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This basically takes place after 'Pick me, choose me, love me'- as much as in the beginning it's going to be a little bumpy, Mere and Derek are going to need each other sooner or later and will be very close friends so they are not on a war path with each other for the entire thing.

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"$60 says she leaves with another man" Alex said as he approached everyone, them all still staring at Meredith who was drowning her sorrows in tequila awaiting a man she knew was not coming. It was going into the 3rd hour and he still hadn't showed. They all turned their attention away from her for a while, knowing that it wasn't fair of them to watch her humiliation. Meredith sighed heavily as she looked up at Joe to ask for another drink, tearing her attention away from the bartender when a man next to her cleared his throat.

"Is this seat taken?" He asked, a smile on his face. She shrugged, moving her bag over to the seat on her other side.

"I guess not" He sat down, ordering a scotch, offering to pay for Meredith's next drink. She rested her head back down on the bar, swirling the tequila shot around in it's glass.

"Waiting on a date?" He asked her, leaning on his hand as he looked down at her.

"I am waiting for my ex-boyfriend of 9 months to tell me he left his wife he hid from me" She admitted sadly in a drunken slur, the man sighing as he understood the feeling.

"I am trying to gain the courage to go and tell the woman I love to leave her husband and come back to New York with me. So far I the only details I can get out of her is that she is living in Seattle somewhere so I am searching the city" She looked up at him, raising her eyebrow.

"We are both waiting for someone who we know we aren't going to get" He nodded, taking a sip of his scotch.

"Her husband is- well, was my best friend. I had sex with his wife and then he left her. She went crawling back to him and now I am all alone"

"Well, I am an adulterous whore, even though I never knew. So, I guess we both suck" He laughed, Meredith giggling slightly as well.

"Slutty mistress club" She nodded, sitting up slightly.

"My name is Meredith Grey" She held out her hand, him shaking it with a grin.

"Mark Sloan" They both finished their drinks, Meredith offering to buy him another.

"Only if you get it delivered to my hotel room" He winked, Meredith scoffing.

"Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Maybe I am" She laughed slightly, shaking her head.

"Sorry but, the last relationship I started in this bar and with sex, turned out he was married" She went to stand to leave, Mark stopping her.

"Well, maybe we don't have sex? Maybe you come around to my hotel room and I try and sober you up with some coffee" She raised her eyebrow at him, wondering if he was being serious or not.

"You could be some murderous sociopath for all I know"

"Well if I am, your friend here can be witness that I took you to the Archer Hotel in room 1002 on the 8th floor" She looked to Joe who nodded, urging her to go on. She laughed, nodding her head, following him out.

"You all owe me $60" Alex said, Cristina scoffing.

"We will give you your $60 when we hear from her how good the sex was from McHotty" Izzie agreed, Alex nodding as they shook hands.

Meredith allowed Mark to put her in his car, them taking the short drive to the Archer hotel 5 minutes away.

"So, why haven't you got the courage to go and admit you undying love for your best friends wife? You seem like a confident man" Meredith said, resting her head on the headrest tiredly.

"Because, I know she doesn't feel the same. And, I don't know if I am ready to chase a woman who doesn't love me back"

"Well- technically you are chasing her considering you don't even know where in Seattle she is" He laughed, Meredith grinning up at him.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, I think you are very loveable" He smiled, looking at her when they stopped at a red light.

"If it makes you feel any better, I think that man is crazy for not coming for you"

"Thank you Mark" She admitted sincerely, Mark nodding.

"How long are you in Seattle for?"

"I booked a week off, but I am my own boss so I could stay for as long as I want" He stated, knowing he was finically able to stay for at least 6 months without needing to go back. He was stable for 6 years if he liked, but he liked topping up his savings every so often.

"What do you do? I wish I was stable to leave here and stay for a while"

"I am a surgeon, plastics. Best in the county. I own a practice in New York and also a small one in LA I visit for 2 months every year but I bounce between gigs around the country, whenever I get a call I go" She knew the name sounded familiar, having heard about him briefly in her last few years at med school.

"You're the Mark Sloan. Woah" She sighed, him laughing slightly.

"What about you, what do you do?"

"I am a surgical intern. Just started actually, almost a year in"

"So you're a baby in the system. Cute" She smacked his arm playfully, laughing slightly.

"My mother was Ellis Grey so, I know a fair share of things that people only learn in residency" His jaw dropped, staring at her as they pulled into the parking lot.

"You're the Ellis Grey's daughter. I am practically in the presence of royalty" She rolled her eyes, him and her climbing out to go inside.

"Yeah well I am not royalty. You can have her as a mother if you like" He scoffed, taking her up in the elevator.

"Come on, I bet she was an amazing mother. Working in Boston, all those award ceremonies"

"I wish" Mark raised his eyebrow, Meredith suddenly feeling embarrassed about how open she was being.

"Why do I feel like I can tell you anything? I haven't even shared details like this to my friends"

"Because, despite what people may say about me, I am sensitive and a good friend" He smiled honestly, opening the hotel door, inviting her inside. He ushered her to sit on the bed, Meredith taking off her jacket and shoes, crossing her legs in front of her, watching him start up the coffee machine.

"So, on the outside you are hard and emotionless, on the inside you are soft and gooey" He laughed, turning to Meredith, taking his own jacket and shoes off.

"You could say that yes" He finished them both a coffee, sitting on the bed with her, crossing his own legs as they continued to drink coffee.

"Okay so, my mother, she wasn't the best growing up. I mean, my father left when I was 5 because she had an affair with a close friend, and then he didn't leave his wife for her so she ran away to Boston. If she wasn't working she was doing something to do with work and I basically never saw her. When I told her I wanted to go to med school she told me I couldn't handle it and would crack under the pressure because I was weak. Now- I just- she doesn't even recognise me"

"I doubt that, I mean, at the end of the day you are her daughter" She laughed slightly, shaking her head.

"She has Alzheimer's. Nobody except me knows because she made me promise to keep it a secret because she didn't want her reputation to be ruined. It's stupid that I have to keep it too myself but, she is so exhausting" Meredith tried to stop the tear as it fell down her cheek but Mark spotted it, wiping it away with his large thumb.

"Hey, it's okay to be tired of it sometimes. I know that is another reason I escaped here. For an escape from life for a while"

"You seem so strong though, clearly you are not dark and twisty as well?"

"I am just as dark and twisty as the next" He smiled, Meredith laughing. Turns out, they had a lot in common and talked until 3am, the two falling asleep at opposite ends of the bed. Meredith awoke at 7am when her phone alarm went off, her waking to a large headache.

"Ouch" She mumbled, Mark rolling over, sitting up to look at her.

"Tequila?" She nodded with a small laugh, Mark grabbing some aspirin from his bathroom, handing them to her with a glass of water.

"I can't believe I am saying this but thank you for last night" Mark said, Meredith putting on her jacket smiling.

"I was about to say the same. I really need it Mark, it means a lot"

"So, how about we go for dinner tonight? I could pick you up?" He offered, Meredith really liking the sound of that.

"That sounds perfect, I will call you later with details" She said, him handing her his business card.

"I look forward to it Meredith. Can I at least drop you off at the hospital"

"Drop me off at the bar so I can get my car, I at least need to get home tonight to get ready" He nodded with a laugh, the two leaving to the car. He parked next to her car in the bar parking lot, Meredith jumping out, looking back at him.

"See you tonight Mark"

"See you tonight Meredith" She shut the door and watched as he drove away, him waving until he was around the corner, the largest grin on his face. Meredith hopped in her car and drove the short 2 minute drive to work, pulling up next to Cristina who was just getting off her bike, Alex running up to them.

"Morning!" She grinned happily, Cristina sighing as she realised she was about to look $30, as was Izzie.

"So, was the sex good?" Meredith laughed at Alex, shaking her head.

"You know what, we sat up until 3am and not once did we even think about sex. We just talked and laughed and, it was great" She admitted, Cristina's jaw dropping.

"You went home with McHotty and never had sex"

"We never went home, we went to his hotel room and no, not even a kiss" Alex groaned, pulling out $30 annoyingly, throwing it at Cristina, Meredith frowning.

"You betted on me having sex?" Alex shrugged, nodding. She just rolled her eyes, heading inside with them.

"And McHotty doesn't fit"

"McSexy?" She shook her head cringing.


"Ah, that's it" Cristina agreed, them all going to the locker room to get ready. At the end of her shift, Meredith was too busy on the phone to notice Derek and Addison in the elevator, waiting for her mysterious man to pick up.

"Hey! How is my beautiful slutty mistress?" She laughed, Derek staring at her in shock, Addison staring at him.

"Not too bad actually, I am on my way home to get ready. Do you want me to meet you at the Archer?"

"No no, I have plans for you. Text me your address and I will meet you at home. Await my beep okay?"

"Okay! Should I be worried- I mean- taking me out on a date is a huge step" She laughed, Derek's jaw dropping.

"Just wear something nice, I look forward to seeing you Meredith!"

"I'll be waiting!" She hung up just as the door stopped on the ground floor, skipping out happily, Derek and Addison following slowly. Izzie and Cristina waved her goodbye, them watching Addison walk away from Derek who was clearly going home.

"Cristina!" He yelled after her, the two women stopping with an annoyed expresison on their faces.

"What?" She replied rudely, knowing that off work, he was the man who broke her best friend.

"Who has Meredith got a date with?"

"Jealous Derek?" Izzie laughed, him frowning at her.

"She has a date with some man named Mark who she went home with yesterday. They spent the entire night not having sex, and she comes back with a date! Who would have thought?" Her and Izzie laughed, Derek watching them leave in shock. Maybe him choosing Addison wasn't the best move he could have made.