into the diner about an hour before the festival began.

"Are you ready!" She shouted, uncharacteristically giddy. Luke tried and failed to hide a smirk.

"Hold your horses there, Kid. We have an hour until it starts," Lorelai replied when she noted that Luke was about to ring up a customer. The diner owner smiled at his friend in gratitude and answered, "We'll leave after the last customer."

Hours later, and high on sugar, Rory sat next to Luke on a bench inside the Gazebo while Lorelai went to play a game with Sookie over on the other side of the lawn. The man tried to listen carefully to the five year old's rambling, and would comment every so often on something she said. Finally, she sobered and stared Luke directly in the eyes. Noting the seriousness of the conversation, Luke looked back at her ready to answer whatever question she gave him. After a moment, Rory sighed dramatically.

"Luke?" She asked. "Did you have fun last Sunday?"

Confusion clouded the man's features until he heard Rory ramble about her father and how he never saw her. Upset over the fact that such a young child could feel such a sense of inadequacy, the diner owner quickly stopped her.

"Rory," Luke interrupted, "I had fun last Saturday. It was just what I needed to make me feel better."

The girl's face lit up before she hugged Luke tightly as she repeatedly thanked him. Luke smiled at her, "Anytime you want to do something, just call."

Rory smiled again before she and Luke settled into watching the townspeople play games and eat cotton candy or popcorn. The pair laughed and talked a little before settling into a comfortable silence while Rory snuggled into his side.

"Luke," she whispered content that Luke was always happy to spend time with her, "I wish you were my dad."