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'The Call'

[August 17, 'On the outskirts of Little Rodentia' 9:40 PM]

'Dispatch to patrol, 10-91 in progress. Suspect last seen heading into Little Rodentia, requesting all available units.'

Judy must have sighed for at least the fifth time during her short ride from the precinct. She reached for the radio on the console, having to stretch to in order to grab the oversized device. Picking up the object half her size, she switched it on to reply.

"10-4 dispatch, unit 981 heading towards Little Rodentia now."

With that, she hung the radio back where it was and leaned back in her seat. She was used to this routine by now; the late calls, the dangerous raids, and lack of sleep. She didn't mind though, it was what she loved to do and why she was here now.

As of late she sat idly in the front passenger seat of the massive cruiser. Though her small frame barely allowed her to see out the window or buckle herself in, the splashes of water on the windshield and the increased speed told her she was in for a long night.

Holding back a huff, she pushed back her small tuft of hair and folded her arms. She thought in silent anticipation about what lie in wait for her once they reached their destination.

"Anxious lieutenant?" came a gruff voice from beside her, causing her ears to perk up slightly.

She looked up to the driver of the vehicle. His features, aside from his large horn, were barely visible from the flashes of red and blue.

Averting her gaze, Judy looked out towards barely legible street signs "No McHorn, just thinking about previous cases."

"Never seen anybody mangled like that before, huh Hopps?" the officer chuckled, barely managing to round a corner properly at high speed.

Cringing at what the officer said so lightly and hitting her arm against the door from his turn, Judy brushed her shoulder in frustration.

"I have, but it's not that." she replied with a slight annoyance in her voice.

The rhino, noticing the mood of his superior officer, kept silent and continued down the road to their destination more cautiously.

Though Judy wasn't averse to talking to any of her fellow officers, she had long since become deaf to the idle chatter of her team. Not even the boisterous voices of the officers in the back raised her ears more than a little.

Being of a higher rank than her those around her came with both its perks, and its setbacks. Her subordinate officers respected and revered her, but she never could see eye to eye with anyone there.

As moments passed, she pondered the many possibilities of what could happen in this instance.

"Why Little Rodentia?" She muttered, her words unable to reach the others from the deafening siren.

She hadn't been there many times herself due to border issues and safety concerns for the towns small citizens and equal sized police. Though being small herself, she would easily tower over many of the buildings made for mammals no larger than the average rat.

"We're here." came the voice of McHorn, followed by a series of increasingly sharp turns.

Feeling the huge vehicle come to a sudden stop and hearing the screech of its equally large tires, her train of thought derailed. She felt the heavy doors of the vehicle open and shut around her as her squad car scrambled to the scene.

Taking a moment to unbuckle herself, Judy hopped to the window catching sight of officers under dim light and shielded by umbrellas. Prey mammals of varying species rushed around in attempts go gather information and greet one another, though not a single figure in their midst was anywhere near her height.

Taking one final breath, she reached for the door handle. "Time to protect and serve."

Opening her door and jumping down several feet into a shallow puddle with ease, Judy was greeted with a torrent of rain and officers flooding toward her. Immediately she was given refuge from the rain by an umbrella-toting llama trotting beside her. Thankful for the assistance and hearing the door slam behind her, she shook off as much water as she could and looked up at her comrade.

"Lieutenant Hopps!" the llama saluted, standing at attention awaiting for his superiors command.

"Officer." Judy saluted back.

Having greeted each other, the llama signaled for her with a flick of his hoof "This way please, we'll need you in gear."

Not wanting to waste time and hearing the crack of thunder roll in the distance accompanied by a flash of light, Judy hastily followed. Thought the llama was taller by far, she was accustomed to keeping up the pace.

"Can you brief me on the situation?" she asked, making their way through the crowd towards a fenced gate reading "Little Rodentia".

For a moment the llama didn't respond, finding it rather difficult to squeeze past two elephants conversing. Judy, however, had no problem and simply walked through the small space without fuss.

Getting his bearings straight, he quickly answered "While transporting from sentencing, we had five predators escape custody."

Stopping behind a large police van with various equipment, the llama motioned for Judy to jump in as another wave of thunder ushered in the urgency of the situation.

"Okay..." Judy shrugged, complying and leaping into the van. She took a moment to shake off the water on her feet to which no umbrella could aid her from.

Looking through the van, Judy was able to see the various suits and weapons used very often by the police force. She smiled a little as she always found herself enjoying the sense of security that their weapons gave them.

Still waiting outside, feeling the wind shift and the rain with it, the llama nearly lost his balance.

"We've uh," trying to catch up on the situation, he leaned against the open door for better leverage and continued "w-we've managed to recapture four Ma'am."

"Good, so the last one's here then."

Judy was too busy to look back at him, studying what she may need in what situation. Vests, batons, capture nets and so much more was at her mercy and discretion to use.

"Unfortunately, and why we hoped you'd be around."

Judy reached over to grab one of her most used weapons, stopping midway from the taser as something was still amiss. She turned to see several officers now waiting behind the van all crowding around the llama.

"Name and species." she requested, scanning over the weapons and having proven that she would be prepared for everything.

No sooner did she ask the question, did each officer present brake away from her stare and began nervously glancing at one another. They knew this was coming.

Not hearing a word from them for nearly a minute, she continued "I asked for the name and species, don't keep me waiting."

Hearing the smaller mammal shout was oddly terrifying to each of them. It wasn't often that this superior officer was with them on the front line, but when she was, she always wanted results.

"I-it's..." one started to say, a uniformed zebra standing in the back.

"I-uh..." another stuttered, this one being a ram that somehow managed to fit into his gear despite all the wool.

Frustrated, and finding herself tapping her foot rapidly, she narrowed her eyes towards the llama.

"Tell her DelCorre" a voice whispered amidst them, uttering a response from the llama to nudge his fellow offer in the side.

Hoping that he wouldn't have to be the one to break the news and that his team didn't push him this far, the llama broke from their stares and sighed.

He looked towards Judy, rubbing his neck as he spoke "It's Nicholas Wilde, Ma'am."

Hearing the name made her ears move on their own to full alert, the heavy sounds of thunder rolling added to her dilemma.

She silently reached her right hand up to a torn part of her ear, catching herself midway through the action. Though the officers saw this, none of them were small enough to notice her nose twitch slightly.

"Where's the riot gear." she shouted, turning her back to them and facing the armory once more.

"Top left." was all she heard, not caring who said it.

She scrambled to find the armor of her appropriate size, though it wasn't always easy for her to find one or a helmet. But since her promotion a while ago, she was able to personally request it for any unit just incase.

Finding the customized solid black suit, she quickly placed the padded and hardened armor on; ensuring every lace was tied and every strap was set, she placed the suits mini flashlight on as she went to grab several different weapons.

Having seen how quickly their superior officer jumped to action, the officers thought about what they should say.

The zebra was the first to try to speak "He's a-"

"How did he escape?" Judy interrupted, wasting no time in fitting an appropriately sized taser and fox repellent onto her sides.

"We don't know how any of them managed to escape ma'am." one of them shouted as Judy clipped a small tranquilizer gun with several darts to her belt.

She reached for only helmet that could fit her featuring space for her ears and a face shield. Carefully guiding her ears in and settling into her helmet, she lifted the mask to speak to her fellow officers.

"Where are the radios and nets?."

"Both of em' are in the back." a much higher and distant voice pitched in to alert her.

Reaching for the smallest radio she could take with her, she clipped it to her vest and flicked it on. Hearing the commotion of the dispatch team on the other side, she was satisfied with it and set it on standby.

Finding the closest net gun, she held it aloft; opening it and double checking that she had nets ready for capture, she closed the chamber and walked towards the edge of the van urging the squad to make way for her.

"Why didn't any of you red-band him?" she questioned; hopping down from the van, her tone seething with anger that the situation had gotten this far.

Each officer stepped away, taking their umbrellas with them and causing rain to once again fall on their superior.

"N-not legal ma'am." DelCorre stammered, shivering whether from the wind or Judy's reputation he couldn't tell.

"It's for dangerous convicts only when they're outside the prison." a fellow officer chimed in.

Feeling as though her jaw would drop at any given moment, Judy lifted her head towards where the voice came from.

"And he would be?"

They stood there, each dumbfounded by how much more sense that one simple idea would have made. Some darting their gaze toward others in a constant battle of blame, but none coming forward to say that they made a mistake.

"Oh... right." few of them replied awkwardly.

Having had enough of their antics, Judy approached the gate to the small town. Silence filled the area and heavy rain drops fell down on her as she remembered every detail about the escapee. She wasn't scared of what could happen, she was trained for this.

Not wanting to look back in case she could misjudge her jump, she took a step forward.

"Secure every exit to Little Rodentia and stay in contact, I'm going in."

Issuing her command she heard unanimous sound the officers stamping in puddles, each of them saluting in the rain and soon breaking off to patrol the area.

As she raised her head to see where she could jump over the fence easy, a cold and ominous wind blew. She knelt down and in a single motion bounded over the spiked gate that bordered Little Rodentia.

Not skipping a beat and having hiked over the dangerous fence, she landed with a roll on the other side. Having safely crossed, she peered down the various streets and alleyways before her.

Having her options set, she carefully walked down the nearest street. Her eyes darted to and fro from behind the veil of her helmet. Most if not all the residents would be in their houses at this time due to the storm, but she still needed to be cautious for any stragglers.

Her ears twitched at the slightest sound, but all that she could hear was the slight splash of her feet in puddles as she approached the first set of buildings.

Noting that now would be the best time if any, she paused and lifted her visor. She would take no chances in case she needed help. She pulled the radio off her shoulder and flicked her flashlight on, all while never taking her eyes off the horizon.

She clicked the radio on, inching forward "This is Lieutenant Hopps to dispatch."

A brief pause passed by before she could hear the hiss of the radio.

"This is dispatch, what's your location."

Thankful that they were prompt, Judy held the net gun close to her and moved further away from the officers at the gate.

"I've crossed the border into Little Rodentia and am on the search for the suspect." She said hurriedly, wanting to be sure to have any weapon ready and her face protected from potential bites.

A flash of lightning illuminated the area as she received another response.

"10-4 lieutenant, we'll keep the line open to Bogo as well good luck."

With that, she clipped the radio once again and lowered her helmet. Knowing that she would be safe from most of the damage the fox could do, she held onto her weapon and dashed down the street.

The sound of sirens faded further and further with each step as did the gate to the little town. The only sounds left were the constant fall of rain, the echo of thunder, and the light tap of her pace.

Not a civilian in sight and no sign of her target. She had a job to do and would by all means accomplish it. She was the only one to ever outsmart this fox.

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