Geo: Here is the wanted sequel for Tickled Pink, expect some surprises in this Arc's future.

Lincoln slowly opened his eyes to see he was in his room. He gave a yawn while looking down at his sleeping sister. "Luan, time to get up." He whispered into the clown's ear. Said girl gave a groan and her eyes fluttered while she woke up. "Hey Luan, tell me...did it hurt?" He said worryingly. "A little bit at first."

"No…I meant when you fell from Heaven." He joked wth a large smile, getting her to giggle. "Very funny." She snorted cutely as he kissed her cheek and ran a hand through her waist length hair. "Everyone's still asleep Linc, wanna have some more fun?" She whispered, making him blush like a cherry as his morning wood stood at attention underneath the blanket.

"Ooh-la-LA!" She sang as she went under the blanket and he felt Luan take it into her mouth. However she stopped when his door was swung opened and, with her strange stealth abilities obtained through years of pranking, hid under his bed. Lincoln also lifted his knee under the blanket to not be embarrassed. "Yo bro!" Luna said holding her guitar. "Hey Luna, what's up?" He asked nervously.

"Mom just wanted me to make sure you were up." She said with a smile as she turned around. "Also, next time you and Luan go at it, please be a bit quieter."

"So you...?" He paled a bit. "Relax, I'm not saying anything…and Luan I can see you."

"No you can't." She denied. "You're under his bed naked and I can see your bra." She deadpanned. "…Ah shit!" Luan said as she got out slowly before Luna closed the door behind her. "Well..." She said. "Should we continue?"

"After breakfast." He smiled as she reached for her scrunchie. "Don't." He said. "It looks pretty down." This made her blush and just drop it before she started putting on her clothes with him.


Luna was sitting on the couch laughing "Oh man!" She cried happily. "The look on her face!" She laughed before she started coughing violently and falling off the couch. "What's with you?" Lucy said raising an eyebrow. "Oh nothin'."

"You're lying!" Lynn said eating a sandwich quickly. "You'll choke." Lucy said.

"Not true!" Lynn said smugly.

*Not even 2 seconds later*

"I told you so." Lucy said as she saw her sister choking on the floor. Lucy grabbed Lynn's bat and swung at her stomach making her cough up the food and a bit of spit. "You bitch." She wheezed with a scowl. "Did you have to use the bat?"

"Yes." She smiled.


Lincoln yawned as he walked into class, happier than usual. "What a day!" He said to himself with a smile. "Dude, you okay?"

"Y-Yeah Clyde."

"What's got you happy?" He questioned. "Sorry dude, that's a secret." He said with a chuckle. "Tell me." He urged.

"Clyde if I get you a pair of Lori's panties, will you drop it?"

"…Throw in a few nude pics and you got a deal." He whispered. They shook hands while Lincoln mentally smirked. 'He falls for that every time.'


'Oh that little bitch!' Lynn thought annoyed as she rubbed her still sore stomach. "Damn it Lucy."

"Something wrong?" Luan asked with an innocent smile. "I'm fine."

"Liar." Luan smiled more. "Prove it!" Lynn snapped.

"Prove what?" Lynn just got more red with anger.

"That I was with Lucy!"

"Haha!" Luan laughed before closing the door and leaving for school, leaving a frustrated Lynn behind.


Lincoln rubbed his neck and sighed before sitting up. "Man." He said with a frown as he stood and walked out the door as the final bell rang. "Can't wait to get home." He said running to the house within a few minutes. "Lincoln." Lucy spoke!right behind him, making him jump. "Ahhh! Lucy!" He gripped his heart tighter than before. "Stop doing that!"

"Nah." She smiled before seeing the tight grip he had on his chest. "Oh I..I'm sorry." She said sadly. "It's alright. I should be used to it by now." He said with a smile before letting go. "Come on let's go home." He said wrapping an arm around her shoulder, unknowingly getting her face a bit red.

*Loud House*

Lincoln opened the door. "We're home!" He said as they walked inside just as one of Lisa's machines filled it with smoke.


"LISA!" They all shouted angrily. "I can fix it!" She replied quickly as they shook their heads and covered their mouths.


Luan groaned as she sat up. "My stomach!"

'Too much food!' She thought as she felt herself about to throw up. "Why did I challenge Lana to an eating contest!?" She groaned in agony as she headed to the bathroom at blinding speeds and started to puke.

"Ow!" She groaned while holding her throat and keeping her hair out of the way. She soon got dizzy and fell on her side.

"AHHH!" She cried out as the house was filled with smoke. "SOMEONE HELP ME!" She heard Leni scream. She tried to stand but slipped on water. "Whoa!" She hit her head on the sink which broke a bit, causing the fallen chunk to shatter loudly and Luan's head to start bleeding. "Ugh I…I..." She coughed a bit from the black smog and struggled to stand. "Luan!" Lynn yelled after she peeked out of her room and went to help her quickly, knocking over the twins. "Hey watch it!" They snapped. "Sorry guys! No time!" Lincoln and Lucy both heard the sound of something shattering. "Let's go!" He said as they moved upstairs.


"Oooohh." Luan groaned as she woke up on her bed. "What happened?" She said as she looked around and saw Lincoln and Lucy right next to her. "Luan, I'm so glad you're ok!" He said with Lucy hugging her. "Same here sister."

"What happened?"

"We don't know." Lucy said sadly. "All we know what that your head was bleeding profusely, we assume you hit your head on the sink because it's broken." She told her, pointing to her head. "Oh man." Luan said, seeing the many bloodied bandages. She stood up slowly, her legs feeling like jelly. "Careful!" Lisa said as Lincoln and Lucy supported her. "What happened to me Lisa?" She shrugged.

"My guess is you got food poisoning." She said before walking out. "Thanks guys." She groaned with a smile before feeling lightheaded again. "Man I'm hungry." She said, making the others fall anime style.

*That Night*

Luan turned over to her side and sighed quietly. "Luan?"

"Huh?" She turned over and saw Lincoln. "You okay?"

"Yeah." She groaned. "Luan, we could cuddle if it might make you feel better." He said shyly as she wrapped her arms around him. "Of course Linc." She smiled, resting his head on her chest and kissing his forehead. "I love you little bro."