A/N; So a new humor/ smut drabble. Caroline thinks Klaus needs therapy cuz it's been 5oo years together and he still acts all possessive.

No kids and other bs just my own idea of Canon Dark KC.

Couples Therapy

"So Mr and Mrs Mikaelson how may I help you?" the shrink with blonde hair and study glasses asked as they sat down on the sofas in her office.

"First off we're not married we're just together." Caroline remarked edgily.

"Second remind me again why we are here love?" Klaus asked Caroline and she rolled her eyes.

"We're here because my partner here thinks that he can get away with anything." Caroline crossed her arms.

"Is she a vampire or..?" Klaus's query interrupted mid sentence when Caroline challenged, "Afraid?"

Klaus loved it when she challenged her, "No but I'm on my foolish Caroline version of chastity vow where I'm not supposed to kill innocent people, so I wouldn't want to behead the good doctor here."

"She's compelled."

"I love it when you play dark and dirty."

"Klaus I swear I've had it with you."

"Oh come love."

"Mr and Mrs Mikaelson how long have you two been together?"

"Seriously how thick are you? I said we're not married..." Caroline huffed.

"And we've been together for five hundred years now, so the whole point of this couple's therapy session is a bit moot." Klaus said with a bored expression.

"Mr Mikaelson the first step is to accept that you have issues in your relationship." The shrink deadpanned.

"Exactly. He won't.."

"Mrs.." the shrink interrupted when Caroline glared at the shrink she corrected, "Miss Forbes. Mr Mikaelson we will take turns with both of you and the other won't interrupt till either one of you are done. Okay?"


"Fantastic." Klaus responded but he wasn't much peeved.

Over the centuries he had grown accustomed to Caroline's quirkiness and her penchant for trying to bring some normality in their supernatural lives. He enjoyed every bit of it, life by her side made immortality worth it. She was the rhythm of his undead heart.

"So Caroline you go first."

"Okay. Can we talk about his overbearing over possessive attitude. I mean I'm the one who's made all the sacrifices in this relationship…"

"I actually sacrificed twelve hybrids for you, love not to mention those witches I buried." Klaus interrupted and the glare on her face made him want to take here there and then but he reigned in his instincts.

"Uhh. Would you let that go like ever? It was six hundred years ago."

"Mr Mikaelson please don't interrupt."

"So I was saying I'm the one who made sacrifices. Being with a guy who's 1000 years older than me, talk about cradle robbing hybrid Humbert. Then when I finally decide to be with him after his "I intend to be your last, however long it takes" classic romantic blackmail stuff he acts all possessive all the time."

"Oh come on love, I let you go, follow college and other mundane stuff that you thought you needed to do."

"Yeah maybe I was wrong about that but you are domineering and possessive period."

"And you adore every minute of my domineering possessiveness especially when we make love."

"I don't." she scoffed.

"The scratches on my back when you asked me to take you harder before coming here, still haven't healed sweetheart."

"I let you have sex because you said you wouldn't come otherwise." she bit out but he was right she loved every bit of his ravenous love making. Sometimes he would mumble endearments in Armaic and that was some hot toe tingling stuff. She loved her life, ruling Klaus's so called kingdom beside him. He indulged every whim of hers, spoiled her rotten, but his possessiveness was getting out of hand.

He smirked and her heart galloped, her love for him only intensified each day.

"So sex is good. That's a good omen." the shrink added.

"Do you even have a Phd doctor? Of course sex is phenomenal I'm the original hybrid."

"Oh please. We are talking about your insecurities not your over inflated ego."

"I don't think you call it my over inflated ego I correctly remember you call it…"

"Klaus." Caroline warned and he laughed.

"You know he crashed my girls night out."

"I didn't want to crash it. I had to, there was an imminent threat I had to make sure you were okay."

"Fine. What about you net letting me drink from that rockstar?"

"The one you have a crush on?" he was crazy jealous of that wanker but he would never admit it.

"I do not have a crush on him. Plus you drink from busty women all the time. Remember that stripper you drank from last night? It was like it was the first time you'd tasted stripper blood. Like your mouth was glued to her neck. And you….."

He blurred her to a nearby wall, in front of the shrink , "Are you jealous love?"

"I am not jealous."

He leaned down and when she didn't pull back he kissed her hard. His mouth descending on hers she blurred this time and he was against the wall.

He held her in his arms. "I'd prefer drinking from you but I don't want to hurt you. The scent of your blood makes me go insane." he rubbed his nose against her neck and then kissed the pulse there.

"It's okay I know you won't hurt me." she cupped his face.

"Are we finally going to exclusively share blood?"

"Yeah." she said and pulled his mouth towards hers. She bit on his lip and it drew out blood. She licked it off of his lips and the erotic gesture invoked his perpetual desire for her. He tore away her top and lavished kisses down her neck.

She breathed, " What about…. Our shrink… Dr Camille O'Connell? Poor doc would be … traumatised."

Klaus pulled Caroline closer pausing he said, "Doctor you are excused." then an idea struck him, his eyes widened evilly and he added, "On second thought. Please stay and watch."

Then he blurred Caroline to the wall exactly in front of the shrink. He got rid his henley and soon Caroline's clothes were off. He kissed her lips, her neck , her shoulders and her breasts. She ran her hands and raked her nails over his back creating a heady pleasure and fresh marks over the one's that had barely healed. He loved it when she went wild and wanton. His hands trailed down her now naked body and found her wet satin folds. Her softness, her unadulterated response and her sweet tongue everything about her aroused him beyond sanity.

She moaned and he growled against her mouth. He cuffed her legs around his waist and pushed inside her creating ripples of lust as he massaged her clit and bit into her neck. The pleasure mixed with pain annihilated Caroline she screamed his name and he kept pistoning and drinking at the same time.

Still joined he hybrid sped again, sat on a chair cradled her in his lap. He continued to push up from beneath and Caroline rode him. He rasped, "Take my blood, love."

Through the dizzying desire she bit into his neck and his head fell back when he felt his fangs and lips against his neck. It was a potent aphrodisiac. Then they continued to ride together on the wave of ecstasy which was intensified by this new exclusive blood sharing, making their bond stronger and more precious.


(Some hours later)

They were both dressed now as they were about to leave the shrinks office.

"Thank you doctor your session was very stimulating." Klaus quipped. " We will definitely book more sessions with you."

"Yes Mr Original Hybrid here gets very stimulated when someone watches."

Caroline rolled her eyes and he pulled her against him to kiss her again, when was he ever going to get enough of her sassy mouth? Never he thought and he blurred her away again.