Artemis gritted her teeth and tried in vain to get loose from Robin's hold. He'd already shown her this pin twice and refused to let her go easy on the third try. It was quiet in the Mountain so the two of them were alone in the training room sparring.

"Come on, Artemis." Robin coaxed. "I know you can do this."

"Easy for you to say." Artemis huffed out a breath. "Not all of us were trained by Batman and get to spar with him and Catwoman in our spare time." Inspiration flashed in her mind. "Kitten."

Robin's hold on her loosened. Artemis took advantage of his distraction, bucking up, grabbing the boy wonder, and flipping him under her to pin him down. He merely stared up at her.

"What did you call me?" The lenses of his mask covered his eyes but he was obviously flustered.

"I think you heard me just fine, kitten." The blonde archer smirked.

"You can NOT call me that." Robin looked around the training room wildly.

"Problem?" Artemis was grinning.

"Yes!" He hissed. "What if the guys heard you?"

"So what's it worth to you to not have anyone know that a certain feline calls you kitten?" She paused watching his head swivel around the room checking for lurking teammates. "Or that someone else is called Tiger?"

His head snapped back to her and now he was smirking. "Oh, I think the question really is – how much is it worth to you to make sure he never finds out you have that information?"

"Yeah, okay." Her mouth twisted. "Knowing that does kind of gross me out."

"Hey, at least you've never come across them on patrol getting frisky on a rooftop."

"Ewwww." She jumped backward and to her feet. "Why would you share that with me? Yuck!"

"Hey, misery loves company." Robin bounced into a standing position. "Word of advice – if G.A. ever tells you not to follow him into a certain sector on patrol, listen. You'll likely find him and Canary doing the same thing."

Artemis stared at him. Ollie wasn't her father or her guardian but he was her mentor and Dinah was their trainer it was still gross to think about! "No! They wouldn't! That's just – Ewwww."

"Ask Roy. Happened to him. Maybe it's something we all have to suffer through." Robin was grinning now.

"No! Why would you put that image in my head? That's so-"

"Artemis? What's wrong?" The voice behind them caused both Artemis and Robin to spin around. Green Arrow and Black Canary stood behind them looking concerned. Arrow's arm was around Canary's waist holding her pressed to his side. Canary's arm was draped over his broad shoulder. It was more than the teenager could stand. A low scream worked itself out of Artemis' throat before she spun around and ran out of the opposite exit of the training room. Robin's cackling laughter followed her out.