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At dinner that evening, Harry coughed several times and pretended to fall asleep in his soup. Of course, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon wouldn't care if Harry was ill, but they would care about him infecting their precious Dudley. After the tenth cough, Dudley looked at Harry with disgust and said loudly, "I hope that you aren't getting ill Harry. I expect you should go upstairs and stay there until you are better." Dudley grinned maliciously, thinking that he had just sentenced Harry to at least a day of solitude in his room. Harry pretended to look annoyed and when Uncle Vernon said, "He's right you know, I can't afford to get some sort of trifling summer cold. I've got a big meeting tomorrow. Go upstairs and stay there until this thing has passed."

Looking very annoyed, Harry dropped his spoon into his soup and stomped up the stairs. When he reached his room, he broke into a grin and lifted the blanket to reveal Sirius dozing contentedly on the floor beneath the bed. Harry held out a roll and Sirius awoke, crawled out into the room, and transformed.

"I'm sorry about the roll, but it was all I could get away with right now."

"It's alright Harry, I've actually brought some provisions of my own. I almost forgot!" Smiling mischievously, Sirius reached into his bag and pulled out a large hunk of cheese, some sausage, bread, and several bars of chocolate (a gift from Professor Lupin). Since Harry had only had a few slurps of soup at supper, he gladly accepted Sirius' offer to share. Camped out on the bed with their picnic, Sirius placed a soundproofing spell on the room and continued his story.

"Little is known about the founding of Hogwarts. Of course, we know that four wizards decided to start the school roughly 1,000 years ago. We know that these wizards were Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw. Very little else is known about them and this is purposeful. Gryffindor and Slytherin were the most powerful of the four and were not overly fond of each other. They wanted their actions clouded in secrecy so that future generations would not be tempted to use each other's magic and power against them. Both wizards knew that their children, and their children's children would most likely follow in their parents' footsteps. Blood is most often thicker than water. They wanted to make it as difficult as possible for future generations to identify their heritage, therefore protecting their own powers.

They did, however, plant clues, and create spells that would enable people to learn the truth. Take the Chamber of Secrets for example; we know that only the true heir of Slytherin holds the power to open it. We also know that Voldemort was the first person to open the Chamber. Just because a wizard at Hogwarts is in the Slytherin house does not mean that he has Slytherin blood in his veins. Voldemort is the last descendent of Salazar Slytherin, and it is this fact that has enabled Voldemort to grow to be so powerful."

Here Harry interrupted Sirius. "Did…did Professor Dumbledore tell you about the Sorting Hat? Did he tell you that it wanted to place me in Slytherin, but I asked to be in Gryffindor?"

"Yes, he told me. That is really nothing to worry about. It was another trick of Slytherin and Gryffindor's. It's a wonder that they got anything done at all, as they seemed to spend most of their time bickering and trying to out-charm each other. It is just as likely that the Sorting Hat tried to place Voldemort in Gryffindor. You see, the Sorting Hat is another clue. If you are a descendent of Slytherin, the Sorting Hat will try to trick you into joining Gryffindor. If you are a descendent of Gryffindor, then the Sorting Hat will try to place you in Slytherin. The same thing happened to your father."

"You mean," Harry's eyes opened widely, "you mean that I…I am a descendent of Gryffindor?"

"You are indeed. The last known, remaining descendent. How else could you have summoned Gryffindor's sword? Think, Harry…think about who would be the greatest obstacle to Voldemort's rise to power. Just think about it."

Harry was silent for a few moments, looking down at his hands and making little balls out of the piece of bread in his hands. Finally he looked up and spoke slowly.

"So, that's what Dumbledore told my father that day at Hogwarts. He knew about the significance of the sword." Harry paused, his face screwed up, as though he were trying to figure out a very intricate jigsaw puzzle. "But Dumbledore is the greatest wizard alive today. I would have thought he was the heir of Gryffindor."

"It is possible for other wizards who are not descendents of Gryffindor to be powerful." Replied Sirius with a look of some amusement on his face. "I dare say that your friend Hermione has the potential to be greater than you, if she tries really, really hard. The power is only there if it is needed. For centuries wizards in your family have been known to be exceptionally bright, but not more talented than normal. It was the presence of a threat, in the form of Voldemort, that activated the talents lying dormant in your family blood, if you want to look at it that way."

"I can understand how that news might have upset my father a bit, but why was he so horrid to my mother after he found out?"

"Ah, well, you see, even at the tender age of sixteen, your parents were quite head over heels in love with each other. It was sort of assumed by us all that they would get married soon after leaving Hogwarts. James realized that being the direct descendent of Godric Gryffindor put him in immediate danger. He also knew that anyone associated with him would be in danger. He was right to assume this. His parents, your grandparents, were killed by Voldemort the following year. Voldemort had spies at Hogwarts although he could not penetrate the grounds himself. The news that Gryffindor's last descendent was alive and well at Hogwarts was bound to reach Voldemort eventually. James realized that any child of his would be in great danger as well. He thought, in a typical teenage fashion, that shutting everybody out of his life was the best way to protect them. It didn't really work."

"He told you eventually."

"Yes, he told me, but begged me not to tell Lily. I told him that he owed it to her to tell him what was on his mind. He resisted and I pretended to stay out of the whole affair, but Lily was my friend as well. On the next Hogsmeade Saturday, James decided to stay at the castle. I told Lily and she stayed behind at Hogwarts as well. When everybody had gone, she marched right up into our dormitory and locked herself in the room with James. Before he realized what was happening, she had charmed the room so that he couldn't leave until he told her what was bothering him." Sirius laughed, "your mother was an expert at charms."

"I guess he told her."

"I guess he did. Lily was very persuasive. I don't know the details, but when we returned from Hogsmeade that afternoon, the two of them were sharing an armchair and giggling over a book. Your father realized that she gave him the courage to face whatever came after him and she knew that she would rather spend five minutes of happiness with James than risk never speaking to him again."

Harry felt a tear roll down his cheek before he could stop himself. Wiping it away quickly with the sleeve of his too-big sweatshirt, he looked towards the wall and said, "So, my mother really did die because of me. Voldemort was after me, because of who I was. She might still be alive if it weren't for me."

"Don't you understand, Harry?" answered Sirius imploringly, putting his arm around Harry's shoulder and drawing him close, "your parents chose to have you. They knew that you would somehow be important and vital to the fight against Voldemort. If you had not been born, your father would most likely still be dead and your mother would be very unhappy and lonely. Because of you, the wizarding world has enjoyed almost 15 years of peace and quiet. Because of you there is hope that this peace will continue. We are working on plans to defeat Voldemort right now, and you will play a major role. It is a large responsibility for a boy so young, but I am positive that you are up to the task."

Harry had his doubts. He felt at once small and insignificant and unique and invincible. He realized that he would never have a normal childhood, but he was certainly having an exciting one. And if he could help provide for a safe world for his child someday, then he supposed it was all worth while.

The bedside clock in Harry's room read 12:00. Sirius stood and said with a roguish smile "Will that do for one day Harry? I will try to answer any questions that you have as quickly as possible, and I cannot always promise to answer them in person, but I felt that a visit might be necessary this time, and I was right."

"Do you have to go now?"

"I'm afraid so. Remus' house is not too far away, but it is necessary for me to travel at night. I've left my broomstick in the garden. Can I use your Firebolt to retrieve it? I will bring your broomstick back up in a moment."

"Awwww, you just want a go on the Firebolt. You're as transparent as Ron is about it." Joked Harry, hoping he sounded casual and lighthearted.

"You've seen right through me Harry, give me 10 minutes. I promise to treat it with respect."

Sirius returned, as promised, 10 minutes later, on his own broom and handed Harry his Firebolt through the window. When Harry got into bed that night, he did not sleep. He had many more questions forming in his head, but he knew now that if he wanted, he could hear the answers.