Chapter Seventeen

The Final Motion

"I'm finding it hard to concentrate." Perseus announced, unsure of who he was really speaking to at that moment. Diana was driving the four wheeled tank, bombing through some derelict streets that Perseus had never even seen in the few times he'd been in this part of the country.

Artemis sat in the passenger side seat up front alongside her twin sister, who Perseus was unable to stop staring at, between bouts of looking at the silver sister.

"Whatever crude thoughts are running through your head, get rid of them now." Artemis told him sharply, effectively shooting down each and every scenario that had wandered through his mind.

"Oh come on, let him have his fun. Are you really trying to tell me that if he had an identical twin then you wouldn't let the both of them-" Diana had a wicked grin on show, her eyes blazing such a perfect shade of gold that Perseus could see them reflect back at him through the rear-view mirror.

"Enough!" Artemis yelled, cutting her amber counterpart off short.

"That is entirely not the point." Artemis hissed, glaring daggers to no end or avail.

"Oh, so perhaps that's not quite the problem. Is it in fact that despite how close the two of you appear to be, you haven't quite ventured into that oh so sweet forbidden territory?" Diana smiled with glee, enjoying the moment far more than she probably should.

"Forbidden?" Perseus glared, trying to remind them that he was still very much present in the vehicle.

"Bad experiences made Arty swear off men when she was younger. I genuinely didn't think that she'd ever meet anyone that would change her way, though…" Diana gave a sultry look to the rear-view mirror, looking right into Perseus' eyes.

"I can see why she chose you of all people." she added with a wink.

"Can we get back on track, please?" Artemis said, sighing heavily at her twin sister's antics.

"Can't blame a girl for trying." Diana shrugged nonchalantly, still holding her brilliant smile the entire time.

"It's not every day you get to meet someone who doesn't exist." Diana told them, knowing that she was about to drop something on them that they probably weren't expecting.

"What?" Perseus groaned, already hating that particular phrasing.

"Legends are not born, they're made, but the marble that's carved to make the man is anything but. It takes a special kind of person to become a legend, and your man right here is a legend among legends." Diana told them.

"Stories started popping up around the world with erratic frequency, stories about the infamous Soldier of Misfortune. Soon enough, people began to disregard all of it as a myth, that someone like you couldn't possibly do the things in those stories and survive." Diana gave Perseus an inquisitive look in the rear-view mirror, one that was filled with a mirth of analysis that he couldn't quite place.

"It's only recently that people began to talk, all saying that the Legendary Lone Wolf had returned and that he was no longer alone. The world was forced to watch and accept that the Soldier of Misfortune was real." the gold mercenary swerved down the last rough dirt path before it was replaced by tarmac as they navigated towards the heart of the city, their destination one that Diana had memorised well.

"I have to admit that even I was sceptical about this whole persona, even though I had one of my subordinates look into it." Diana admitted with an honest shrug and a mischievous smile. It was a jarring combination that she pulled off well.

"That was until I found some ridiculously well hidden mission reports. There was more black ink in those files than a squad of squid. See, there haven't really been any retrievable files on missions since the merger between you two, so I'm left to assume that wetwork wasn't something you brought with you to the company." Diana grinned upon seeing Artemis' look of immense chagrin.

"I don't operate for the government, if that's what you were really asking." Perseus shot back quickly, not really knowing what Diana was trying to get at. It was clear that she was baiting him, fishing for something specific.

"Aside from the things that ail us at the moment, we're retired." Artemis added quickly.

"And so, here you are, in Rome and desperately in need of the help from your dear, sweet, sister." Diana grinned triumphantly.

"Younger sister." Artemis said immediately.

"Twin sister, just because you popped out first doesn't mean I'm younger." she shot back instantly.

"I didn't want to get in the middle of you two," Perseus said, not realizing what he'd paved the way for.

"Ooh." Diana smirked, biting her lip as she made a point to look at him through the mirror.

"-but that does literally mean that she's the elder." Perseus finished, glaring back.

"Well you're no fun." Diana sulked as she brought the car to a gentle rolling stop and putting the handbrake on. "Doesn't matter either way. This is as close as I can get us undetected. These people are serious players, you're sure you both want to do this?" the golden twin asked, raising a single brow.

"We didn't come this far to stop now." Artemis responded, pulling a beautifully crafted assault rifle from a long black bag. This wasn't going to be a walk in the park, and they all knew that there would be deaths along the way.

"In which case you should probably know that I tried to get permission from the Vatican to do this but they denied me, so we really are against the odds here. Once the local authorities get wind of our operation then chances are that we're going to have a whole lot more to deal with." Diana admitted with a grin as she stepped out of the car first, making her way to the boot to retrieve her own personal weapon.

It, much like her sister's, was a fully customized automatic assault rifle, the accuracy of which was likely to mirror that of Artemis'.

"By the way," Diana spoke rather shyly considering the confidence she'd held throughout their interactions thus far.

Artemis and Perseus had joined her by the rear of the car, all checking their gear and equipment, making sure that their multitudes of calibrations had been correct and that they really were ready to take the final step towards infiltrating Trident's forward operating base under the streets of Rome.

"When was the last time you heard from our brother?" the golden twin asked, eyes cast slightly down as she pondered what Artemis might say before she'd even heard the response.

"A few months ago, I think he was in some Mexican jail or something." Artemis shrugged nonchalantly, "It hardly matters, I can't imagine that some shoddy crapshoot of a border prison could ever hold our brother." she explained.

Diana absorbed this information as if she'd literally rolled it around her tongue, trying to figure her words out as her brain matched the process.

"Perhaps," she said slowly, "But you have to admit that he'd be helpful with this one."

"He's an idiot, we've already got ourselves one of those, so he brings nothing new to the table." Artemis responded, never once taking her eyes away from her twin.

"Are you…" Diana raised a brow as she stared at Perseus, "Are you not going to argue against that?" she asked in mild surprise.

"Nope, that was an amazing set up." Perseus shook his head gently, bringing the butt of his rifle into a comfortable resting place against his shoulder.

"Now you two can continue your weird family squabble type thing, but I'm going to go and begin the mission, y'know, like a professional." he said, a grin working its way across his lips from the identical seething looks he'd received from the two of them.

"Oh, so you have the same facial expressions as well? Weird to know exactly how two different people have the same orgasm face." Perseus smirked before bolted out of their immediate reach, effectively forcing the commencement of their mission.

His footsteps pounded against the old stones of the cobbled streets, muffled yet still audible if you were close enough. He was setting a trailblazing pace, moving towards the target with an unheralded efficiency.

Such was the nature of the Soldier of Misfortune.

"My Gods this man can move." Diana muttered through her breathing as the twin followed suit, barely managing to keep up with him.

"He's good with his hips too." Artemis responded with another terribly hidden smirk on show.

"Maybe I'll find out for myself soon." Diana grinned, knowing exactly how to trigger Artemis' fury.

"Like hell you will." Artemis whispered as she immediately got faster, picking up the pace to catch up with Perseus before they would finally reach their destination.

A small unassuming building made to look dormant, like the burned down husk of the building's former self. That was the entrance to the Trident facility, and that was their first task.

To gain access with as little contact with any Trident personnel as possible. They needed to get as far as they could without being detected in order to keep their chances of success high.

"If you two are done arguing, we can all kiss and make up later." Perseus told them, never looking away from the scolded black bricks.

"I'm not sure I like how interested you are in that." Artemis muttered, not daring to look at Diana, already knowing how wide her grin would be.

"Like you wouldn't be." Perseus laughed quietly before beginning his approach, eyes scanning their surroundings like a hawk, awaiting any sign of movement.

The deadly trio moved in perfect synchronicity, despite the fact that all three of them were preoccupied with intrusive thoughts that involved each other, none the wiser of the fact that they were all beginning to get red in the face.