Broken Chains

Chapter I

"Foolish child, did you truly think that you could stand up against one of the Captains of the White Fang? You may hold your mother's weapon and the Uzumaki Semblance, but you are an ignorant child playing in the world of adults." The speaker was a man with blood red spikes of hair and two, black and curved horns protruding above even those. The top half of his face was obscured by a white and red mask with four, horizontal eye slits but the lower half was pale with a snarl on his thin lips. He wore a buttoned up, black blazer with an emblem of a red rose with white tendrils in the background and a pair of black pants. His hands were covered by black gloves, one of which held his katana - Wilt - and the other held the rifle and scabbard - Blush. He wore boots on his feet, one of which kicked a figure on the floor who was lying in a puddle of his own blood.

"F-fuck you, Adam Taurus…" The boy spoke, surely only sixteen. He had spikes of golden-blonde hair and a pair of glaring, cerulean eyes that were aimed at the Faunus before him. He wore a red shirt, black pants and sandals. Over his shirt, was a black coat reaching his knees with the Uzumaki Spiral wrapped in chains in an X symbol - his personal Emblem. Similar to Adam, the boy had black gloves with his right hand using all its strength to keep ahold of his mother's weapon which Adam had spoke of. It was an unassuming baton one meter in length with sickle blades protruding from the left side at the top and the right side at the bottom.

"I see you've still got some fight left in you, Naruto Uzumaki." Adam stated as he crouched down so he could look into the blonde's eyes. "Your mother was the same way, you know. Your whole family was the same way. Kushina, Tsunade, Minato, Mito, Hashirama, Nagato, even that little girl Karin all fought tooth and nail to stay alive and never lost that spirit." At the last name, Naruto's eyes widened. "Oh? Didn't you know that we took care of your little medic? Yes, we found Karin, Honoka, Tayuya and Karui in that dreadful building you call a hideout. They tried fighting back, oh how they tried. In the end, every one of them fell beneath the Fang." Adam reached into his coat and pulled out what appeared to be the top-line model of Scroll, and began tapping away at it until he found what he was looking for. "I had this purchased just for you, you know. We didn't steal it, I spent good lien just for you. You've been a thorn in the side of the Fang for far too long, but no longer."

The Commander of the White Fang lowered the Scroll and turned it so Naruto could look at it. Cerulean eyes widened and tears spilled over upon seeing the head of a girl his age on a pole, red hair and glasses marking her as Karin Uzumaki. Adam swiped to the left to show Naruto similar images of Tayuya, Honoka and Karui all atop poles, then a fifth image of the four neatly in a row. "I did that myself with Wilt. I doubt that the poles are still in front of your headquarters anymore, the authorities have likely taken them down. But those are the last of the so-called Uzumaki House. You're the last of the line, the last surviving Uzumaki.

"It's taken some time. This war your mother so foolishly started with our organization is finally over after two long years. Across all Four Kingdoms the Whirlpool Bloodline has been extinguished, save for you." He lifted Wilt up so he could examine its already bloody blade, before flicking the crimson liquid off onto Naruto's face, forcing him to close his eyes. "You'll survive this. I haven't hit any of your vital organs and made sure to stay away from arteries that would cause you to bleed out. No, I'm going to let you live." Adam stood back up, dusting off his pants and coat after her sheathed his weapons. "I'm going to let you live with the fact that even after your mother died, you continued to fight in her place and that is what got your family killed. If you had stayed out of it, those four women would have never been touched by my men. Instead, you chose to continue and for that… they paid the price."

Without another word, Adam turned around and walked away from the boy. There were corpses of White Fang members on the ground that Naruto had personally taken out before Adam fought him, but they were of little consequence. Only the strongest of his species would survive to see the world he was creating.

Naruto, meanwhile, groaned softly as he watched Adam leave. He desired nothing more than to stand and unleash death upon the Bull Faunus but… he knew he was outclassed now. Slowly, ever so slowly, he was able to move until he kept himself upright with his hands and knees. He then worked himself until he was sitting up. He really tore up my Aura with that assault. The blonde thought to himself as he placed one hand over his stomach, where the largest wound was. From his hand, a matrix of complex symbols surrounded by a circle materialized and he could feel his Semblance increasing the speed of his Aura's healing capabilities. His Semblance, as with everyone in the Uzumaki House, was Seals. They were similar to their cousin clan, the Schnees, in many regards, though Seals were more complex.

This particular one created a distortion in space-time of a limited area to speed up time and was normally used to enhance agility of the user, but Tsunade had showed him that it had other capabilities. That was something Mito, Tsunade and his mother drilled into his mind - every seal has nearly unlimited uses if you're creative. Of course, they also said that family was the foundation of the Uzumaki way and he failed them on that…

As he went to work on healing his other wounds, the blonde noted something in front of him, untouched by his blood. Adam had left the Scroll for him. Reaching out to grab it, Naruto quickly exited the gallery of family photos to see what else was on it. No calls, no contacts, no messages, no apps aside from those from when it was bought; it was completely clean. He didn't know why he did it, but something made him open the gallery again and look at the four women he had been living with for six months.

The images were burned into his head as he recalled similar scenery. "It's just like with mom…" He shivered at coming home from a Grimm Hunt with his Uncle Nagato to find his mother's head mounted on a pike in front of the Uzumaki Manor in Vale. Only a singular thought ran through his head as the dots began connecting. Adam will kill and do that to anyone close to me if I keep trying to fight the Fang…

It was that thought that made him lose focus on his seal. The matrix destabilized as he was attempting to heal his left shoulder and the sudden explosion of energy made him scream out in pain when it caused the laceration to open up further, releasing blood in copious amounts. Biting down the pain with a loud curse, he formed two Time Displacement Seals in a complex, layered matrix that slowed bloodflow dramatically while speeding up the regeneration of his skin cells. Within a few minutes his mistake was corrected, but the phantom pain was still there.

"I've got to be more careful. I can't let my mind wander." He mumbled to himself while moving to stand. As he did so, he bent down to retrieve his mother's weapon - Adamantium Whirlpool. Shaking the blood off of it, he allowed the sickle blades to retract back into it and had the black baton extend into a two meter staff he used as a walking stick to keep his balance. He might have healed his wounds, but using so much Aura left him light-headed, especially after his fight. Seals that complex always took more Aura to create since he wasn't exactly a master at them.

Moving away from the slaughterfest that was the White Fang base he had found, he stepped over the bodies of masked Faunus while the blood of his victims and his own puddle mixed into his footprints. "I need to find somewhere to stay for the moment. I can't go to the Manor or back to the hideout… too many memories." When he heard his voice, he was surprised at just how hollow it sounded to him. Even more surprising was that he was no longer crying over the four women that Adam had ruthlessly killed, maimed and desecrated just to prove a point to him. He didn't know when the tears dried, but he knew that he couldn't hound the Fang anymore. Not with how weak Adam had proved he was. With no other Uzumaki, he wasn't sure he had any reason to fight though…

Where could he possibly go though? That was the thought that plagued the last of the Uzumaki's mind as he came to the concrete wall that surrounded the base. He looked down at his attire and realized he couldn't leave yet though. This much blood on his clothing would only bring the attention of Valian police. With that in mind, he placed his hand on the concrete wall in front of him where a seal materialized on the surface.

The blonde had to catch himself before falling face first into the wall though, as the world immediately began spinning. "T-too much Aura… I really need some help…" He muttered while pressing his palm against the Seal, where it began to disappear. He was literally reaching inside the Seal and pulled out a change of clothes identical to what he was wearing. With a little trouble due to his rapidly increasing fatigue, Naruto changed and placed his bloody and torn up clothes inside the Storage Seal. After he finished that, a quick swipe of his palm across the matrix and it disappeared, a portion of the energy used to create it returning to his Aura.

Somewhat cleaner now, the Uzumaki took out his Scroll. He had figured out just what he would do in terms of living arrangements. Dialing a number, he found himself slumping against the wall. As it began ringing, everything finally caught up to the boy and for the second time that night, Naruto found himself shedding tears. He closed his eyes as the dam of emotions burst, so he didn't even realize the other person had picked up their line.

"Hello? Naruto? Why are you crying? What's going on?" The blonde opened his cerulean orbs to stare at the image of the the woman he had called, the only one he could think to call. "Is that blood on your face? Say something Naruto!" The woman had snow white hair tied in a bun at the back with bangs covering the left side of her pale face, only one blue eye shown on her pale face.

"He won, Winter." Naruto said through sobs, smiling a smile that didn't touch his eyes. "He found them and killed them. He put their heads on sticks. Honoka, Karin, Tayuya and Karui are dead! I failed them! And he didn't even kill me, he wanted me to keep living as punishment…" The snowy-haired woman looked as if she was stuck somewhere between surprise, loathing and grief as the blonde explained himself. "I don't know what to do… I can't go back… I just can't. I need to know what I should do!" He found himself yelling the last bit before looking at the ground, letting the salty tears wash dried blood from his cheeks as he whispered. "I need to know what to do…"

Winter hardened her features as she began feverishly typing away at something in the background. "Naruto, I'm going to send the closest airship we have to you and bring you to Atlas. You are going to live at the Schnee Manor with us, do you hear me? Whatever happened there will be covered up and no one will know about it but the two of us. We may be distant cousins, Naruto, but I taught you everything you know after Kushina died. If that… monster defeated you, then I am at fault as well. I shouldn't have let you run off…" Her eyes softened as she spoke, guilt obvious in those light blue orbs. "This time, I'm going to make sure that you're protected. None of those Dust-damned criminals and murderers will get close to you until you can beat me, you understand?"

He rose his head and looked in her eyes, nodding slowly. "Thank you, Winter…" His voice sounded hoarse from his sobs and he had wrapped his knees in his arms as she spoke. "I just want to go home… I'm scared…" Winter believed it, the sheer terror in the boy's voice was easy for her to hear. Just imagining something like that happening to Weiss, who was the same age as him, terrified the oldest Schnee heiress.

"They should be there to pick you up in less than two minutes, Naruto. Soon you'll be home with us and won't have to worry any longer. You'll have a family again." Naruto nodded with a small smile, this one full of hope as he held his knees closer to his body.

Winter couldn't stand seeing her former student in such distress. She remembered the focused and intelligent gaze of the boy who had come to her nine months ago after Kushina's death, requesting to be her apprentice. She refined that anger towards the Fang into a sharp blade and even used her resources to locate and recover Kushina's weapon for him. She knowingly set him down this path, uncaring of the consequences because of how much trouble the Fang was becoming. She didn't know that he would run away six months into training and cut off all communications with her though.

While lost in her thoughts, the airship had arrived and Naruto was being guided into it. "I'll be waiting for you at the Schnee Manor, Naruto. Please try to get some sleep, okay?" The blonde numbly nodded without any verbal reaction but she decided that the shock was a good explanation of that. She wanted to stay on the line with him, to make sure he was okay but first she had a few things to do, so she ended the call from her side. He would be there within four hours, thanks to the new, experimental engines in that particular airship that General Ironwood had allowed her to have the schematics of as a favor to the Schnee Dust Company. "I'll see you soon, Naruto. This time, I'll make sure that you stay safe here in Atlas."

[Four Hours Later, Schnee Manor Landing Pad]

"Weiss, could you come downstairs a moment?" Winter spoke into a callbox in the entrance of the Schnee Manor, where Naruto was with her. She waited a moment in silence before a familiar voice to her replied. "I'll be right down, Winter!" The snowy-haired woman smiled as she looked at the fifteen year old with her, who kept his eyes cast to the ground. She let that smile drop into a frown before laying a hand on his shoulder. "Naruto." The blonde looked up at her with bloodshot eyes, but she could tell she had his undivided attention. "My little sister will be down soon. I won't say anything about what happened this night, but I would like to explain a little to her about who you are and why you're here."

"That's alright with me, Winter." He replied with a nod. "If I'm going to be in the same house as her, she should know about who I am. Does your father know I'm here?" She nodded back in response. "Then she should definitely be told about my family and what happened."

When he finished - as if the universe was conspiring in his favor - the subject of their conversation appeared at the top of the stairs. She had the same snow white hair and light blue eyes as her sister, though her hair was instead styled in a side ponytail held together with a white hairtie that protruded several pins. She was wearing a white and blue dress that ended a little above her knees and a pair of icy blue heels on her feet. The question of how she walked down the stairs with those on without tripping crossed Naruto's mind fleetingly.

As she was halfway down the stairs, Weiss took notice of the blonde standing next to her sister. At first glance the only word she could use to describe him was… broken. He looked like he had lost everything in one fell swoop, faster than he could react. She shook that thought from her head as she approached the duo, taking note of the boy's bloodshot eyes, slumped frame and disheveled hair. "Weiss, I would like you to meet Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto, this is my sister Weiss Schnee." Naruto bowed his head in her direction while Weiss curtsied slightly, unsure of how far to dip given she didn't know who this was.

"I'm glad I can finally meet the famous Weiss." Naruto commented with a forced smile. "Winter talked about you all the time." Weiss looked at him in surprise, shocked that anyone would speak of her sister in such a familiar manner. Or her for that matter. The name Schnee gave the two heiresses certain privileges, including respect from anyone and everyone in Atlas, whether genuine or feigned.

"Naruto here was my apprentice for a six month period and is the current head of the Uzumaki House of Vale, one of the Ancient Bloodlines of Remnant." Winter explained to her sister, watching as the surprise in her eyes gave way to understanding. "He will be staying with us for an indefinite amount of time however, instead of in the Uzumaki Manor." Realization soon gave way to confusion once more. "I think it would be better if you explained, Naruto."

"Of course, Winter." Naruto replied. "My mother, Kushina Uzumaki, declared war on the White Fang after one of their train bombings ended with my father, Minato Namikaze, being killed. My uncle Nagato, a Captain in the Valian Military, led an assault on the organization's headquarters in Vale which ended in the arrest of thousands and deaths of dozens of Faunus with the White Fang. In retaliation, remaining members that escaped the operation attacked several weapon shops and dust refineries owned by my family within 24 hours. Back and forth this went for a year, White Fang and Uzumaki losing their lives in the international battle for dominance. That was until nine months ago when I was out learning how to fight Grimm with my Uncle Nagato and returned to the Manor only to find my mother… her head was mounted on a spike along with my great aunt Tsunade and my great-great grandmother Mito."

Weiss gasped in horror at the admission from the blonde. "With her gone… my uncle swore he would end the Fang and I decided to seek out a teacher. I wanted to find the person who did this to my family and the White Fang had been terrorizing the Schnee Dust Company for the longest time. I sought out Winter and she agreed to help me learn to use Adamantium Whirlpool, my mother's weapon." At this point, he picked up a half-meter long baton from his waist, rotating it as if examining it for the first time. Weiss didn't even notice, still stuck on the fact that a boy her age had lost so many members of his family. "Six months of training with her and I had become much stronger than I was before, but while I was under her watch, the Fang mounted an all-out offensive, killing nearly all the Uzumaki living in Vale in one night. I ran away from Winter when I found this out and searched all over Vale, only finding four survivors.

"The five of us found a sense of safety in a hideout my uncle had showed me once if anything ever happened. Over the course of the last three months, there were multiple attacks on White Fang territory. I put everything I had in trying to destroy them, not caring if I died because I wanted my family to be safe from those… those monsters." Finally an emotion registered in Naruto's eyes, it was only a flicker and fleeting, but Weiss saw pure, unadulterated rage behind them. "I finally found who was responsible for killing my mother but he ended up finding the safe house where my family was and mounted their heads on spikes as a warning to me. After I saw that I just… I couldn't fight anymore and I had to call Winter. I didn't know what to do… I couldn't stay at the Manor or the hideout after everything."

"So I've already talked to Father and he agrees that Naruto can stay here as long as he wishes. He also wanted me to introduce you two. I do hope you will get along well with each other." Weiss nodded numbly, still shocked into silence at the exposition Naruto had given. She knew it was just the short version, but she was too horrified to ask about the long version. Naruto gave a similarly silent nod in response. "Weiss, Naruto will be taking the room across from yours so would you mind showing him the way? I'll have your luggage sent up within the hour, of course." She spoke the last line to Naruto, who smiled in response. "Thank you Weiss. I'll see you two in the morning, but for now I have a few important matters to take care of."

With that, Naruto and Weiss were left alone. She was looking at the ground before she gathered the courage to meet her distant cousin's eyes. "The White Fang… really took everything from you, didn't they?" The blonde sighed, but nodded his head once. Hesitation turned into anger for her cousin. "They really are nothing but criminals and terrorists. Those beasts don't deserve the air they breathe if this is what they do!" Hearing the girl so energetic about his plight brought a small smile to Naruto's lips.

"I won't disagree with you, but right now, I think I just need some sleep, if that's alright."

"Of course, follow me." That angry aura she held didn't disappear, but Naruto couldn't help but think he didn't mind. He wasn't the only one that hated those bastards and that made him think he might have a chance.

Up until he saw the heads of his family on spikes atop the staircase's banister, only to disappear a moment later. He bit back a scream, so as not to scare Weiss, but he wrapped his arms around himself to prevent shivering. I'm going to kill you Adam and destroy your precious White Fang. Just you wait. The empty look in his eyes disappeared in lieu of utter bloodlust and rage. I won't allow my family to have died in vain.