chapter #1: The beginning

once a pon a time in a magical land of Cananada lived a young man name eamon. He was super cool except for the fact that he loved the corner real hard and he just spent all day there aand it was really sad. He rarely played games with his friends because he was such a dungeon deserter :(. because of this he was very sad yet he didn't know it.

Anyways, he was spending one day watching nothing but jontron videos when a magical alien portal from hell opened up and swallowed Eamon all the way whole. eamon was panic "what will happen now" he pondered after being swiled up by the vortex. He thought it was all over for him until he was let out into a wierd plac e with checkers grass. "what the frick (no swearing)" eamon blurted out loud.. All of the sudden a blue hegehog ran really fast beside him and said hi "Hello, what is your name young man? I'm sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog™" eamon stood there flabbergasted, he was such a huge fan of sonic and played all of his games "WOw, hello i'm so glad to meet you" he said shyly. "no need to be shy bud, come on let's run!" Said sonic. they both started to run throught green hill zone together and were having so much fun, eamon could feel something special between them even though they just met. "I can't believe i'm really in sonic's world this is so cool" said eamon. "This isn't just my world, bu every media world in existence, here let me take you to my good friend Mario's place." sonic said dashing off "so cool" said eamnon.

They arrived in the mushroom kingdom at mario and Luigi's house to say hello. "Hey mario" said sonic "This is my new ffriend eamon!" "why hello eamon, it's-a-me Mario" responded mario. eamon was also a huge fan of Mario, but not as much as sonic tho. "wowowow hi mario i love ur games!" said eamon. "SO mario, what's up?" said sonic, mario responded "nothing much, we just finished savong the princess for the one hundreth time this month (lmao), and we're taking a well deserved brake.". so mario,eamon, and sonic all played together jumping and running asnd having fun and doing video games stuff untill all of a sudden they're was a massive explosion and it scared then all."what was that?" said sonic "i'm scared" said eamon clinging on to sonic out of fear. suddenly, dr,eggman and browser came out of the blue laughing."HAHAHAHAHA stupid sonic, you can't stop me, i've got the seven chaos emeralds + bowser the evil koopa, try and stop me" bowser also said "yes, and i've got princess peach too bwahahah, we'll take over world together." then eamon peaked his head out to see what was going on. "I-i-is that who I think it is" exclaimed eggman, "yup" said bowseer... "blast it, you may have won this round, but it's far from over!" said eggman and bowser, zipping away. "what was all that about" said eamon. "I dunno, but it seem like they were scared of you" said sonic, mario responded with "You might hold something that all of us can't yet comprehend." eamon was confused "but i'm just humble old me." "No matter" said sonic "we need to defeat both eggman and bowser, and we're gonna need as many allies as we can." "I agree come on, luigi" mario said. Luigi sprung up and started to follow mario as he jumpd on yoshi. They all went back to sonic's house and he got tails too. "but wear's knuckles said sonic. "I saw him talking to eggman earlier" tails said. "that stupid poopy knucklehead, i need to snap some sense into that jerk and get him on our side. Thanks tails my best friend who i like and can rely on." eamon was jeleous by that last phrase but agrreed with the knuckles part. so they all set off to find knuckles, but eamon was still nervous about the road ahead and pondered at why eggman and bowser were so scared at him for. TO BE CONTINUED...