A warm sun rose over a brand new world. Eamon woke up alone. The last he remembered he was not one but two. Two with his perfect lover, none other than Sonic the hedgehog. A warm feeling caressed Eamon, things had finally gotten better, and the world was a better place.

However, Eamon didn't exactly recognize his surroundings. He realized he was in no ordinary room, but a hospital bed!

"Wowee, what exactly happened here?" said Eamon, stretching himself up from the bed. Just then, someone came in to greet him.

"Eamon, is that you?" said a familiar voice. Eamon's eyes were a bit foggy, so it took a few seconds to recognize just who said that.

"S-Sonic...?" said Eamon, with a hazy voice. As his vision cleared, the blue man came into view. Eamon was shocked, he looked so... different, and much better as a result.

"Eamon, I was so worried about you." Sonic said, putting his hands on Eamon's face. Eamon could feels Sonic's hands as if they were stroking his... fur?

"Sonic, may I have a mirror?" asked Eamon, beginning to put the pieces together. Sonic handed him an abnormally large mirror. It was then that Eamon made a shocking revelation that would change his life... forever!

Eamon looked at himself in the mirror for a good few minutes. He still resembled his humble old self, but now he looked... different. He had blue fur all over, and spines on his head!

"What happened to me!?" exclaimed Eamon in a shrill and generally unpleasant way.

"Oh, didn't you know? When we combined in to Eamic the Hedgehuman, parts of our DNA melded together. Now you kinda look like me, and I kinda look like you." said Sonic. Now that Eamon looked at Sonic more, he did kind of look like Eamon. He had more human skin and a more human face, not to mention some cool blonde hair on the top of his head.

"Wow Sonic, you look so... sexy!" said Eamon, looking at the blue Hedgegod.

"Hehe... I should say the same to you gorgeous ;)" said Sonic as he stroked Eamon's blue fur.

"Awww, I'm just humble old me." Eamon said while blushing

Looking each other in the eyes deeply, the mood was right.

"Let's just close this door here." said Sonic, moving his way to add some privacy to this intimate situation.

Sonic moved his body towards the door. Shuffling his scrawny legs from side to side, edging closer to the door. Each step made Eamon skip a breath in anticipation.

Sonic slammed the door shut with a thundering *THUD*. He moved his skinny body back over to where Eamon was sitting and came in real close.

"Alright Eamon, let's bust outta here before the doc comes in! Just follow me out this window!" said Sonic, slowly pulling the window open.

"What? We can't just leave before they check me outta here!" said Eamon

"Well, mister no fun, we can just come back before the doctor comes back! Look, I just wanna show you something cool!" said Sonic, already out the window.

Thankfully his room was on the first floor, so Eamon didn't have to fall too hard. Eamon reluctantly followed Sonic with a heavy heart. Was it really the right thing to do? Eamon just figured some of his own DNA must've got into Sonic, so he was being a bigger dungeon deserter than before.

Sonic and Eamon then ran through the Green Hill Zone like Sonic does in every game he is in nowadays. Eamon felt nostalgic, not because he actually liked Green Hill Zone or anything, but because he remembered that fateful day. The day he met Sonic and ran around. The world was a simpler place then, with no evil men or convoluted plot, just romance. Eamon hoped now that the world was a better place, he could return to the innocence of before.

Finally, after a long day of running, they sat on a hill, a green hill.

"Wow, what a day! Really brings me back." said Sonic, lounging on the plush greenery beneath him.

"I agree... I'm so glad the world is back to normal." said Eamon beginning to close his eyes, until they shot awake once again.

"Oh no! The hospital! I was supposed to go back!" said Eamon

"Just chill out, you're fine anyways. What are they going to find, cancer?" said Sonic, not seeming to care about Eamon's plea.

"It's just common courtesy to check out of the hospital." said Eamon, still concerned.

Sonic, sick of Eamon's complaining, held Eamon close and attempted to shut him up.

"Hey, let's say we get out of here and go back to my place." said Sonic with a wily smile. Eamon felt a chill down his spine, but he wasn't sure whether it was a pleasing or a disturbed chill.

"Uh, OK." Eamon said impulsively.

And so, Sonic and Eamon finally were able to spend a night together, where they didn't have to worry about the end of the world or being dead. It was a peaceful sleep, although unease still slept in Eamon's mind come daybreak.

"Urg... Sonic are you there?" said Eamon groggily as he awoke. He saw Sonic standing beside the bed getting dressed. He already had pants on.

"Sonic... you weren't planning on leaving already, were you?" said Eamon

"Well, I mean you didn't seem to be planning on getting up anytime soon." said Sonic

"But Sonny Poo, we were going to cuddle in bed like all couples do... just like when we were in Minecraft world." said Eamon, feeling a bit hurt. However he held back his tears to not seem weak.

"Well, you know what they say, I'm a fast guy. I guess you were just too slow!" Sonic said in reference to his ever famous catchphrase.

"I can't believe you would say such a horrible thing!" said Eamon, in a flash of emotion. He quickly shut his mouth again, regretting snapping at Sonic.

"Hey calm down, it was just a joke! Look, I'll make it up to you later babe." said Sonic

Eamon hated how Sonic called him babe, but didn't want to continue the argument any further, he had other questions.

"What do you mean later?" asked Eamon

"What, don't you know? I got a job as cashier at Walmart. Now that the world is a better place, being a hero is not a sustainable line of work, so I got a job to bring in some extra dough." said Sonic, and before Eamon could talk back, Sonic ran out of the house to his job.

Eamon knew that the world was a better place, and was happy that he could spend more time with Sonic. However, he felt empty somehow. As if the life and happy ending he desired wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

"Ah, I'm just readjusting to regular life, that's all. In a week, everything will seem just like normal, and I'll be happy." said Eamon, trying to explain away his own emotional strife.

Eamon knew just what to do, he would call some of his friends from the game world to come over. Now he just had to think of some of his friends.

Spinner? He was dead. Mario? Dead too. Luigi? Darn it, they were all dead! Eamon couldn't think of a single friend of his that wasn't dead. Eamon had thought the victory was won, but now he wondered at what cost.

"Well, I have only one option left. I thought I kicked this habit years ago, but it seems like the corner is the only option left to cure my boredom." said Eamon

Eamon was now in the corner, as he usually did in his past, pre-hero life. Eamon didn't mind it, but now it just seemed like being alone was so empty and alone. Eamon almost felt like crying.

"Well, Sonic did promise me he'd do something with me tonight, it's not all bad." said Eamon, while in the corner. So Eamon waited in the corner until Sonic arrived home.

It wasn't until 6 pm. that Sonic finally came home. Eamon at this point had been in the corner for 8 hours and was eager when he saw the door open.

'Wow, you're finally home! How was your day?" said Eamon with excitement.

"Ugh, tiring... look, can I just sit down for one minute without you jumping on me with all these questions." said a tired Sonic, flopping onto the couch with great force.

Eamon was taken aback at hearing these hostile words, but shut himself up out of fear. He didn't want to anger Sonic, his husband.

Eamon paced anxiously around the couch. His legs felt restless and he was waiting for Sonic to get up and do the thing he promised to do with him tonight. But this was starting to get on Sonic's nerves, he sighed.

"OK, I'll bite. What did you do today?" said a weary Sonic.

"Well mostly just hung out in the corner, y'know." Eamon said awkwardly, he knew Sonic was mad and was only asking out of obligation.

"You, uh, really like that corner don't ya? Seems kind of lame to just be in there all day." said Sonic, not even bothering to look at Eamon's face.

"Hehe, yeah, it is kinda lame isn't it..." Eamon whimpered. He couldn't believe Sonic would just insult his favourite hobby. He decided to change the subject.

"Anyways, you said you were going to do something with me tonight, right?" said Eamon

"Oh yeah... Here let me just get ready first." said Sonic, slowly getting up from the couch and went to his room.

Eamon waited for what felt like forever, but in truth it was only about 30 minutes. Regardless, Eamon had grown tired of waiting, and opened the door of Sonic's room. What he didn't expect to see however, was Sonic with drug in his hand!

"Oh my god Sonic, I can't believe what I am seeing! I never would have thought that you of all people would be doing drug! I feel like I am going to be sick." said a shocked and exasperated Eamon

"Get off my back Eamon! I work 10 hours a day and if I remember correctly, you don't do anything around this house! I think I have the right to do whatever I darn well feel like! God, sometimes I wish we had just remained as Eamic!" said Sonic, whose nerves were fried.

"What? Just so you could control me more than you already do? You know that you can take advantage of me, and you haven't cared for me one bit since I woke up from the hospital!" said Eamon with tears in his eyes.

"Fine! If you hate me so much, then leave!" said Sonic

"I guess I will, but I'm taking the MEGA emeralds." said Eamon.

Eamon couldn't believe he was about to leave his lover and only real friend, but Eamon couldn't take the abuse anymore. He packed the MEGA emeralds in a small suitcase and left that night. He didn't know where he would go, but any place was better then Sonic's

Three Months Later

It had been three months since Eamon left Sonic. He had gotten a job at Walmart as a cashier. It was the same job Sonic worked, but the pickings were slim since there was only one Walmart in Sonic world. Regardless, Eamon made a meagre living off of the minimum wage he earned.

Eamon arrived home after another hard day of work. His apartment was shabby, but to him it was home. Eamon sighed and sat down on the couch.

"I deserve better than this! I saved the world, I'm the chosen one!" said Eamon to himself. He knew no one heard him, but still felt like it was worth saying.

Then Eamon heard a knocking at the door. He rightfully obliged and answered. Upon opening, he saw what he thought was a familiar face.

"Mario! I thought you were dead!" said Eamon joyfully.

"Mario? No, I'm Dr. Mario, completely different character. However, if I am not correct, you were the one that didn't check out of Green Hill General Hospital, right?" said Dr. Mario

"Yeah that's right and sorry about that. But that was three months ago right?" asked Eamon

"Yes, we've been trying to find you for three months now, we have news for you." said Dr. Mario

"Oh please don't tell me I have cancer doc!" said Eamon

"No, you don't have cancer," Dr. Mario said "But you do have Super Cancer!"