A/N:Oof sorry I'm doing this again.

NOT ENDING THIS! Just thought I should let you guys know that I'm taking longer to update because I've decided to just sit down and write the entire fic before posting any more. That means there will be one last, long break, before a consistent upload schedule of either once a week or once every other week. Sorry if I scared you. I'm doing pretty good in my personal life, though there is a lot of school stuff happening. Soon I'll be back with more story!

I'm doing the same thing with Big Four: Genesis, if you follow that story too. So both of these stories are going to be quiet for a bit before returning with consistent schedules. I know this really sucks, but I think it'll be better in the long run. In the future, I'm going to finish writing stories before I post any of them, and I think that will work better for both me and you guys.

PM me if you have any questions. I take a while to respond, though, so I'd recommend DMing my insta, emjelenfanfic.

Until next time! Koala789 out! *sails away on flying-boat-fortress-thingy*