2630 GS

Doctor Kirano was wondering how things had turned out the way they had. He almost regretted some of the decisions that had led him to this point in his life, almost. He felt the scalpel press slightly harder into his throat. The human had one arm wrapped tight around his neck while its other held the blade to his throat. It was screaming something in its language at Turez who, in turn, had his pistol pointed at it and was shouting back. His bodies' high metabolism was working against him here as he fought to remain conscious, while trying to pry the humans arm from his neck, his arm oozing blood. Through the spots that were appearing in his vision he saw Trex enter the room.

Ten days earlier:

Kirano had Turez, purchase multiple cleaning droids and a VI assisted medical machine, to act as his nurse, along with all the equipment he would require to work on a patient. Aria had outright refused to allow Kirano a living assistant, "five people know this secret, which is four more than I like," had been her exact words. He put in a request to Aria to have Trex and his men to fix the decontamination units on this floor. All in all Kirano spent a small fortunes worth of Arias credits on medical equipment, repairs, and cleaning bills. It would take a few days for all the work to get done, during which he had planned to read through the information that Aria had gathered during her impromptu meld with the human and perform some minor tests.

Seven days:

When all the work was complete the fifteenth sub-level of Afterlife was almost clean enough for a Quarian to walk around without a suit. Not that he would recommend it of course, but it should be possible. He stripped his subject and laid it out on the medical bed. He then performed some minor but invasive tests on the creature. Poking, scanning, and taking samples of every part of its body that seemed interesting, to try and determine their functions, even with the notes Aria had provided it was a necessary procedure.

Six days:

He had the medical machine force a tube into the stomach of the human to periodically give it water and liquefied Asari food, both purified as much as possible. Freeing up time from having to manually force water down its throat. He did not tell Aria when the creature nearly drowned when he made a mistake, instead telling her that he had confirmed that the creature could not breath underwater.

Five days:

Running a series of allergy tests on the humans skin proved a highly interesting exercise. It showed no reaction all levo based allergens, except one. It, much like all known species, had an rather extreme reaction to thresher maw spit, leaving an bubbling mess of flesh on its back. The ruined flesh was quickly cut away, leaving superficial damage to the skin.

Four days:

The dexo allergy tests produced varied results including but not limited too; rash, swelling, discolouration, spasms, welts, bubbling, and vomiting. Kirano found the data he gathered fascinating but Aria did not seem pleased and ordered him to get on with the implants, so she could begin training her new toy. He highly recommend that the human never be given dexo food under any circumstances and then beat a hasty retreat.

After giving the humans body a short amount of time to heal from the damage he had inflicted. He implanted a tracker in the flesh between its thumb and first finger, settling it along the bone. He used the barbaric practice of sewing to close the wound, according to the data it was the standard practice humans used to close wounds. Now he would wait for a few days and if the human showed no signs of rejecting the implant he would go ahead and place more throughout its body.


Kirano took a few blood samples from the human, intending to see what would occur if its blood came into contact with that of other species. Checking the wound on its hand he saw it still looked raw but beginning to heal, scanning showed that the implant was still where he had placed it and was functioning. He opened its eyes to shine a light in each to check that its eyes were still functioning, waiting for the day that he would have to tell Aria that it had gone blind. His scans had showed that its eyes were damaged and that without details he could only get from a doctor of the race itself, if they were advanced enough to have any form of proper ocular medical practice. Without this there was nothing he could do to save its sight. He closed its eyes and walked over to a table to begin experimenting.

Evey woke up and found she was, once again, unable to move. She prayed to whatever gods there might be that it was all a dream, which was quickly shattered. Something pulled up her eyelids and a light shined into her eyes then was gone replaced by the face of the one called Kirano and her eyes were closed again. She tried to call out to it but her body refused to respond to her command. She was locked inside her own mind.

Then she noticed that something was touching and cutting her all over her body. All her fears were coming true, she was being studied! She screamed, but her body still refused to move, so it just echoed in her mind.

The testing stopped eventually and what felt like a long time passed, she felt her mouth being opened and a liquid poured in while her nose was pinched. Involuntarily she inhaled and liquid flooded her lungs. A somewhat familiar sensation gripped her, reminding her of waking up from cryo, but no coughing came as her body slowly drowned. Suddenly the was pressure on her chest and her body shifted some of the water out, eventually it stopped and she could breathe easy again. A little while later she felt her mouth being opened once more and something shoved down her throat all the way down to what felt like the pit of her stomach.

Time continued to pass and nothing much happening, until she felt things being placed against her back, but that was about it, until it wasn't. Without any warning her back felt like it was on fire, like she was laying on a bare heating element of a cooker. Then something cut at the burning skin causing the pain to grow even more intense. All Evey could do was scream in her mind, begging for it all to be over. She was truly beginning to believe that this place was hell, a very special kind of hell.

But the mental begging did nothing, her back was still raw and painful, while her body was subjected to even more kinds of torture that she would not have wished on anything. Then her hand was cut open and something shoved in before it was brutally closed up again. She could feel herself going mad with pain and fear. Gods, what was this doing to her baby! She had not felt them going near her belly in a while. She could not even feel the little thing inside her yet, so she had no idea if it was still there or not.

The pain slowly faded and her eyes were, once again, opened and the Kirano thing shined his light into her eyes again. She wanted to kill it, willing with every ounce of strength she had left she tried to reach out and strangle the bastard. Her finger twitched.

For an uncountable time the Kirano did not return, so she forced each part of her body to respond to her will. Fingers and toes then ankles and wrists, until she got everything working. Falling asleep after the effort, happily dreaming of ways to inflict harm on the thing called Kirano.

She felt something nick her in the arm and had to resist the urge to flinch. The Kirano was back now and she would make it pay. Evey waited till she heard it walk away before opening her eyes, scanning the room after the blurring faded. Its back was to her and a tray of medical instruments was next to her bed. She gently pulled the tube from her throat, trying to make as little noise as possible as she gagged, but the Kirano didn't seem to notice, engrossed in planning a new method to torture her no doubt.

Evey knew she had one chance at this, if they caught her she was dead. But thinking on it for a moment, death was preferable to living as a lab rat. Making up her mind she grabbed the sharpest looking knife on the little table next to her and rushed at one who had tortured her. She made it two steps before her legs gave out, however that allowed her to land on the bastards back. Slipping one arm around its neck as they both collapsed to the floor, scattering the equipment on the table as they went. It yelped in surprise and tried to shake her off but she was having none of it. She tightened her grip and stabbed it in the arm. The Kirano cried out in pain and the sense of unholy joy she felt at hurting it threatened to overwhelm her and likely would have done, if the one called Turez had not burst into the room at that moment. Snapping out of her trance she quickly raised the knife to Kiranos throat screaming at him.

"Not one step closer or I cut his throat! No fuck that! I'll cut his throat even if you don't move!"

The bird man Turez shouted something back and the shouting match continued until.

Rem'Kel sat in his new chair.

Aria offered him a paid position in her organisation as a tech and security consultant, with a huge pay check enough that in a few years he could buy a brand new ship for the flotilla. In front of him was a large number of screens each showing a view of parts of Omega, on a cycle. An entire block of screens was dedicated to just showing Afterlife and the surrounding area. One of the screens switched locations and Rem'kel nearly fell out of his chair when he saw the Human grab Doctor Kirano, the fight that ensured, and Turez entering the room. He quickly opened his omni tool and sent Aria and Trex an emergency sign and the vid feed.

'Keelah!' he thought. 'What the hell is this creature.' He watched the shouting match between the human and Turez. Hoping this would end well for all.

Turez was enjoying a strong drink.

Which was necessary when working with a manic genius like Kirano. This was turning out to be his most boring assignment ever, watching a doctor tend to an alien, which was unconscious. He was sick up to his mandibles of hearing the doctor go on and on about the strange creature he had been working on.

He was on the verge of joining Trex and his crew watching the pit fights when he heard a scuffle followed by a scream of pain coming from the medical lab. He sprinted for the door leading to the adjoining room, drawing his pistol as he went, shouting as loud as he could hoping to draw the attention of the guard crew.

He punched the unlocking switch and entered the room gun first, quickly sweeping the room he saw the creature choking the good doctor, who was bleeding from a nasty wound to the arm, while holding a surgical blade to his throat. It narrowed its eyes at him and reminded him of a wild animal, one that could never be tamed and would need to be put down.

"Drop the blade and let him go!" He bellowed at the creature, who shouted something back.

He really did not want to get into a shouting match with a creature he could not understand and the opposite being true. But he did not have any choice, he didn't want to kill the doctor or the subject. So he just settled for more shouting as pointless as it was.

Trex was having a great day!

He had thrown a Salarian red sand addict, who had stumbled into sub level fifteen, into a den of Vorcha who tore him apart in a frenzy. The screams giving him a thought to keep him warm on cold nights. Now he was kicking back with some ryncol and his guard crew watching some pit fights being broadcast from somewhere on the station. It was just getting to the good part when his omni tool buzzed an emergency code and the video started showing what was happening in the medical lab, across the way. In a split second he was barrelling through his men, to a chorus of shouts and drunken curses, he bellowed orders to make a full sweep of the level as he ran out.

When he arrived the situation did not look good. The human was choking the life out of the filthy Salarian doctor, who looked like he would be dead in a few minutes, not that it would be much of a loss the the galaxy as far as he was concerned. The human itself looked almost feral, its naked form mostly sprawled behind the doctor holding him down with its weight. It's eyes wide with fear and panic, but also they held a fire that he recognized. It was the look of those who were willing to die to accomplish the job at hand, a foolish but respectable position. Maybe the creature was not as pathetic as he first thought, but besting a Salarian was no mark of a warrior. He reached out and pushed Turezs' pistol down.

"What are you doing?" Turez cried out trying to bring his gun up again.

"It's going to kill the rodent, regardless of the guns pointing at it." Trex turned to look at the Human. "Aren't you little one?"

The Human responded with a short shout.

"See. You need to handle hostage situations forcefully but quickly. Like this."

Trex covered the space of the room in a blink of an eye. His face stopped a hands length from the creatures face, causing it to flinch in terror. The blade drew a small amount of blood from the doctors neck but the other arm loosened enough for the Salarian to take a, much needed, breath.

"Kill him or drop it." He spoke slowly, pronouncing each word with great care. "I haven't got all day."

Trex watched with great interest as the fire in the creatures eyes began to drain away being replaced with pure fear. Then he noticed two odd smells, thresher spit and urine. The latter was a reasonable response to a Krogan getting this close that quickly. The former reminded him of his rites back on Tuchanka, he had driven one off but it had killed one of his krantt the smell of acid melting flesh had never left him, it was a smell to be respected, especially if one survived it.

Evey found that despite what the Kirano had done to her, it was a lot harder than she had thought it would be to just slit it's throat and be done with it. After everything it had put her through her mind wanted nothing more than vengeance, to inflict harm upon it two fold what had been done to her. Yet when the time came to hurt it she hesitated, she was a waitress not a murderer, and this was far out of comfort zone.

The shouting match with the Turez was making her throat sore and her head throb. Then the Trex had arrived and just appeared right in her face. It grunting a few sounds at her, while she watched its nostrils flare as it took a deep breath. It breath smelt of petrol and pure alcohol, fuck could this thing breath fire!

Panicking she shoved the Kirano at the Trex and crawled away into a corner. The cold metal of the wall soothing the burning pains on her back. She noticed the trail of blood she had left and then the open wound on her left hand, little pieces of thread that had once been stitches now torn apart. Her eyes locked onto a shiny thing in the wound and picked at it and shifting it a small amount, but she could not get a grip on it though the blood, so she resorted to biting it and pulling it out. Evey squealed in pain as she tore the thing out of her hand, spitting the offending object, a needle like thing, at the feet of the Trex who watched with, maybe, shock on its face. The Turez had helped the Kirano to its feet and sat it down on a stool, while the Kirano wheezed and made odd clicking noises, pointing at things on one of the tables.

Then the Aria appeared. If it were a human Evey would have said that it walked with an air of arrogance that came from owning, or the ability to own, everything that it saw, but on an alien could mean fucking anything. The Aria briskly strolled into the room, blue fire rippling across its body, seemingly unfazed by it. It looked around with the same look of utter disdain that Evey had seen on its features when she first woke from cryo. When its eyes passed over the Kirano, Evey could have sworn that a slight smirk passed its lips for a brief moment, before disappearing into a frown. Then the flames disappeared and it walked up to the side of the Trex, looking down at her. It shifted its mouth around slightly before speaking slowly.

"Evey speak understand words."

Evey snapped her head to the Aria eyes wide with surprise.

"You speak my language! Why didn't you say last time? Why did you give me to that?!" pointing with her chin at Kirano.

"Evey spoken words slow, understand all not."

After taking a moment to try and calm down, and failing, Evey repeated her previous sentence, albeit much slower. To which the Aria answered.

"Words no meet first. Doc tor Kirano help Evey."

"Help! HELP! He tortured me!" Evey shouted, holding up her hand blood flowing freely from the wound. "Tortured me!"

Aria frowned before responding. "Evey slow speak. Sleep feel nothing. No tour chair, yes help."

Evey screamed in rage and pain as she forced herself to stand on shaky legs leaning heavily on the wall behind her. She began to point to each of the wounds that the doctor had inflicted on her, shouting torture as she showed each one. Then reluctantly she turned her back to them and showed the butchered skin on her back from when he had burned her. The skin from her left shoulder down to her buttock was a shapeless mass of poorly healing skin and melted tissue. Unsightly blisters filled with a yellow fluid, scabs trickling blood, framed by discoloured skin black and blue, and a few hints of green and yellow.

Evey turned back, took a shuddering breath then slowly and careful spoke.

"I was not asleep, I was unable to move or to speak. I was awake and I felt everything. Yes torture, no help."

The whole room went dreadfully quiet, only the wheezing of the Kirano broke the silence. Aria turned to Kirano, fury plastered across her features. She barked out a single word, causing the doctor to jump before hastily giving its side of the story. Eventually he stopped talking and Aria turned back to Evey.

"Doc tor awake knew not. May excite experiment over kindness."

It took Evey a few moments to decipher what the Aria had said. The all her panic and fear was replaced with rage and hatred. She ran at the doctor taking a few steps before her legs gave out under her. The Trex caught her uninjured arm before she hit the floor, gripping her tightly and pulling her to her feet as she kicked and screamed wordless rage, striking at him as best she could.

Evey could see that the Kirano flinched at her sudden attempted assault, and that the Turez had taken a position in front of the Kirano. The Aria stepped in braking her view and grabbing both sides of her head then forcing their eyes to meet. Evey watched as the Aria's pupils expanded to fill her eyes.

Aria was better prepared to meld with the Human this time, bringing to bare almost the full force of her mind in an attempt to overpower the Humans mental defences in one attack. The walls guarding its mind crumbled like sand under her assault and she walked unhindered into the strange mind scape of the Human.

There was rage everywhere in the Humans mind, all tinged with an even coating of fear and uncertainty. Aria tried to force up its memories of the recent past, but it was to focused on the here and now for it to be of any use. Somehow she needed to calm the creature down, to ascertain the truth of the matter of torture. More importantly she wanted to know how the it had broken past her mental command from the last meld.

She walked though the mind of the human trying to find where it was hiding itself, so that she could attempt to communicate with it. All the while it was making feeble attempts at forcing her out or stopping her travels.

Aria finally found her rocking in a ball at the centre of her mind. She stopped one pace from the creature and crossed her arms.

"Evey, look at me." The Human just kept rocking back and forth.

"Evey!" Aria shouted breaking the humans concentration causing it to look up. The rage that made up the majority of the mind scape vanished and was replaced by a depth of fear she have never encountered before.

"Please don't hurt us please don't hurt us please don't hurt us..." Was all the creature kept repeating to itself, both its hands clasped over its belly. Arias eyes narrowed in the real world as she lowered one hand from the Humans face to its pelvis.

"I am not going to hurt you Evey." Aria spoke in her most calming tone. "I want to show you something."

Aria crouched down and held out her right hand, on it formed a tiny ball of light. Evey's eyes flicked between it and her confused.

"Won't you greet your child?"

"Child?" Evey responded

"Yes, your unborn. It cannot communicate yet, but it is very much alive."

"My baby." Evey reached out to touch the ball of light, her fingers tingled as they made contact. She turned her head to Aria. "How?"

Aria took her time explaining in somewhat simplistic terms what she was doing to the confused and scared Human.

"We're in my head?" Was all the human had to say after the explanation.

"That's oversimplifying it but close enough to the truth. Now say farewell to your child."

"Please don't hurt it! I'll do anything!" Evey exclaimed.

"I'm not going to hurt it, I am just going to sever my connection to it."

"Oh okay. Bye bye little one, I can't wait to meet you."

With those parting words Aria closed her hand with a snap and the ball of light was gone.

"Now Evey, I need to see what happened over the last few days. Don't resist."

Aria felt and saw all that had occurred to Evey at the hands of Kirano. She did not let the shudder of discomfort that washed over her show in any way. Aria ended the meld and looked at Evey for any change. There were tears running down her face, soaking Aria's glove, but she looked calmer than before the meld, which was a welcome change.

She turned to Kirano, her face an expressionless mask.

"Set the machine to fix the damage you caused, then come to my office. We are going to be having words. Then you can go get treated for this wound." She poked her finger into the hole in his arm causing his face to twist in agony.

"As you wish Aria." His voice was strained.

"Turez I want you to set up one of the rooms down here as a room for Evey."

He nodded once and left.

"Trex, triple the number of guards. Take over sub levels fourteen and sixteen. Seal up all the ways in and out, except the stairs. Rem'Kel I assume you're listening."

"Yes boss" Rem'Kel replied

"Rewrite the lift protocals to have it skip floors fourteen threw sixteen. Then set get one of your feeds to watch Evey at all times. Also build me a tracker that she can wear, jewellery, belt, collar. I don't care, get it done."

She turned once more to Evey who Trex had sat down on a stool.

"Mind say no hurt baby do anything, correct."

Evey nodded.

"Do as say." Aria pointed to the medical bed "Lay, sleep, help."

Evey nodded again and Trex helped her get onto the bed. Kirano wandered over, programmed something into the machine under Aria's withering gaze, then handed Trex a mask.

"Anaesthetic safe for most species, do not see why would not be for human." He added.

Aria nodded at Evey and Trex placed the mask over her mouth and nose. Less than ten seconds later she in a controlled coma.

Evey was not so scared any more. The Aria had been very nice to her. Her baby was still alive. The Kirano was going receive the hiding of a lifetime. While she was going to be made better.

The Trex lowered the mask to her face and she fell asleep with a smile on her face.


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