Jake woke to the sound of Sherry stirring next to him in the darkness. One arm was thrown casually around her waist but now he tightened his grip on her. He could feel her swollen stomach under his fingers and even a push from the baby girl within. She could give birth anytime but she was not due for a few more weeks.

She gave a low moan and Jake knew immediately that this was not restlessness from the baby. Her arms flew up to protect herself from whatever she was seeing in her dreams. Jake turned her over and murmured a few words into her ear. She quieted and curled into his chest, all without waking up. She was tiny compared to him, her head barely reaching his chin. He put his arm around her now and ran his fingers through her hair until she was breathing easily again.

Her nightmares had returned. Memories from the experiments that she endured in China. Rare but they still happened on occasion. He lay awake for a long time thinking about how their lives had come full circle. He hated Neo-Umbrella or whatever shell company they were using now. He hated his father Albert Wesker, hell he even hated Sherry's father for helping Wesker.

It was ironic now that they were helping to destroy what their parents had created.

He felt bad for Sherry. Sherry as a child loved her parents and had never understood what exactly it was they were creating. But Sherry as an adult understood all too well and had suffered the ramifications of their decisions.

Jake had never had to go through having parents who loved him and yet were creating monsters and using unwilling humans to do it. His father never knew he existed. His mother sacrificed her health for him and died when he was still young. But she had loved him. Jake reasoned this was the best possible outcome for him. Being a megalomaniacal freak show had not kept Wesker alive at any rate.

Realizing he was not going to get any more sleep that night, Jake slid carefully out of bed, being careful not to disturb Sherry. They had been married for the past two months and he loved every second of it. His new job with the Department of Security was helping him use his own particular skill set effectively against B.O.W.s wherever they happened to turn up. It was becoming a disturbingly normal occurrence.

Sherry had been on desk duty for the past two months. Jake knew she hated it. He would never admit it to her or anyone else out loud but he was relieved that she was out of the field for a little while.

He had been partnered with Leon by Hunnigan, Leon's handler. Leon had grumbled and Hunnigan had smiled insisting it was time he trained someone for the job and it might cool his lone wolf tendencies just a bit. Leon was used to and preferred to working alone. But after a few missions and discovering that Jake was just as reckless if not more so than he was, he accepted it readily. There really was no training Jake for the job. Leon figured he would just turn him loose and let him pave a hole through the enemy and go from there.

Jake checked the time.


He let out a deep sigh and slid back into bed next to Sherry. He would rather be here than anywhere else. His biggest worry right now was wondering what that clone had been doing this whole time. He doubted that the clone would remain in hiding for long, but the absence of activity bothered Jake.

Even Leon was suffering from cabin fever in the office.

He was so deep in thought he suddenly realized his phone was beeping on the side table. He snatched it up glad for the interruption to his thoughts.

"Yeah?" He grunted into the phone.

It was Leon. "A lone J'Avo has been spotted."

Jake tensed for a moment. It was close. Too close to Sherry's due date.

"Come again?"

"Pack a bag, I'm on my way…"


"I've already called her, she's on her way too. She stayed in the area like she promised. Don't worry, you still have a few weeks left."

Jake groaned inwardly. He and Claire were not best friends. He did not get along with the either of the Redfields for different reasons. At least until recently. He doubted he and Chris Redfield would ever truly be friends but they each had a healthy respect for the other. Chris had seemed genuinely disappointed that Jake did not join the BSAA.

Claire on the other hand seemed to be waiting for him to just drop the ball and start some world domination project like his biological father.

God, he loved disappointing Claire.