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Chapter 12

The time machine was charged. The fire crystal was implanted. Little Anakin was in surgery having the necessary parts of his brain removed. His grown up version was in surgery to, being prepared to be on the receiving end of the transplantation. It was believed that he would stay alive long enough to receive the implants. It was also believed that in the tearing away of the tubes, Anakin had become immune to the very chemicals that would have kept him alive, making the whole misadventure necessary. Obi-Wan would miss little Anakin, his smile, and unique interpretation of the universe. But he wasn't meant to be here, and Obi-Wan would be glad to have Anakin back. Soon everything was ready, and younger Anakin was being sent back through time, 3 seconds before Ahsoka and the others had so changed his life. He would meld with his younger self, and have no memory of what had happened. Obi-Wan sat by Anakin, waiting desperately for him to wake up. He had the implants, everything was ready, WHY WOULDN'T HE WAKE UP?" Then Anakin's eyes flickered. Opened. Obi-Wan grabbed him and held him tight. Anakin could.

"So Master, what does that make it, 26 to 31?"