Ok Name: An Inuyasha story. Chapter character's: Sango Kagome Inuyasha and Miroku. Chapter name: Uncovered secret Intro: No I don't own any Inuyasha characters. *Sniff* But I wish I did!

A Month Later

"Miroku ... Mirkou wake up you lazy bum" Sango Yelled at Mirkou who was still sleeping at 1:29. "WAKE UP" Sango slapped Him till he jumped up and away from Sango acting like she was Insane. "What are you slapping me for?" "I'm not I stopped" "Ok why were you slapping me?" "DUH! Mr. Lazy it's almost 1:30! And you just woke up .. Dose this tell you any thing?" "I like to sleep" Mirkou said Sarcastily shrugging. Sango punched at him but he dogged it. "No dummy we are going to miss the boat" Sango said putting her hands on her hips. "WHAT?!!!!" Mirkou Yelled as he jumped up from the floor bed "Then what are we doing waiting around here? Come on Sango we don't want to miss it" Mirkou said to Sango as he ran out the door. Sango sighed and ran after him. They ran the whole way to the dock. But the boat was just pulling out. "Oh great now we have to wait a week for another boat" Mirkou moaned. "Maybe you do" Sango said. "What do you mean? Maybe I do?" Miroku asked. And just before he finished Sango Jumped into the water. She swam up to the boat and Grabbed a Rope and Held on tite Miroku got his sense to fallow. "What took you to long?" Sango asked Miroku who was still trying to get to the boat. "I was Shocked you jumped in . .. .... ... Will You Help Me?!!" "Alright." Sango gave up and gave him her hand pulled him in till he could grab the Rope. "Thanks" "Don't Minchin it. And I do mean that." "Fine with me. I don't really want people to know I had to get help from a Girl." She frowned at him. Then slapped him. "Ouch! I don't even need to ask why you did that. I suppose I deserved that." He sighed. She slapped him again. "What was that for?!!?" "For Sucking up. Dummy." "Inuyasha you're a pig! Do you know that?" Some one said up on Deck. Miroku and Sango looked at each other and then Climbed up the ropes franticly. They got up Just in time to See a Door slam and Inuyasha Stop Stuffing his face and walk over to the other edge of the boat. Sango Walked over to Inuyasha. But Miroku had other plans. He went to the food! "Inuyasha!!!?" Sango Yelled when she really knew it was Inuyasha who was sitting on the Rail. He Fell over Board when She Yelled. "What did you do the - .. Sango?" Inuyasha said Climbing up the side of the boat. "Sango?" The door opened and Kagome Ran out And Hugged the life out of Sango. Miroku still stuffing his face. Inuyasha just got up into the boat again. Inuyasha then said "Where's Miroku? Is he with you?" Sango Sighed and then said "Yes he's over their stuffing his face." "Hey!! That's my food." Inuyasha Yelled. Soon the two were fighting over it. "Boy's." Kagome and Sango sighed. "So what have you bin up to?" Sango asked. "Um .. Stuff. We got another shard!" Kagome said happily hiding the other big event. "That's wonderful Kagome." Sango said sitting on a near by barrel. "I almost did but it got away we are chasing it right now" "That's good that you found one. And too bad that it got away." Kagome said sitting next to Sango. "Yeah" Sango sighed. Then a man came from the door the Kagome had come from and said "Miss Kagome we need you" and then he shut the door. "Need you?" Sango asked "who was that?" "Um just someone I know." Kagome said lightly. "Look I really kind of want to sort of a bit tell you some thing." Kagome Finished - Sango was looking at her a bit strangely "fallow me." Kagome walked toward the door past the two boy's still fighting over the food. She pushed open the door. The room was small and it had two beds and a door on the left. Kagome sat on one of the beds and Sango sat next to her. Kagome told Sango about all of every thing that had happened since she had seen her last. "WHAT!" Sango yelled. Then whispered "What?" "They are twin's" Kagome whispered. "Their names are Forest Car. And Nikkie Kayla" "Is that what that guy needed you for?" Sango asked. "Yes" Kagome answered shyly. "Well. .. .. ... Um I'm sure Inuyasha knows" Sango said. "Duh!" Kagome sighed. "But he said not to tell you or Miroku" "Oh" Said Sango who was looking intensely at her bar feet. "So please don't tell him I told you. Ok please. I need to tell him my self" "Of-curse I won't if you don't want me to" Sango said now giving Kagome a Strong look of caring and shy ness. "And I know you would not want me to tell Miroku" "Yep" Kagome sighed. "Well .. .. I had better go see what Joel wants. Do you want to come with me?" "N - No thanks I just want to sleep right now. Can I use this bed?" "Sure" Kagome a little bit disappointed. Kagome walked into the room as Sango lay her head down and fell instantly asleep. When she woke up she did not get up or open her eye's she had bin wakened by shouting. "Inuyasha why are you so suborned" "I'm STUBERNED am I? Well we did decide Together not to tell them did we not?" "Well ." "See you admit it!" "Yes but we can't just hide it all of their life's. We may very well die before then ... I mean you are 70!" "Oh don't you get smart with me Kagome! You know very well I may have existed for 70 year's but I have only bin alive for 19! And yo8u know it! Hey don't you walk away from me! Kagome! GET BACK here" "Shut up Inuyasha or you will wake up Sango dumbbell! And it you don't shut up all together S I T!!" "I'm not afraid of you kagome! Go on s I T I don't care but you will it will sink the ship!" "True but we will not be on a ship forever!" Then the door creaked and someone came in and by his voice Sango know it was Mirkou "What's going on?" "Heh" Inuyasha said. Sango opened her eyes and said "Why where you guy's yelling it woke me up." Sango almost giggled at Inuyasha's face it was hilarious All eye's on him he seamed to be thinking HELP!! And he also seamed to be trying to look at all of them at once! Kagome just walked out the door and said "Sit" Inuyasha fell flat on his face but did not go throw the board's as soon as he got up he growled and walked into the door on the left. "What was that all about?" Miroku asked. "I ca---- I don't know" Sango coat her self in the truth and lied.

Hello I'm Stockmon and I really hope you liked my chapter. I know I know Need's Grammar and all that but if you can understand it I think you will like it. Bye :P