"They will never accept you as one of them."

The voice was so low that Jake barely heard it. He was standing with Chris and Claire in front of him with Wesker and the Ustanak behind him. Unconsciously he had wedged himself between them.

"How far is this weapons cache?" He replied back. Chris looked up from the front. Honestly they didn't know where they were going. Jake hated the idea of heading out not knowing whether or not he could trust Wesker to get them to whatever weapons cache he was talking about.

Worse he could have been playing them the whole time and Jake fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

"It's close." Wesker replied rolling his eyes and looking back towards the Ustanak.

Jake could never get over how calm Wesker always seemed. He flicked his eyes back up to Chris who was watching him. Chris shook his head, silently agreeing that Wesker was an asshole.

They had been walking through hallways for hours it seemed, killing a few monsters here and there, dropping a few zombies. Jake had no idea this facility extended so far. Chris did not seem surprised.

They were taking a break. Chris who was on supposedly on vacation handed a water canteen to Claire and then to Jake.

"Things ever go like this before?" Jake asked him out loud before Wesker could start talking to him again.

"Yeah," Chris said, "especially with him."

Jake nodded. His back was to the wall and he closed his eyes picturing Sherry for a moment. He felt guilty about leaving her with the clone of her father but his real worry was that this was all a show and he had played right into Wesker's hands.

He hated how fucking calm the guy was.

"How big is this place?" The question was directed at Chris but it was Wesker who answered.

"The original facility expanded far underground beneath Raccoon City. We had accesses that led into the mountains, to the mansion, everywhere. There were plenty of escape routes. Initially the project was huge. There were plenty of no go zones, even I wasn't aware of the size and scope of the facility that Spencer had planned. I've tapped into it, Umbrella or whatever they want to be called now, they're everywhere."

Jake turned to stare at Wesker. "And you joined them?"

"Joined them?" Wesker laughed, the scorn apparent in his voice. "Joined is such a strong word…I came from them. They made me…"

"You were a test tube baby." Jake finished.

"In a manner of speaking." Wesker looked away.

"What happened to the original owners."

In answer Wesker smiled and said nothing. Jake turned away, not really faulting the guy for killing anyone involved with Umbrella. The organization itself was still fairly far and remote but the connections to himself were falling into place. They made Jake feel uncomfortable.

"Hey," Chris put a hand on his shoulder. "We should get moving, this place is huge. Honestly I'd rather head back to Sherry and take our chances together getting out then to keep going deeper into this place."

"I thought they bombed this place into oblivion." Claire muttered, simultaneously pushing herself to her feet.

"The surface was completely destroyed." Wesker responded. "But the Underground facility runs pretty deep. It would be impossible to destroy completely with surface bombs."

"So what do you suggest?" Jake asked.

Wesker hesitated. "I would suggest not going too deep."

This time everyone's eyes were on him and he looked uncomfortable.

"What's down there." Chris demanded.

"Other projects, projects that should remain buried." Wesker paused. "An AI that is worse than any BOW ever spewed out. You don't want her getting to the surface."


Wesker focused on Jake now. "You think that biology is the only department Umbrella worked on? What if you could copy the mind and load it into the hard drive of a sophisticated system? What if they copied the mind of someone truly terrifying and loaded it into the system as a guard."

"At this point nothing would surprise me." Chris mutterd.

"Jesus." Claire said at the same time.

"So, no I wouldn't recommend going too deep. Umbrella lost control of that… technology. Safety protocols disconnected it from the surface."

"Who was the her?" Chris demanded suddenly. He had a nagging suspicion, someone they had encountered before…he didn't even want to consider it.

Wesker stared at him, his lips quirked at the corner before he answered. "Yes…Alexia."