Okay, so I'm writing this on the fan fiction app.

Now, to explain my hiatus... the thing is.. I broke my laptop charger.. and yeahhh. Couldn't charge my laptop, so I couldn't write fanfiction.

so let's do this!

-line skip-

I never thought I'd go to Fiji.

I mean- it's BEAUTIFUL HERE but.. being stranded in an unknown mountain alone, because you wondered off?

Not so much.

Especially when you're about to be attacked by the same monster that you were sent here to look for, and you only know so little about it because a giant woman told you about it, but you sorta blocked out her voice because she was ranting.

This, is one of the many times I hate my life.

Looking at this thing.. makes me afraid.

I'm afraid.

I hate it.

The four red eyes looking at me, and the black beast towering above me, moving towards me..

Why does it look so familiar? Yet.. it's not.

The trees crumble around it, turning into ash.. into nothing..

I'm scared.

I'm stranded.

I'm alone.

It's teeth are a sharp pile of knives, jagged like mountains..

I wish this was a nightmare.. I wish this wasn't real.

But it keeps coming towards me, the black sharp paws touching the ground, as the grass decays beneath it..

"Hello child.." I know that voice..

"Do you remember me?"

He comes closer, a black aura surrounding him...

I do... I remember..


He smirks, "Yes, did I scare you?"

I laugh it off, "No!"

He rolls his eyes, as they merge into one, his shape changing from the beast it once was- into a book with really short legs.

He laughs, his color changing into the light yellow brown I usually remember him as, and the cover showing the pentacle it is usually decorated with.

"I haven't seen you in years kid. I thought I should make a grand entrance! I've been here for years, and I hardly even scare the locals anymore.." he frowned, "they know who I am, and that I can't hurt anyone." I smile and walked over, and pick him up and hug him.

"I'm sorry I couldn't be there kid, they took me away.. I tried a spell.. ended up here, scaring people-"



It's Susan, the woman I want to hate because of how much she reminds me of my mother, but can't.

"Who's that,kid?" I sigh,

"Susan, Susan Murphy. And probably all the other monsters I'm staying with."

"Shit! The time isn't right!" he escapes my arms, and floats in the air"Look kid, I can't reveal myself to them, not yet, and don't ask why, it's.. complicated.", and then he snaps his fingers, and disappeared.

"Ava! Thank God! There you are!" Susan picked me up, "Where were you?" Sapphor.. he left...

I'm so confused.

Why did he come, to only leave?

I can feel the blood dripping down.. "H-he left." I whisper. "He left."

"W-who left, Ava?"

"My friend. He's the monster we're looking for."


I will say nothing.

I can't say anything, because I know why he can't reveal himself.

Because I am safe, for now...

for now... and he will come, when the time is right, and even though I know that, my heart is still broken.

Well! That took an unexpected turn! And guys, thank you so much for reads! Till we meet again!