An Inuyasha story

I do not own any Inuyasha characters even if I do wish I did And this is for a moocher audience so it is R ok if you are not 18 or older go now it is ok in the beginning but you would see it gets hot ok so go now thank you.

One day Kagome got up hot and sweaty in Futile Japan at a house that Miroko just so happened to see an ominous cloud over and got them a room.

"Hu? Wow" *yon* "what time is it" said Kagome. Then she nosiest that Inuyasha and Miroko were gone and shippo was asleep. "I wish I could sleep" *yon* "well he has to get up some time" She pushed him off her lap and yond one more time then sat up. "What huh ." said shippo sleepily. "Were are Inuyasha and Miroko?" "I don't know I just got up" said Kagome shrugging. "Im going to go take a bath ok" And she left the room with Shippo at her heel bonding up and down. They got to the spring it was a big pool like pond with steam coming out rocks around it and in the middle one side for girls and one for boys plus a small none water place on the side of the hot spring for them to get un dressed and put there clothing and in it was (on the boy side) Miroko and on the far side a man and the girl side was empty. "Hello your finally awake I see" said Miroko happily. "Yah so um do you know were Inuyasha is?" said Kagome. "I want to see him" "No he was gone when I got up and the sun was just up then" said Miroko with a little sorrow in his voice. "Why?" "Oh it's nothing" said Kagome quickly. "Well im going to take a bath ok so bye" By this time shippo was in the water and she went to the other side undressed and slipped into the water.

****************************************************************** She frowned and went into deep thought. "It was just a dream right" it was a dream and a really strange one at that. Inuyasha was in it and he was acting really strange. It was her house Inuyasha was their he was just standing their and looking at her "what do I have food on my face ... What" He didn't move but then He jumped her and he just stood their like a stone statue on top of her he was breathing hard looking at her like a wild dog. "Get off what are you doing get off" said Kagome in a struggle but to no avail. Then he put one hand on her chest and one up in the air then a small slash and her shirt was gone "ah" she screamed." get off now... sit boy" But nothing happened then it hit her. The necklace was gone. He was breathing even harder. Then he took one more slash and her skirt was gone now she was just wearing her under clothes. "Ah get off ... Help me mom dad some one help me he went mad" "Im not mad" but he looked like an even madder wild dog. "im just fine I just want no need you hah" "You are mad you are h help me" Then one quicker swipe and she was naked. "What are you doing help me"

*************** Then she woke up ***************

"Kagome are you awake" said Miroko "Uh yah I was just thinking" "Yah well I thought you mite want to know you have bin their for 30 minuets and Inuyasha is back" "Really thanks bye" She was up in a flash and then she pushed Miroko out and got her clothes on and left with Miroko just standing their. Back in the house Inuyasha was thinking "How? Did she how cold she it just cold not happen"

********* His Dream

He was in a cave and he could not move an inch "Um can I get some help?" Then Kagome walked in. "Oh hi Kagome can you um help me" Then she looked at him Then he looked at himself and he was naked "Ah um will you look away" "No" "What?" "No" "Are you insane?" "Sit boy ... sit boy ...sit boy ...Sit boy.sit boy' Then he kept on coming up in the air and slamming down on the ground 20 times "Your m mad" "Ha im not mad" "Yes you are Kagome your just crazy" Then she got on top of him "Your mine"

****************** Then he had woken up.

This is my first story ever please do not say it is bad im 11 and I do know you will think they had bad(I made bad) dream's sorry about it but I hope you like my story other than that bye ^_^.