A/N: This is the end… for now



"Focus," the firm voice scolded and Carina winced as she was thrown to the ground again in a cloud of dust. She growled weakly as she pulled herself to her feet.

"I can't focus when those two are laughing at me." She complained pointing to Felix who was chatting happily with Diego.

"You need to learn Carina, there are always going to be distractions." Felix smirked at her.

"Yeah, so tell me more about this Alec bloke," Diego asked bringing his hands together as he gave a thoughtful look.

Carina growled and glared angrily at the pair ready to attack them.

"You've made your point Felix," Demetri spoke up as he approached the small group Bree and Fred following behind with wide grins. "Andy's right you're too easily distracted."

"One small loss of concentration can mean the end of your life." Andy thought back to the war they'd fought against the Cult. "Even if that distraction is someone you care for. Just think, you cannot help them if you're nothing but ash." Andromeda brushed the dust off her clothes and reassessed her stance. "Again!"

"You are officially worse than him." Carina huffed as she walked through the Geek Mansion behind Demetri and Andromeda.

"Well you asked to train with me, that is how I train." Andy replied giving her a grin. "Now come let's get something to drink and I help you practise teleporting."

"I haven't done it since the fight though. Even Dora tried to teach me."

"You know that you can, you just need to have a little faith." Demetri told her, "you were never meant to be just a tracker."

"Come, we'll go somewhere quiet, somewhere you'll be able to think clearly." Andy told her leading her away.

She needed to clear her mind and focus on the present. Not the nightmares that plagued her from a past that wasn't her own. After all Andy's gift required a lot of focus.

A tall slender teenage boy with porcelain white skin and raven hair watched the petite British girl as she sat on the edge of a cliff trying to meditate.

He wouldn't get to close, not while the Greek female stood guard diligently watching over her. He's not suicidal, and knew the threat that the vampire Andromeda as well as her mate Demetrius posed to him and his kind. He just wanted to make sure she was real, he needed to see Carina with his own hazel eyes.