Peter wasn't sure he had ever moved this fast before. He was a literal blur of motion, moving from post to Doom-bot to Super-Soldier to post in a mad flurry of red-and-blue.

His blows, amplified a degree by the Spider-Armour, wrecked Doom-Bots with a single blow, punching holes straight through their torso and destroying their power-source. A single kick was all that he needed to send one of the flying abominations through a thick wall.

Mister Fantastic had once scanned Peter's brainwaves as he leaped, rolled, ran and spun his way through an A.I. controlled obstacle course that scaled up the difficulty based on his performance. The faster he reacted, the faster the course moved. Reed had told him that it was like watching a super-computer's processing system firing on all cylinders.

Captain America and Iron Fist always had something to say about the way he fought, too. The way he moved, and mixed together techniques learned from watching various fighters in his career astounded them. They both agreed that if he ever went full evil, there might be nothing they could do, save for killing him outright.

Well, he thought as he demolished yet another of Dr. Doom's toys with ease, lets see if all that practice was worth it! He met, and fought Doom before on several occasions. And every time, Peter had barely managed to escape with his life.

But this time was different. He knew deep down that today was the endgame for Doom. Both sides where backed into a proverbial corner, with only one way to get out: by going through the other side. Either Doom would be done for, or they'd all be dead. So there wasn't much of a decision to make about what he was going to do.

He paused briefly on a gargoyle, looking out across the city where he saw black clouds spitting lightning and rolling with thunder. A telltale sign that Thor was on the scene. But the Asgardian would definitely need all the backup he could get, because Doom was no stranger to fighting the gods.

He swung low, kicking two Doom-bots that where in the process of wrestling Wolverine into submission. Peter guessed that they had gotten the drop on the feral mutant, or they'd be scrap metal by now. He crushed one's head with his foot, while the other simply sailed into and through a window.

"I had em', kid," Logan grunted as he got to his feet. "On the ropes, I tell ya'."

"Right," Peter replied, as he spotted Logan's overturned motorcycle not far from where he stood. That, combined with the scrapes on Logan's side, and the skid marks on the road, told him all he needed to know. "Who've you been in contact with? I know Thor's out there-"

"Scott came in hot about ten minutes ago," Logan shrugged as he moved to pick up his bike. "Brought a fair few X-men with him. I know X, Iceman, Tin-man and Storm where with him. Damn," he remarked as he ran his hand over the popped front tire. The bike was useless without it. "I saw The Torch get knocked silly by Doom myself. Was gonna make my way through Hell's kitchen, see if Daredevil was doin' any better. You?"

"I'm going right to the source," Peter replied sharply.

"I like the way you think, kid," Logan smiled as he ran his hand through his hair. "But we're gonna need more than the two of us. Where's your girl? Gonna need her, at least. 'specially if Thor goes down."

"She's webbed to the floor of a room I designed myself to contain someone like the Juggernaut, Rhino or Hulk." Peter said flatly, as he checked his web-cartirge supply. He had a little less than what he would have liked, but he would make due. Logan gave him a brief look that was both scornful and slightly understanding. "So we might be on our own for-"

"Not quite!" A newcomer's voice piped up, as group of four sprinted into view. Peter spun around and saw Luke Cage, Wasp, She-Hulk and Miles Moralles coming their way. All four looked like they had been through hell and back. "Wait up!" Cage panted as he came to a stop.

"Thank god," She-Hulk said as she looked at Peter and Logan, "we're not as screwed as I thought we where going to be." Peter looked her up and down. The last he had heard, she was on a doctor-ordered month-long bed rest order, with crutches. Yet she appeared to be in good health, aside from a slight limp on her right side. So, in his opinion, she was in okay condition to fight, given the circumstances.

Luke was in as bad of shape as one could get when you had bulletproof skin. His shirt was hanging by a few threads, as where his pants. Sweat and dirt covered his face, as did a determined expression.

Wasp was in the best shape, which probably came from her primarily fighting in a shrunken state. She could avoid almost any strike that came her way. The only telltale sings of a prolonged engagement was her matted, sweat-drenched hair and heavy breathing.

Miles looked like utter crap. His uniform, which Peter had custom made from bulletproof fibres, was completely shredded. Half his mask was gone, as was one of his shoes. Blood oozed from the kid's left shoulder and he looked like he was only staying upright through sheer force of will.

"So we're going for it, then?" Miles asked, nearly toppling over as he spoke.

"We don't have much choice," Luke replied firmly. "Either we take Doom out for good, or we're all toast."

"Right," Logan agreed with a nod. "'cept bug junior over here ain't going with us," he said as he jabbed his thumb towards Miles.

"Wh...what?" Miles swayed uneasily, actually grabbing Luke's shoulder for support briefly. " I've gotta-"

"No," Peter cut in, "Logan's right. You're not coming with us. Go back to Avengers tower and make sure all data has been properly dumped."

"But-!" Miles protested, still losing strength.

"Now." Peter barked forcefully. "There isn't time. If we," he said as he pointed to the pitiful few heroes surrounding them, "can't bring Doom down, he's gonna go straight for Avengers Tower and steal everything he can. Do you really want that man knowing where the Tesseract is? Every S.H.E.I.L.D. base? The addresses of every known super-human in the world?" the younger hero, still swaying on his feet, nodded before stumbling off into a run, heading for Avengers Tower.

Once he was out of sight and earshot, She-Hulk spoke up. "I've been trying to tell that kid to go for the last half an hour," she said softly. "He's stubborn."

"And stupid," Logan grunted.

"So are we," Luke shrugged. "Look, we gotta hit him hard and fast. Anyone got a plan?" he asked, looking around for suggestions. Peter did as well, looking from Logan, to Luke, to Jennifer, to Janet. Looking at the latter, an idea sprung in his head. It was crazy, suicidal and desperate. But then again, so where they, and it was possibly the last thing Doom would see coming.

"I do," Peter nodded, as he explained the details to them. They all agreed that it was their best shot.


"FUCK YOU PETER! FUCK YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME!" Carol roared as she pulled and pulled at the webbing that held her body down. Peter's aim had been perfect. He'd bound every joint with maximum-strength webbing. Stuff that she had seen stop cars dead. Stuff that once stopped the Juggernaut. Stuff that, when she had once playfully crushed a cartridge of, had required him to use a special solvent and half an hour to remove.

To her credit, she had managed to move one arm a millimetre. But that effort had almost sprained her entire arm. She needed to think harder, to find a solution he wouldn't have thought of. To bad he's a genius, she thought with a sigh. She'd actually helped him design and test out the room she was now trapped in. It was meant as a safe vault for any technology he thought to dangerous for police custody, but not quite worth S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attention.

She knew the walls had been coated in low-grade Adamantium, and reinforced with titanium braces. A series of small, but powerful inertia dampeners had been placed strategically inside the walls as well, making breaking out of them a hundred times more difficult. As she had once told Peter, she could break out. If given a full day. And she'd need a week to rest afterwards. "Why? Why do this to me?" she asked out loud, even though she knew then answer perfectly well.

It was because he loved her. Plain and simple. He loved her, and that was why he had locked her away. Because he had lost everyone he had ever loved to one tragedy or another.

But that was not enough to quell the maelstrom of emotions flooding through her veins as she pulled at her restraints. Which was when it hit her. She'd never be able to break free in time, even with his normal webbing. However, she wasn't just some musclebound amazon. She had another option.

She breathed in deeply, before sending out a series of powerful blasts of energy. Each struck with the force of a grenade, weakening her restraints. Soon enough, one of her hands was free, and she was able to better pull at the other spots.

"Okay," she mouthed to herself as she stood up, ignoring the dizziness that was washing over her. "Fuck." she swore as she eyed the sealed door. She'd spent too much of her energy on the webbing, and realized that the door was the strongest part of the room. So there was no point in even trying to attack it if she could help it. Another option opened itself to her, however, as she glanced up at the ceiling.

"It's a gamble," she told herself. Because Peter was way smarter than she was, she knew he'd of thought of every way she'd try and escape through conventional means. That ruled out the door, and surrounding walls. But she reasoned that there was no way that he would think anyone would even try to punch a hole in the roof.

Which was exactly what she was going to try and do.


"Shit!" She-Hulk swore as they watched Doctor Doom throw Thor through the Chrysler building like it was nothing. All the while keeping Magneto at bay with controlled bursts of energy. "You sure this'll work?" she asked, heaving her shoulders in preparation for what was going to come next.

"Not like we've got much choice," Logan grunted.

"It'll work," Peter tried to re-assure her, as well as himself. He nodded to the rest, hoping that they where all going to come out of it alive. A gut feeling, however, told him that someone was going to die. "Now we...move!" he cried as his Spider-sense flared, and he kicked himself away at the last second, out of the way of a massive blast of energy, courtesy of the Latverian dictator.

Peter once more became a blur of motion as he bucked and wove his way around Doom's attacks. Fortunately for him, it seemed as though Magneto had severely depleted Doom's reserve of Doom-bots, the last of which where being promptly dealt with by a combination of Wolverine, Colossus and a heavily-injured Cyclops.

He swung around what remained of the New York landmark, and landed on the side of the building, just past Magneto's shoulder. From his perch, he could see that the former supervillain was nearing his limits.

"Please tell me you aren't alone," Magneto spat, as a speck of a woman zipped over his shoulder, landing in Peter's palm.

"Got the last two!" Wasp chirped as she placed two small objects into Peter's grasp.

"Good," Peter grinned, leaping off of his perch, as it disappeared in a flash of fire. As he swung, Magneto managed to keep pace, allowing Peter to explain at least part of his plan.

"It's not perfect," the helmeted Mutant acknowledged as the two of them rounded the corner of the building, "but it seems to be the most viable option. I will do what I can." As they turned, they caught sight of Doom, mere seconds before he tried to shoot them out of the sky. Peter and Wasp dived, while Magneto shot upwards, and bombarded Doom with a barrage of random debris as best he could.

"I'll get Jen," Wasp quipped as she buzzed away, leaving Peter to zip after Wolverine, who was in the process of demolishing the last of the Mutated Super-Soldiers. The body fell to the ground, eviscerated by Logan's claws, as Peter skidded to a halt, and held up a tiny capsule, pinched between his fingers.

"Change of plan," he grinned as he handed Logan the capsule. "You and Jen when I give the signal. Capeesh?"

"Got it," the short, hairy Canadian replied with a devilish grin. "Always wanted to see what this shit feels like..." he said as he sprinted off, leaving Peter alone with a swaying Cyclops, who gave him an exasperated look that spoke volumes. Cyclops was at his limits, possibly even past them. They all where.

"What..." the optic Mutant coughed, "can I do...?" Peter paused for a moment, considering his options. He couldn't just leave an asset out of the fight like that. Unlike Miles, Scott was an adult, and could make his own decisions. And he was clearly choosing to stay and fight.

"Snipe the bastard," Peter quipped as he took off, as he noticed dark, natural clouds forming over their heads. On top of everything else, it was going to rain. Great, he told himself as he leaped skyward, attempting to swing circles around the Latverian dictator, amidst a maelstrom of attacks from all sides.

Magneto threw volley after volley of cars at him.

With a roar, Cyclops seared the air with a massive optic blast.

Peter bucked and wove his way around Doom, snatching debris and slamming it into his energy shields. Of course, nothing they did had the slightest chance of penetrating Doom's impeccable defences. But boy did they distract the hell out of him. They even went so far as to earn a scream of rage, as Wasp, in her shrunken state, managed to slip through one of his armour's joints and strike him with a series of powerful stings to the back of his neck.

That was all the distraction needed.

"DOOM!" She-Hulk roared. Doom couldn't turn fast enough to dodge her fist, which was now the size of a small car. He flew through a building thanks to the sheer force involved. Both Cyclops and Magneto gazed up at the now seventy-foot She-Hulk. "THIS IS GONNA FEEL SO GOOD!" she hollered as she took three rapid steps around the building, to where Doom hovered in midair, obviously still reeling from her first blow.

He recovered quickly, but not quickly enough. She hit him again, this time however, he focused his shield, and managed to stonewall her fist. But only barely. Peter reasoned that given how Pym Growth Particles, which had been in the pill Wasp had handed off to Jennifer, gave ordinary humans super-strength at that height, then a Hulk would be given many times the normal levels. Perhaps just enough to finally bring Doom down long enough to bring him to justice.

He watched as Doom quit trying to outright block She-Hulk's attacks, and instead attempted to dodge and counter her every move. But this itself was countered by the next trick they had up their sleeves.

If Doom had never expected to be duelling it out with a skyscraper-sized she-hulk, then he definitely didn't expect to be struck from behind by an almost-as-tall Wolverine.

With his claws now being as long as a small truck, this Giant Wolverine was a credible threat to Dr. Doom. Six Adamantium blades slashed through the air, threatening to bisect Doom with the slightest nick.

The combined efforts of the two proved to be overwhelming to Doom. He was forced to evade and defend, rather than go on the offensive. And even when he landed a counter-strike, the accelerated healing factors of his two opponents dealt with the injury in mere seconds.

Then things began to go downhill.

Doom properly adapted his technique. He went for their legs, the most vulnerable part of their bodies. A swipe of his sharp blade slashed through Logan's hamstrings. Not enough to kill, injure, or even annoy the mutant. But it was enough to sever his tendons in one leg long enough to knock him off-balance, and he fell into the side of a building. It didn't take long for Peter to realize that Logan had been knocked out cold.

This gave Doom ample time to launch himself upwards, delivering a powerful uppercut to She-Hulk's chin.

To her credit, Jennifer did not fall right over. She stood her ground and fought back, swinging her fists through the air in quick jabs, trying to crush Doom with one blow. Peter, Cyclops and Magneto did what they could to help.

Peter noticed a sudden change in Doom's flight pattern, as Magneto stretched out his hand. Apparently the fighting had diminished Doom's shields enough to allow the Master of Magnetism some control over Doom's armour. Enough to pin him down somewhat. Doom had to actively resist Magneto's grip now, which took a lot of concentration.

Now they where free to use Doom like target practice. Peter shot out several web-lines, which he attached to both Doom and the pavement, better holding him in place as She-Hulk struck him again and again, with each blow creating a supersonic concussion wave. Bits of Doom's armour flew off with each strike.

But there was a problem, which Peter didn't see until it was too late. She-Hulk delivered a powerful strike, which ripped the anchoring webs holding Doom in place out of the ground. This sudden freedom surprised everyone but Doom, who used his opening to blast She-Hulk in the side of the head, taking her out of the fight in less than a second.

Battered, bruised and bleeding, Victor Von Doom now turned his attention towards the remaining four heroes who stood in his path.

"Now," he said with a whisper, as his gauntlets cackled with energy. "You will know my wrath."


With no small amount of effort, Carol managed to blast her way through the roof of Peter's building. Even though it was undoubtedly the weakest part of the structure, it was still incredibly reinforced. She made a mental note to remind him as much. After she throttled him for trapping her inside, of course.

"Now, where are you..." she grunted, seething with anger as she looked around, hoping beyond hope that Peter hadn't gone very far.

She saw movement out of the corner of her eye. Rubble was being cast aside as someone tried to free them self from being buried. And given the excess amount of webbing she could see around her, she came to a rapid conclusion, and promptly dove downwards to help dig the person out.

Her intuition was wrong, however. Peter wasn't the buried individual. It was Tony Stark.

And he looked worse than she had ever seen him look in all the years she had known him.

The paint off his armour had nearly all been chipped off. There where more dents and scratches than there was smooth surface. Both shoulder bells where missing. Half his helmet had been ripped off, as had a large section of the armour on his left arm.

Thankfully his arc reactor still flickered a faint blue.

"Tony..." she gasped as she pulled the armoured Avenger to his feet.

"Gah..." He grunted in pain, clutching his side as he tried to stumble forward. "So strong..." he muttered as Carol tried to give him the support he needed to walk. "Got to..."

"You're not in any condition to fight!" she barked back, holding him back from flying away.

"Got to..." he grunted in pain, the physical exertion of trying to overcome her grip was almost to much for him to bear, "no one else-!" A part of her wanted him to stay put. There was no way anyone in his state could do a little more than walk a few steps. But at the same time, she knew as well as he did that they needed all hands on deck for the current battle. "Someone's gotta...calling in Hulkbuster...sensors blaring up...friendlies moving in on him..."

"Who!?" Carol blurted, hoping for some good news. Anything would do.

"Gah...Cage...Logan...Jennifer...Wasp..." Tony said weakly, now leaning on her for support. "He's...Peter's there...Mags...Summers...dammit that hurts!" She didn't hear the rest of what he said. Instead she blasted off into the sky. With as many heroes in the area as there where, she knew that their odds where the best they were going to be, until Thor, Tony or someone equally as powerful recovered. Hopefully I can tip the scales, she thought as she sliced through the air, in whatever plan Peter has...

Sure enough, she arrived at the scene just to see a skyscraper-sized She-Hulk get knocked out by Doom. The doctor then turned away, facing two people she could not see properly. But she didn't have to see them to know who they where. Or at least, who one of them was.

With a barbaric roar she plowed her entire body into Doom, slamming right into an energy shield and forcing him through the Chrysler Building before he could properly react by spinning her around by the arm.

However, she was much more at home in areal combat than he was, and was no stranger to momentary disorientation. In the blink of an eye she was forced to dive low, out of the way of his attack, only to come up with a powerful uppercut that knocked him into the ceiling.

"You're so fucking dead!" Carol roared, even as dust rained down upon her like snow. Her fists glowed with an ethereal yellow-gold glow, before she fired a beam of pure energy towards her enemy, blasting him through the top of the building. She gave chase, of course, even with a whimper in the distance telling her to stop. She couldn't stop. Not now.

"I am beyond death, woman," Doom taunted, his voice echoing through her head as he halted his ascent. He dove back down, meeting her head-on in a powerful collision. Their fists collided, and a sonic boom erupted outwards. Every glass pane within three miles shattered in an instant as both Doom and Carol exchanged blow after blow after blow.

She was faster and stronger than he was. He was more precise and efficient than she was. For every one blow she landed, he struck three. And all of his strikes landed in soft nerve spots. She winced in pain as her entire right side went numb, thanks to a single jab into her side.

"I'm gonna rip that fucking mask off!" she grunted as she finally managed to land a powerful strike to his chest, sending him flying backwards. Using this opportunity, she charged him full-force, completely unaware that he was more than ready for her attack. He shifted his body just enough to evade, and grabbed her by the neck.

Her momentum spun them both around, and she flew face-first into a steel I-beam. Her nose was bloodied, and she couldn't quite see straight. Which was enough of an opportunity for Dr. Doom to deliver a series of painful strikes to her rib-cage, before grabbing her by the neck and squeezing hard.

She kicked and punched and blasted in retaliation, desperately attempting to knock him off. It was to no avail, however. Darkness clung at the edges of her vision as she felt her last breath approaching.


"CAROL NO!" He roared as he watched his girlfriend body-slam Doom through the Chrysler building. She couldn't handle him on her own. No one could. She was going to get herself killed, if he didn't act fast.

He web-zipped up towards the hole the two superhumans had created in the building. A cloud of smoke obscured his vision for a brief moment, but the built-in thermal vision in his mask soon compensated for that. He could see two figures locked in combat. One glowed much hotter than the other, and he knew that was Carol.

Not from the heat signature, but from how badly she was losing. Before he could do anything, Doom dragged her half-conscious body through concrete, and moved to deliver a final, killing strike.

Which he didn't allow.

An unearthly scream leaped from his mouth as he shot outwards, kicking the Latverian dictator with both feet, crushing the armour that encased him. Doom flew backwards, and attempted to recover. Peter stopped that by driving a volley of punches straight into his chest and face.

"No!" he roared as the two of them plunged down to the ground, with Doom underneath Peter, who crouched on his chest. "No more!" he growled as he struck Doom's mask, bloodying his knuckles. He didn't care. He wasn't going to stop until Doom was stopped. And if he died in the process, he didn't care.

So long as everyone he loved was safe.

"You fool," Doom growled as his jet-boots ignited, sending him flying into the air. The sudden momentum knocked Peter off of him. "Did you really think that you alone could best me?"

"I don't fucking care anymore!" Peter roared as he launched himself upwards with two web-lines, becoming level with Doom, who shot out a magical missile in his direction. Peter rolled through the air, performing a manoeuvre that he had honed over the years, and which Carol had helped him perfect. The two of them collided again, with Peter's shoulder striking Doom's mid-section. He felt something pop out of place, and he wasn't sure if it was him or Doom.

The two of them flew through a large window in the side of the building, back out into the open air. Seizing the opportunity, Doom flew off again, as Peter web-swung onto the nearest skyscraper.

"None of your fellow Heroes could best me, spider-man!" Doom gloated as he hovered on the spot, bathing in all his perceived glory. "What chance do you think that you have? What chance did you ever have?"

"A snowball's chance in hell!" Peter seethed, as he coiled his muscles, readying himself for another bout. "But it's better than the alternative!" he bellowed as a challenge, as the two of them charged one another. Peter web-zipped around a flag-pole, gaining enough momentum to knock back Doom's attack with his feet, meanwhile twisting his body to avoid the sharp sword that had suddenly appeared in Doom's hands.

Acting fast, Peter grabbed Doom's sword-arm with both hands, and pulled hard. He threw Doom into the side of a building, crashing through a window-pane. Peter followed, pulling himself into Doom's chest with two web-lines.

The two of them tumbled in a mess of arms and legs. As they rolled, they knocked over desks, chairs and other office equipment. Doom was the first to rise to his feet, but Peter was fast enough to catch his arms before he could do anything. The two of them where soon locked in a contest of strength. Doom's armour granted him super-human strength, but his energy reserves where depleted. Peter was far stronger than a normal human, but he was tired, so the two where dead even.

Breaking the lock, Doom lashed out with one foot, sweeping Peter's leg out from underneath him. Within the blink of an eye, Peter was pinned to the ground, With Doom shifting his gauntlets to blast Peter right in the face.

He didn't get the chance. A bright flash filled his vision. Doom was sent flying into a stone pillar thanks to Carol's surprise attack. Offered a temporary reprieve, Carol helped Peter to his feet.

"Don't you ever do that to me again," she panted, wiping away the blood that ran down the side of her face. At that moment, there where so many things he wanted to say, to do. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her. How he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. How he wished that she would just fly away from the fight.

And he knew that she wanted him to do the very same.

The whole building seemed to shake as Doom rose up from under the debris. His eyes seethed with pure hatred as he looked at the two Avengers.

"I will not be denied my victory," Doom stated. All three of them where prepared to fight to the death. Carol was the first to move. She leaped forward in a direct attack, screening Doom's vision from Peter, who skirted around the two, swinging around a pillar and kicking Doom, who was to busy avoiding a volley of energy blasts from Carol to notice, through the window.

The two Avengers followed him, pressing their attacks. Peter webbed up Doom's eyes, giving Carol the opportunity to punch him in the face. Doom countered by kicking her in the gut, and throwing her into Peter, sending them both tumbling through the air.

Carol was too disoriented and weak to stop herself from falling, so Peter was forced to catch her before she hit the ground. An action that cost him precious seconds that he could have used to avoid being body-slammed by Doom. He flew right into an over-turned car, completely dazed from the attack. A right hook to his face brought Peter out of his stupor, but not fast enough to dodge the Dictator's fist, which plowed into his solar plexus.

Peter keeled over on the ground, blood dripping from the side of his mouth. The edges of his vision blurred briefly, as he watched a long spike sprout out from Doom's wrist. A spike that he raised, ready for the killing strike, even as he grasped at Peter's throat.

Peter twisted his body, gaining enough leverage to spin out of the way of the descending spike, which sunk deep into the car. He kicked Doom's knee, forcing him down, and loosening his grip around Peter's neck enough for him to slip out and punch Doom in the back of the neck.

However, Doom was more than prepared for this, and simply knocked Peter away with a powerful back-hand.

Carol was now back on her feet, however. And she attempted to plow right through Doom. But he anticipated this and rolled with her momentum. The two of them tumbled on the ground briefly, before Doom gained the upper hand and managed to drag her through the asphalt, cutting through it like a hot knife through butter.

He then tossed her into an over-turned Semi-truck, pinning her like he had Peter. Again with his sharp spike raised. Without another word he plunged that spike into her shoulder. Blood sprayed everywhere.

She screamed.

Peter screamed.

Doom merely laughed as he tossed her away, before proceeding to blast her with a powerful beam of energy. The sheer force of which sent her flying high into the air. Peter gave chase, blowing past Doom in a desperate attempt to catch up with her.

Carol landed in a heap, with Peter skidding to a halt not far from her. For once, he had nothing to say to her, as he fell to his knees, holding her hands tight. Her breaths came in short, laboured bursts. He felt her heartbeat, it was faint, but steady. Blood drooled out of the side of her mouth, as well as out of the numerous gashes, scrapes and cuts across her body. The two most serious of which being the one across her face, and the one in her shoulder. He webbed them both up, knowing that would at least stop her from bleeding to death. For the moment, at least.

"Kick..." she struggled to even whisper. "Kick his ass..."

Her fingers brushed up against his, as the two locked eyes. She reached up with her good arm, as he bent down, pulling his mask up over the bridge of his nose. They kissed passionately, not wanting to let the other go. But he had no choice but to let her go.

Dr. Doom was advancing on their position, obviously taking his time, thinking he was giving them time to quiver in fear of death.

But Peter was not afraid. Fear was the last thing on his mind as he stood up, staring the tyrant down coldly.

"I must admit," Doom sneered as he came to a halt twenty feet from Peter. "Out of every Avenger, I never imagined that you would be the last one standing. I even imagined that brutish whore," he continued, motioning towards Carol's prone form, "would outlast the likes of you."

"She's gonna outlast you," Peter growled as his hands tightened into fists. He certainly didn't take kindly to Doom's insult.

"I think not," Doom replied simply, as he detached the spike from his wrist, discarding it along with his sword. "But I will give you the honour of a fair fight, Spider-man." He then assumed a simple fighting stance, with one arm extended towards Peter. "We shall see why they refer to you as being amazing."

With his heart beating in his throat, Peter took one step forward. Then another. And another. Soon, he was sprinting forward at lightning speed, before web-zipping into the air, gaining some altitude before Doom flew upwards to join him.

The two of them clashed in mid-air, trading blow after blow. Peter did not let up with his punches. He drilled his hands into Doom's chest as hard as he possibly could. Time seemed to slow as the two separated, and Doom shot off to a seemingly safe distance, making a fatal mistake in the process.

He had positioned himself between two buildings, giving Peter the perfect opportunity to exploit.

He did not swing around the buildings as he had before. Instead, he vaulted himself over one, dropping down on Doom's head. The Tyrant anticipated this, and veered to the side, but Peter in turn anticipated this move. He latched onto Doom with a web-line, using his momentum to overcome Doom's jet propulsion system.

Both of them plummeted downwards, until Doom was able to compensate and pull Peter back up. Working with this new momentum, Peter managed to land a kick to Doom's face, before swinging around a building at breakneck speed. He built up the necessary power he needed to deliver a series of pummelling blows to the dictator's midsection, chest and head. All three of which proved to be enough to momentarily daze the false god, who hovered on the spot, not sure of which way was up.

Peter pressed his advantage like he had never before. He would web-zip to Doom, strike hard, and retreat before the latter could counter. Time and time again he did this, with each attempt growing more aggressive than the last. Until he over-reached himself, and Doom managed to draw a bead on him, filling the air with energy bolts before Peter could compensate, forcing him to abandon his attack.

"I admire your persistence, Spider-man," Doom gloated as Peter landed on the side of a nearby building. "You have proven yourself to Doom. Surrender now, and Doom swears that he will spare your life, and the life of your beloved." As he spoke, a bolt of lightning flashed in the background, and both men where soon soaked in a torrential downpour.

"We both know that's a load of bullshit," Peter growled threateningly, over the roar of thunder.

"You will not be given another chance," Doom replied, as lightning struck behind him, casting his shadow over Peter, who remained on the spot, defiant. "To refuse Doom will bring great suffering upon you, Spider-man."

"You aren't fighting Spider-man," Peter snapped defiantly, as he peeled off his mask, tossing it to the ground. "My name is Peter Benjamin Parker. And you, Victor Von Doom," he said with confidence, as he pointed directly at Doom, "made the biggest mistake of your life!"

"And what would that be?" Doom chuckled over a clap of thunder.

"You killed the woman who taught me how to be a man!" he roared, jumping off his perch. He moved with such speed that Doom didn't even see that he had moved until Peter landed on top of him. With a single motion, Peter ripped Doom's metal mask free from his face, and hit him with it twice before discarding it, preferring to his his hands instead.

Peter's attack carried the both of them to the ground, through a mud-filled construction site. When they landed, they rolled apart. But not for very long, as Peter managed to tackle Doom before he could escape. He managed to smash one of Doom's boots against a rock, removing his flight capabilities. There was no leaving for either of them, until the other had lost.

It was Doom's turn to attack, he thrust Peter onto the ground, but was promptly flipped onto his back by the Spider-hero. Doom attempted to rise, but his foot slipped in the soggy mud. Peter had no such problem as he proceeded to smash his fist into Doom's exposed jaw, easily breaking it, before using his other hand to rip off what remained of Doom's chest-piece.

Before he could fully tear it off, however, Doom twisted Peter's arm around.

"You are nothing to Doom!" Doom bellowed as he struck Peter's chest. "A parasite! A speck!" I am god! I am-"

"You're a delusional freak!" Peter replied, as he shattered Doom's knee with a well-placed kick, earning a scream of rage from the latter. "A self-proclaimed monster who's elevated himself above everyone else! But guess what!" he shouted as he hauled Doom into the air, only to throw him back down into the mud head-first. Doom tried to rise, but Peter planted a foot on his back, pushing him into the filth. "Welcome to my world you son of a bitch!" He picked Doom up again, and tossed him into an abandoned forklift, toppling it with ease.

Peter trotted towards where Doom had landed, but Doom rose faster than he would have ever imagined. He was forced to jump out of the way of an incoming energy blast, followed by another, and another. A fourth, however, struck Doom in the back.

With wide eyes, Peter traced the origin of the shot back to the spot where Carol was leaning against a half-built wall, barely conscious. And to his horror, Doom saw her as well.

"Stupid girl!" Doom snarled, as he prepared to finish her, once and for all. Peter tackled him, however, twisting his arm so hard that it popped out of it's socket, and Doom's shot went wild by a large margin, cutting through several skyscrapers. "I will not die like some peasant in the mud! I am Victor Von Doom! And IAHHHHH!" He screamed, as Peter practically snapped his whole arm in half, before kicking him away.

"You aren't a god," Peter grunted as he advanced on Doom, who half-lay in a pile of rubble. Doom tried to rise to his feet, but numerous injuries prevented him from doing so. "You're just a sick man."

"Doom...I admit..." Doom coughed, weaker than he had ever been before. "you..."

"Shut up!" Peter snapped as he hauled the broken man into the air. "All my adult life, I've done everything to protect normal people from the likes of you!" he bellowed as he threw Doom through a wall. Doom landed with a splat in the mud, and attempted to rise once more. "But every time I show even the slightest amount of mercy to freaks like you, people get hurt. Well guess what!" Peter roared approached him from behind, only to be forced to twist out of the way of an energy beam that shot out from Doom's gauntlet. "I'm done playing nice," Peter said as the continuous beam sliced through the air, tracking Peter, who bucked and wove his way around it, still making his way to Doom. Eventually, once he got close enough, Peter was able to grab him by the arm, preventing him from hitting Peter altogether, though the beam still cut through the air like a buzz-saw.

"I...admit..." Doom struggled to say, "you...have done...the have...beatenhurrk!" Peter never let him finish his sentence, instead clasping his free hand around Doom's exposed throat, squeezing tight. The Latverian Dictator's eye rolled up into the back of his skull as he struggled for air. Eventually, his muscles went limp as he drew his last breath.

"I told you," Peter growled as the last twinkle of light left Doom's eyes. "To shut up."

In that moment, the whole world went silent to him. Peter could not hear anything around him. Not the pounding of his own heart. Not the roll of thunder. Not Carol's laboured footsteps as she knelt beside him. Not even his own scream of pain and rage.

Victor Von Doom, the self-proclaimed god among mortals, was dead. And the world knew that Spider-man had killed him with his bare hands.