The Sky Fox

Chapter 1: Hitting a Reset Button for a New Life

"…Ugh," Naruto let out a groan as he sat up while rubbing his head to ease off the headache "That wasn't the first time I fell from a great height but it doesn't mean that it won't hurt the same though," he looked around to find himself in the middle of a forest where he could hear the sounds of animals echoing through the trees, a place he was more familiar with than the previous forest.

This place is his mindscape where he usually meets Kurami within the seal. Originally it was a dreary sewer with a cage which Kurami would be behind with the kanji seal on it until he met her and changed it into the forest with animals and a mansion much to her joy. He got up from the ground and began to make his way to the mansion and talk about what's going on. He had finally reached his destination when he suddenly sensed something approaching quickly from behind and turned around just to be tackled to the ground by a red blur before feeling two soft mounds pressed against his chest, making him blush tomato red as he knew who had just tackled him.

"Kurami-chan, could you please get off? I'm finding it hard to breathe," said Naruto.

"Okay Naruto-kun, but you have no idea how worried I was," said Kurami as she got off for Naruto to sit up and take a good look at her.

She was a woman with fiery red hair that reached her waist with a single hair strand sticking out from the top in between her fox ears, she wears a red kimono with fox designs on it which fits her voluptuous figure with the cleavage of her DD-cup breasts peeking out and there's a hole for her nine tails to poke out freely (Think of Rias from Highschool DXD).

"Sorry if I worried you Kurami-chan, anyway I wanted to talk to you about our current situation right now. With what we've seen like those metal carriages, flying machines and other stuff, I'm getting the sinking feeling that we've ended up somewhere that is not on the map of the Elemental Nations," said Naruto.

"I'm afraid you're only half right Naruto-kun, it's not that we got blown into a different region but a different dimension," said Kurami.

Naruto looked shocked upon hearing what the vixen had just said "What? But how could that have happened?"

"It must have been that the differing chakras from the clash between you and the Uchiha that had resulted in tearing open a rift which you must have fallen into and we ended up here,"

"Is there any way for us to go back?" Naruto looked at her with hope in his eyes but was disheartened when he saw her shake her head sadly.

"Unless we recreate the clash of those two jutsus, we're stuck here and who knows if we would even return to our dimension if we can't control the rift,"

The whole place was silent for several minutes until it was finally broken by Naruto "So what do we do now? With no way to go back, how are we going to live in this dimension?"

Kurami was deep in thought for a moment and she spoke up "You could ask Fabio-san for help, I'm sure he'll be willing to give us information about this new world and then we'll know where to go from there,"

"I'll do that, he seems like a nice guy. So I'll ask him when I wake up," Naruto, then he began to fade away from the mindscape which signifies that he's waking up in reality.

"This could also be a chance for new life for you Naruto-kun," said Kurami softly.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes only to squeeze them shut to block out the bright light which shone down on his face. He pulled the blanket off his body to see that he was wearing a white gown and looked around to see that he was in a white room with green curtains and could even smell the anesthetic in the air.

"I guess I must be in a hospital ward, makes sense that I would end up here after what happened back in the forest," thought Naruto,

Then he heard a sound beside him and turned to see a brown hair which he immediately recognized it to be Sonia who rested her head beside his bed and was sleeping, he leaned over and shook her awake as she raised her head and let out a cute yawn. Sonia drowsily rubbed her eyes and looked around a bit before she saw Naruto smiling at her.

"Naruto! You're finally awake!" said Sonia as she happily hugged the blond "I have to go and let papa know!" then she ran out of the room before Naruto could say anything.

"She sounded very happy to see me," thought Naruto.

"It's obvious, especially since you kept your promise to save her and her father," said Kurami.

Then the door open to reveal Sonia returning with her father Fabio who smiled upon seeing Naruto.

"It's good to see that you're finally awake Naruto," said Fabio.

Hearing this made Naruto quirk an eyebrow in confusion "What do you mean by that? How long was I out?"

"Ever since you fell from the helicopter, you had been unconscious for almost week. The doctor said you would have taken a month or more to recover, but it was a surprise when you recovered much quickly than he estimated,"

"Let's just say that it is a trait which I possess, since I always heal quickly from things like this," said Naruto.

"Is it one of your powers like the one where you can make copies of yourself?" Sonia asked curiously, which caught Fabio's attention as he recalled the surprise he had when he went to look for Sonia only to come upon her being surrounded by clones of the boy who offered to retrieve the IS core for him before disappearing in puffs of smoke when they saw him.

"Not exactly Sonia-chan, it's actually called a jutsu which can only be performed when I use the energy from within my body," said Naruto looking sheepish.

"Well I have to say that I'm truly grateful for saving us as well as recovering the IS core. I'm sure your parents would be proud if they heard of what you did, which brings me to ask why a young boy like you is wondering around the forest alone instead of being with your parents?" asked Fabio.

"The thing is…I'm not from around here and I'm an orphan. My parents died to protect me from danger when I was just a baby," said Naruto while smiling sadly.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, it was my fault that you were alone all this time," said Kurami with her ears drooping and her tails falling limp on the ground.

"No it wasn't your fault Kurami, all of it was because of that Uchiha-Teme. And I wasn't truly alone…since you were there for me the most even if we met for the first time during the mission at the Nami no Kuni,"


"I apologize, I didn't mean to bring up bad memories, but what about your other relatives?" asked Fabio after apologizing.

"It's okay since you didn't know, and I don't know of any other relatives," said Naruto.

"If so then you could stay with us for the time being,"

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise at what he heard "A-are you sure? I don't want to be a bother,"

"Oh no, not at all. It's the least I could do for you, and I'm sure Sonia would like for you to stay and I would to introduce my wife to the one who helped saving her from the coma,"

At first Sonia was sad when she heard that her hero is an orphan and didn't know his parents unlike her but then started to jump for joy when her father offered for him to stay with them "Please Naruto, I really want you to stay with us so that you can see mama with me when she wakes up,"

Naruto looked deep in thought but he was actually within his mindscape talking to Kurami.

"What do you think Kurami-chan?"

"You should accept it Naruto-kun, plus we could learn a lot of things with them and they're really nice people from what I've seen," said Kurami.

Naruto nodded before retreating to his consciousness, then he turned to Fabio and Sonia with a smile "I would like accept your offer if that's okay,"

Fabio smiled widely while Sonia hugged Naruto tightly out of sheer joy.

A few days later, Naruto was finally discharged from the hospital and moved in with Fabio and Sonia in their home at Sorrento. Due to his lack of knowledge about this new world, Fabio enrolled Naruto in an international school and transferred Sonia there as well much to his chagrin since he thought he would never have to go to school again since the ninja academy. At first he was put off but then started to have fun especially since things here are just as interesting as those in his old world, he excelled in his lessons and skipped a few grades thanks to his shadow clones secondary ability, something which Fabio envies him for. He also excelled in sports which was a piece of cake due to his ninja training which he continues to do and acquired several scholarships, however he ran into an issue called 'fan girls' who constantly pursued him because of his looks (For once he could sympathize with Sasuke on this one since he stand this throughout the academy) and guys try to bully him because of it due to jealously but they had no idea who they were messing with. The next day, the students saw a few of their fellow classmates walking in with their hair dyed yellow and someone drew whiskers on their cheeks with a permanent marker, many parents reported to the teachers but they didn't have any solid evidence that it was Naruto much to their ire as the blond simply stood there with a golden halo hovering above his head before it was replaced with devil horns when they turned away.

Life with the Salvatores was the best thing to happen to Naruto, Fabio was like a father to him just like Iruka and adopted his habit for inventions, and Sonia was like the little sister he never had while she saw him as her big brother who would always spend time with her. It got a whole lot better when Fabio's wife Maria Salvatore woke up from her coma after the operation, it was a tearful family reunion for the Salvatores and when she learnt about Naruto and how he rescued them from the mercenaries, she adopted him into the family right then and there and was quite the mother hen much to his embarrassment but he found it comforting since he never felt a mother's love before. So from then on, he was Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze Salvatore.

***Time Skip***

Today Naruto was following Fabio to his facility called the Stellare enterprise, it was were Fabio and his team of scientists were building an IS to insert the core within it and then find a suitable pilot who would bring out its potential and represent Italy among the ranks of the world. Naruto had read quite a bit about the Infinite Stratos or IS for short, he read that it is a multiform suit that was originally designed to be operated in outer space but was halted and due to a treaty called 'The Alaska Treaty', the military is prohibited from using the IS and is rather used for competitions and sports. But the thing is…the IS can only be operated by women.

"No matter how many times I come here, this place still amazes me," said Naruto as he looked around and waved at some of the staff who waved back as they're familiar with him since he comes to the facility often, then he turned his attention back to his father "So tou-san, have you learnt anything new about the second core?"

A few days after being discharged from the hospital, Fabio told Naruto about how he found him holding another IS core with him which confused Naruto since he retrieved only one IS core, then Fabio theorized that maybe the IS core absorbed his chakra which resulted its creation and Kurami seconded that as she felt her chakra being drained into it. Naruto had told the Salvatores where he really came from but they still accepted him as part of the family especially Sonia, and promised not to reveal it to anybody much to his surprise and then joy.

"Nothing new has been discovered, so far what my team and I know is that the second core is just as original as the other IS cores we've seen and there are no irregularities," said Fabio.

"Can I check it out? Not like I have anything to do right now,"

"Of course son take your time, I'll be over soon with my associates," Fabio took out a keycard and handed it over to Naruto before walking away. Naruto pocketed the keycard and walked towards the research room while saying hello to the people working there. He soon reached a high tech door with a control panel next to it and cameras all around.

"Ever since the mercenary incident, they've really upped the security around here," thought Naruto.

"They don't want a second theft especially now that there are two cores," said Kurami.

Naruto placed a hand on the scanner, followed by punching the access codes before taking out the keycard and swiping it on the slot. The control panel beeped a few times before displaying 'Access Granted' and the doors opened for him to pass through. Naruto entered to find himself in a white room where there is a pedestal at the center and the two IS cores were on top of it.

"To think that these are the hearts of potentially powerful suits," said Naruto as he stood before the pedestal and was looking at the cores. He reached to touch them but when his hands made contact, the cores suddenly glowed brightly and he felt a strange sensation course through his hands and into his brain before he could pull back.

"Nar…uto...wh…oing…on?! Some…happ…her…," Naruto could barely hear what Kurami is trying to say as his mind went black.

He opened his eyes and looked around only to find himself standing in the middle of an unusually calm ocean with a cloudy blue sky over his head.

"Where am I?" Naruto could hear his voice echo as he spoke out. Suddenly he sensed someone from behind, then he quickly turned around and was about to drop into a fighting stance when he stopped upon seeing who it was…or rather who they were.

The first is a woman with pale skin and long red hair which reached her waist with one side held up by a black hairclip, she wears a high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a long loose-fitting dress with a wristband on her left wrist.

The other is a man with spiky blond hair like his own except his bangs reached his jaws, he wears the Konoha ninja uniform, a green flak jacket, blue forehead protector, and blue sandals. Over it he wears a short-sleeved long white haori which is decorated by red flame-like motifs on the edges with the kanji for 'Fourth hokage' written vertically down the back.

Naruto took a step back as he stared at them in disbelief, he knew who they were from the memories which Kurami showed to him. The woman let out a gasp when she saw him along with the man.

"Naruto…is that really you?" that was what the woman asked.

"yes it's me…Kaa-san," no sooner he said that than a red blur tackled him into a tight hug, he felt his shirt becoming wet as he heard her sobbing which made him start to cry as well while the man approached the scene with a gentle smile.

"Kushina-chan, you're suffocating him," said the man.

"You've grown so much and you look just like Minato-kun except your whisker marks make you look so cute," she broke from the bear hug and was looking at him with motherly care, something he felt from Maria, his surrogate mother.

"Thanks Kaa-san, Kurami-chan said I inherited my love for pranks and ramen from you," Naruto replied happily much to her glee "But how did you end up here?"

"When you made contact with the IS core while using Kurami-san's chakra. It drew in our chakra which we placed in the seal from it and duplicated itself for each," said Minato.

"So you mean you're in the cores, that explains why Fabio-san and the others couldn't learn anything more,"

Then Minato had a look of sadness and regret "Naruto…I saw what the villagers did to you through the seal and I'm so sorry for sealing Kurami into you, Kushina warned me about what would have happened but I was too naïve to believe that they would ignore my wish to see you as a hero,"

Naruto shook his head and smiled at his father "It's okay tou-san, I saw all that happened through Kurami's memories and understood why you did it. You entrusted Kurami to me because you believed in me, your own flesh and blood, and Kurami had been there for me when I was in trouble,"

"I'm so glad that Kurami-chan had been there to protect you all this time, especially from Sasuke. I still can't believe that Mikoto-chan's son would end up like that," said Kushina.

"So what happens now?" asked Naruto curiously.

"Well since you made a connection with us, that means you'll be able to use the IS we would be inserted into," said Minato after thinking deeply.

"What? But only women can use an IS and I'm a guy,"

"That would have been so if this had not happened, we'll be training you in our arts. Kushina-chan and I will teach you about seals, Kushina will be teaching you kenjutsu and I will be teaching you taijutsu among other things so I suggest that you and your surrogate father keep this a secret until you're ready,"

"Okay tou-san, kaa-san. I have to get going but I'll be sure to return," said Naruto as he slowly faded away.

"Come back soon sochi-kun," said Kushina while waving at Naruto who simply grinned like a fox.

Naruto opened his eyes and looked around to see that he was still in the containment room with his hands still on the cores.

"I guess time slows down there just like in my mindscape," thought Naruto.

Then he heard Kurami's voice in his mind "Naruto-kun! Are you okay? I felt our connection being severed when you touched the cores, did something happen?"

"Something did happen Kurami-chan," said Naruto with a smile, then he told her of his encounter with his parents within the cores, the vixen was happy that he got to meet them.

Later when Naruto and Fabio returned to their homes, he repeated what happened to his new family. They were surprised by all especially since this makes Naruto the first ever male IS pilot in the world, Fabio decided to train Naruto alongside his team of scientist. Although the Alaska treaty says that the owners of IS should always disclose their research to the world for all to see, Fabio made it look like they were searching for suitable IS pilots while continuing to build the IS before disclosing the info at a later time so as to give Naruto more time to train in his ninja arts while at the same time learning about the modern weapons like handguns, machineguns, rifles and rocket launchers.

With the help of Fabio and his father, Naruto really got into inventing a lot of gadgets with some able to link him directly to the two IS and speak with them without having to go and touch the cores to speak with them.

Meanwhile with his parents, Kushina taught him her sword style known as the Whirlpool sword style which can make use of both single and dual blades something which he has a talent for much to her joy. Minato taught him his taijutsu called the Hummingbird style which is based on high speed strikes and counter attacks. But together they taught him about seals Naruto had quite a knack and even went to creating new seals due to his curious nature.

Aside from all this, Naruto continues to spend time with the Salvatores and go to school like always while waiting for the right time to announce his presence to the world that a maelstrom is coming, not knowing that the time will come soon enough and is going to be a wild ride.

This is Hussbek online with another chapter, this chapter centers on Naruto now living in the new world and also discovering that he is the first ever male IS pilot in the world. The reason why he won't announce his presence yet is because he was to undergo training in both the ninja arts and modern weapons, plus if they were to know then the government would have instantly shipped him off to the IS academy without proper training as you've noticed that most IS candidates/representatives had some training before enrollment. In other words, Naruto would technically be the first while Ichika would gain the title.

About the pairings, I decided to have Naruto go with Cecilia, Charles, Laura, Tabane and a few others if you want, while Ichika will be paired up with Houki and maybe Ling if you want.

Here are the IS which Naruto will be using:

Odin (with Kushina's core)
Second Shift: Odin MK 2
One Off Ability: Extreme Mode
Firearms: Dual semi-automatic handguns, Assault Rifle, Rocket Launcher
Armaments: Retaliator, Beam Guarder, Dual Katana, Zanbatou (Zabuza's sword)

Dot-Phasor with flight capabilities (with Minato's core)
Second Shift: Dot-Blastrizer
One Off Ability: Overload
Armaments: Multi Gimmick Sack (Z-lance, Z-hammer, Z-shooter, Z-sword, Z-rifle, Z-shield), Dot Gatling gun

Naruto can empower his weapons by channeling his chakra through, and he can also perform attack functions although they will cost shield energy depending on which technique performed. Also chances of the cores being transferred to other IS (more LBX models) is possible but the first two will be his main duo IS.

This is Hussbek from Ghana.

Signing out.