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Part One

Caroline Benson had a date with destiny. Tomorrow, at 10 am, she was scheduled to be induced. Her precious baby would be born, but he was going into someone else's arms. Despite how much she loved her unborn child, Carly had made the painful choice to give her baby up.

She said she'd never do it- never give up a child as Bobbie Spencer had given up her. But all that changed when Carly got pregnant. All that changed when Carly had met Jason Morgan.

She had been in Port Charles to get revenge on Bobbie, because all those years ago, she felt that Bobbie had cruelly abandoned her. Carly grew up with very little. She struggled for everything she had. She felt she could never connect with her adopted parents. When she arrived in Port Charles, she wanted to make Bobbie pay for the difficult childhood she had endured.

She set her sights on Bobbie's husband, but her plans to seduce Tony faded quickly when she met Jason. They had met at Jake's, the bar where she often went to drink and contemplate her plans of revenge. He was unlike anyone she'd ever met. She could be herself around him. She could be free and wild. He actually listened to her, and he never judged.

Jason Morgan was a man without a past. His memories had been stolen when he had sustained injuries from a car wreck. He had born into privilege but remembered none of that.

Instantly, they became the best of friends...

And then one night, they became lovers.

He walked into Jake's that night and he saw her standing at the bar. She was wearing a slinky black dress. She was gorgeous and he was full of longing.

Only she could soothe the ache in him. He needed her more than he needed the taste of whiskey. Across the crowded bar, she gazed at him, her blue eyes shining with mischief. He knew right then he had to have her...

It was fate; his destiny.

He was supposed to be dating Robin, but he wanted HER. He wanted Carly. Nothing was going to stop him. She was exactly what he needed.

No words were spoken as she approached him as he stood at the pool table. He let out a long, pent-up sigh. He drank in her beauty as she moved close to him, seating herself upon the edge of the pool table.

A few husky words were exchanged, then he asked her to come upstairs. Carly could not refuse. She followed him up the staircase to his room above the bar.

Once they were alone, stark desire hit them. "Jason," she moaned as he tore off her clothes and began making love to her.

It was raw animal hunger, unquenchable passion... but underneath it all, there was more. So much more. What they felt that night would bind their hearts forever.

When it was over, Carly was breathless. She was curled up with Jason, lying against his warm, naked chest.

"Jase?" she whispered.

He did not answer back. Jason was sleeping. He was entirely spent from their fast and furious lovemaking.

She lay in his arms so full of happiness.

It wasn't until morning came when it all came crashing down. Jason awakened and told her he wanted it to remain casual. She left his arms, but she knew she'd be back. He was in her blood. She'd never get enough of Jason Morgan.

Time passed and Carly discovered that Jason had a very complicated past. He was a Quartermaine, but he had left the family. He was out on his own after the accident had taken his memories. He wanted a different life. He didn't want to be the man his parents had wanted him to be. She wanted to help him face his future, but Jason was dating Robin, a young woman with HIV. The night he had slept with Carly at Jake's, Robin had refused to make love to him. When the woman he dated pushed him away, he turned to Carly. Now he wasn't able to stop himself. He was still dating Robin, but he had Carly on the side. As much as Carly tried to keep it casual, she was jealous. She couldn't help but want Jason for herself. She despised Robin. Jason should be hers!

Whenever he was hurting... whenever he needed a friend, he turned to Carly. She was always there. She never refused his attentions. She always cared.

Spending time with Jason, she often forgot her plans of revenge. He made her feel she could forget those things and have something more in her life. As much as she longed for it, she feared she couldn't have it. How could Jason ever want her? Not when he had a good girl like Robin? Not when he was really a true Quartermaine, a man of privilege?

All they had were those nights together... those sweet nights of passion. Carly would never forget them.

But nights of passion often lead to consequences.

Carly was pregnant. Jason was going to be a dad.

But she couldn't tell him- she couldn't say those words. After all, he had Robin, the woman he loved - the woman he dated in the light of day. His parents were accomplished doctors. He was going to college to be a doctor, too, before he had the accident. Jason had his whole life ahead of him... and what did she have? She was abandoned as a little baby. Her own mother did not want her. How could see be a good mother... when her own mom had given her away?

Life was so unfair.

Carly loved her baby, the tiny child she had created with Jason, but she knew that her child deserved a better future. He or she should grow up in a palace, just as Jason had grown up... with two parents to love him or her. He should have everything... everything that Carly had never had.

As soon as she learned of her pregnancy, Carly had left town. She just disappeared, leaving no forwarding address. Jason hadn't been able to find her. She had returned to Florida, back to the little trailer where she grew up, to live with her adopted mother Virginia.

"Caroline, I can't believe you're pregnant," Virginia said when she heard the news.

"Well, surprise, Mom! Guess I can't make everyone happy. No matter what I do, I am always disappointing you," Carly said, her eyes flashing with so much sadness. The pain of leaving Jason was killing her. She had never wanted to leave him... not really.

"You can't keep it, Caroline. It just wouldn't be right. You'll have to give the baby up. You know you have to do it."

Carly nearly crumbled with she heard those words. They echoed in her head.

*You'll have to give the baby up.* Day after day, she heard those words. She knew she'd have to do it.

For the baby's sake, she'd have to do what Bobbie did. With tear-filled eyes, she thought of Bobbie and her painful choice. For the first time since she learned of her biological mother, Carly stopped hating Bobbie. She only wanted someone to hold her, to say it would be alright; that it would somehow be okay, but Virginia, her adopted mom was relentless and so insensitive.

"That baby deserves more than you. What kind of life will it have... living here with us in this... this trailer?" Virginia asked, oblivious to her daughter's heartache.

"Don't say that, Mom. I love this baby."

Carly's heart ached as she lay a hand upon her stomach. A part of Jason grew safely inside her. She did not want to give the baby up.

But in the end, she did what was best. As her tummy grew, she did what she HAD to do. She called the adoption agency.

"Come and take it before I even get to see what it is," she said on the phone.

Her voice was cold and emotionless but her heart was aching. So much.

*Don't look and it won't hurt.* That's what she told herself. But it HURT. It hurt everyday... and nothing she did or said ever made it better.

She needed the baby. She needed Jason. She missed him with such a fierce fire that it burned at her soul.

Where was he? Did he even miss her at all?

All the days passed until the day of the induction. Virginia was driving Carly to the hospital. "It will all be over soon," she said as they pulled up in the hospital's parking lot.

Carly said nothing. She couldn't speak past the lump that had been growing in the throat.

*I'm sorry, Baby,* she was thinking. *You deserved more than this. You deserved so much more.*

Her child deserved two parents to love him. He deserved a mom and dad to be there, to kiss his boo-boos and buy him ice cream, to take him to park and tell him he was a good boy. He deserved all the things Carly had always wanted, but had never got to have - all because her mom was always too busy and her dad had disappeared. And because life was unfair and full of so much heartache.

She realized then, she couldn't do it. She couldn't give the baby up. No matter what happened, she was going to be there for him. She was going to be his mother. She'd do everything possible to take care of him, to see that he grew up strong and healthy, despite the hand that they had been dealt.

"I'm not going to do it, Mom," Carly said with determination when they got out of the car. "I'm going to keep the baby."

Virginia looked at her daughter in shock. "You're making a big mistake. You have no idea how to take care of a child!"

"I'm going to keep my baby and I'm going to LOVE it," Carly said loudly. "And if you don't want to help me, then I am going to do it on my own. I love my baby... and I AM keeping him."

"Caroline..." Virginia started to argue, but Carly wasn't listening. She was concentrating on the task at hand. She was about to give birth to her baby boy.

When Carly wouldn't listen, Virginia left. She wasn't about to stand there and watch her daughter make such a foolish mistake. In her eyes, her daughter was no where near ready to take care of an infant. She left the hospital and she didn't look back. Virginia Benson deserted her daughter.

Carly was all alone in the hospital, about to give birth to her baby boy. Through the haze of pain, she thought she heardhis voice. She thought she heard Jason.

"I am here, Carly," she thought she heard him say.

"Jase?" she whispered.

She had been pushing so long and she was tired. She wanted to give up, but she couldn't. Her baby was about to enter the world.

"I'm here," he said, and Carly finally opened her eyes.

He stood over her bed in her hospital room, holding her hand. It didn't seem real. It COULDN'T be! How was Jason here?!

"Jason, I..." Carly said, but he shushed her tenderly, brushing a finger across her lips.

"Don't talk now," he said softly. "Just know that I am here. You can do this. I believe in you, Carly. I always have."

With those words, with Jason's encouragement, Carly pushed with all her strength. Moments later, he was born - her precious son.

"It's a boy," said the doctor, and he placed the baby into her arms.

"He's beautiful," Carly said as she marveled over the little life she had created with Jason.


Suddenly she remembered that Jason had been there at her bedside during the birth. But had he really been in her room?!

Was he a reality? Or had she hallucinated him in her loneliness and her pain?

"Jase?!" she called out. Her eyes flew frantically around the room.

"I'm right here," he said as he reached out, taking her hand. His fingers rested lightly over the blanket that bundled their son.

"I-I thought..." Carly whispered.

"I've been looking for you for months," he said. "All I knew was that your adopted mother's name was Virginia... and you lived in Florida. I was searching for a woman named Carly. I did not know your given name was Caroline. I thought I would never find you."

"Why were you looking for me?"

It made no sense to Carly. Jason had Robin. He didn't love her. They were little more than a one night stand... That's what she'd always told herself. She didn't think he'd miss her. Not really.

"Did you really think I could ever let you go?" he asked as he gazed into her eyes and held her hand. "I need you, Carly. You're my best friend."

"Is that all?" she asked around the lump that had settled in her throat.

"No," he said as he looked down at the baby.

"It's about him... isn't it?" she asked. She stroked their child's light blond hair.

"It's about both of you," he said as he struggled to find the words. "Carly, I-."

"Yes, Jason?"

"I don't want Robin, I want you. It's always been you..."


"You have my heart," he said.

And it was enough, because he had hers, too. He had from the beginning. It was destiny.