True Name: Simo Hayha

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Strength - D+

Agility - B+

Mana - E+(A)

Endurance - A

Luck - C+

Noble Phantasm - B+

Class Skills

Presence Concealment - C+(EX)

Personal Skills

Battle Continuation - C(A)

Clairvoyance - D+(B)

Intimidation - E+(A)

Loyalty - A+

Noble Phantasm – White Death's Hunting ground: A Reality Marble that is the crystallization of all his deeds in life along with his legends and accomplishments. The inner world is described as a forest in the middle of an extreme blizzard with a large clearing in the middle of it. While in this inner world the power of all mysteries (including Magecraft) is reduced. All of Assassin's skills are raised while it is active. Drains mana incredibly fast so use caution.

AN: That's a wrap folks! This here is an all new series with each chapter being dedicated to a different servant all are from Anime, Video games, History, and just whatever inspires me. Leave all suggestions in the reviews. PS: FLAMERS WILL BE USED TO MAKE SMORES!