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Playing the Role of the Byakugan Princess

Childhood Arc

Chapter one

I always imagined myself dying a honorable death, probably from watching too much anime. Jumping in front of a bullet to save a friend, getting stabbed in the stomach just as I give the burglar that broke into my parent's house a finishing blow, pushing my younger sister out of the road as the speeding car hits me instead of her. You know, something along those lines. However, my actual death was far from that. In fact, my death was so boring that it pisses me off. I died in my sleep after a long night of watching Naruto. Seriously, how uncreative was that? I literally just laid down in bed, closed my eyes, and then died a few hours later. After twenty-one years of living a pretty simple life, it would just make sense if I could be memorable for once and go out with a bang. But, no that didn't happen. Instead, I am finding myself lying horizontally in complete darkness. Wherever I am at right now is very cramped and wet. Like, I am literally floating in some sort of liquid and my body is curled up into a ball from the lack of space. To be honest, I have no clue where I am at right now.

I always thought that I would either go to heaven or hell after I died. When I was alive, I was a Christian, but not a very good one. I didn't go to church and I really never read the Bible before. Judging that part of my life alone, some would say that I was on the path to hell. But, I'm a good person. I lived my life having decent morals and was never mean to anyone. I gave food and money to the homeless. I picked up litter. I treated my parents and siblings with respect. I made good grades, got a job, and went to college. I never stole. I never killed anyone. I never any sex before marriage… I actually died a virgin. Oh my God. Ignoring that, ignoring that. I did lie and curse a lot though. I don't know why I did, but both came natural to me and I am pretty good when it comes to my lying skills. Overall, in my opinion, I should be partying it up with Jesus right now in heaven.

But, I am not in either heaven or hell and I am really beginning to not like where I am at right now. I do not like hanging out in dark, tight spaces because I am a very claustrophobic person. So when I saw a glimmer of light rushing towards me, I became excited. I feel the liquid I am trapped in shake around as my body is being pulled closer to the light. At least I am going to heaven now. I guess the process from dying and going to the afterlife takes a few minutes, or whatever the concept of time in this place is. I really am going to miss my parents, siblings, friends, and family, but I can just watch over them until it is their time one day. I close my eyes and tense up my body as I pass through the light.

Expecting to be laying on a cloud in front of some large golden gates, I open my eyes and frown. While I cannot exactly see anything, I can make out that I am not chilling in the dark anymore. I can barely make out light and silhouettes, but I do not have a clue as to where I am at. I hear someone, or something, speaking in a language that I have no knowledge of, sounds a mixture of crying and squeals, and I am being lifted through the air. Am I flying? I can see light. Am I on my way to heaven now? Are these angels, or perhaps even God, talking right now? I hope they teach me how to understand them or at least give me by my eyesight soon. Being blind is not fun. Everything else around me is blurry. I try to lift my head up, but I couldn't move. What is going on? Suddenly, exhaustion overwhelms me from just attempting to lift my head and before I knew it I am back into the darkness.

I wake up again sometime later, not knowing how the concept of time works at wherever I am at, and I feel something soft and fuzzy wrap around my body and I am soaring through the air again before I land. Something that feels like hands caresses my face and I am being pulled into a tight embrace. What the heck is going on? If I am in heaven right now, shouldn't God be introducing himself to me or having an angel show me around, or at least give me the gift to see. Something tells me I am not in heaven or hell. I feel… alive.

But, that is impossible.

I know I died. I just know it.

Panic begins to bubble up in my chest as my instincts tell me to scream. So, I did. My scream comes out as a shrill wail and I feel tears forming in my eyes and falling out. What… I have never screamed like that before. The realization frightens me and causes me to wail even louder.

I hear a high-pitched foreign voice speak towards me, at least I think, and I feel my chest make contact with another warm body as something gently pats my back. I am being comforted. Who is comforting me?

Exhaustion hits me again like a ton of bricks and I fall back asleep once more.

This goes on for a long period of time until one day I am finally able to make out my surroundings. I am in a beige room looking into a pair of featureless large white eyes with a hint of lavender in them. The fair-skinned woman that is staring back at me has long, dark-blue hair with side bangs framing her face. She seems really exhausted and worn out as sweat was breaking from her forehead and heavy bags were formed underneath her eyes. She looks like she hasn't slept in weeks. Despite her current state, she gives me the sweetest smile and speaks to me in a language that I cannot understand. Even though I cannot understand, I know she is speaking in Japanese. Another perk from all those years of watching anime. Still, why and who is this woman holding me and where the hell am I at?

Suddenly, I feel something grab ahold of me and I scream in surprise as I am being lifted in the air. I have felt myself soaring through the air many time already, and for awhile I had convinced myself I was flying with angels. Seeing for myself actually flying through the air without impaired vision for the first time is a sickening feeling. I feel like puking. As the nausea goes away, I realize that I am being swaddled in a lilac blanket and whatever is carrying me right now spins me around and I am staring into another pair of white eyes, except these didn't have any traces of lavender in them. The beige-skinned man I am looking at has long, brown hair with a receding hairline. I notice he is giving me more of a prideful smirk instead of a warm smile like the woman had on her face.

Damn, these are some weird looking giants. Why are they passing me around as if I were a fragile baby… Wait a minute. I stare hard at the person holding me and I figure out who he is and finally realize where I am at. I am staring into the eyes of Hiashi Hyūga and that means I have either been reincarnated into Hinata or Hanabi Hyūga's infant body from the Naruto universe!

What?... No way. Are you freaking serious?! This cannot be real right now. I am not a baby. I can't be! I'm suppose to be dead and in heaven! I have to be dreaming.

Panic grows in my chest as I shook with anxiety. Not being able to control the wild emotions that were overwhelming me at the moment in this tiny body, I did what all babies do best: I begin to cry. Tears stream down my cheeks as I feel my face grow red and hot. Hiashi's brow narrow and he frowns, saying something before handing me back to the woman. The woman looks at Hiashi and laughs as she begins to lightly rock me and beautifully sings what I assume is a lullaby. I stop crying for a moment to take reflect on my situation. Judging from Hiashi's reaction of my crying and not knowing how to handle it, I am going to assume at the moment that I am in Hinata's body. I am also judging this theory from the fact that her mother is healthy and alive as she is holding me and attempting to put me to sleep. It has never been shown in the manga or anime, but many fans has said that Hinata's mother died giving birth to Hanabi so I am just rolling with that for now.

Even if I am reincarnated, why the hell am I in the Naruto universe?! Shouldn't I have been reincarnated into an infant on Earth? That would have made more sense. But, since when do reincarnated people remember their past lives. I can clearly remember everything from my past life, my family, friends, college, work… everything! Do all reincarnated babies remember their past life and then just slowly lose those memories over time? When I was alive in my world, I read my share of articles on children who claim they can remember bits and pieces from a "past life". This has to have something to do with watching Naruto before I died. When I was asleep, did my soul get sucked into the anime? Nah, that is just crazy. I know I am not dreaming because… well it is hard to explain. I have this feeling that I know I died. It is weird. Whatever happened is done and over with. I am, possibly, stuck in Hinata Hyūga's body and I am going to have to force myself to accept that and live her life now.

Which, wouldn't be so bad if she didn't have a sucky one for the first fifteen years of it. Her father treated her bad, she had very low self-esteem and a lot of confidence issues, Neji bullied her and almost killed her ass, and the list goes on. On the bright side, Hinata is my favorite character in Naruto and if I have to be reborn in anyone's body, I am glad it was hers. But, just because I am obsessed with Naruto doesn't mean I want to live in it! I know many shitty things happen and I will not start to name them because I will just have another panic attack and scare everyone again. I need to take this in baby steps, literally and metaphorically, by focusing on my life first. I need to grow up and not act as meek as the original Hinata. I just need to mix in my own personality with hers so I can fit in with the rest of the Hyūgas because Hinata wasn't only just timid. She was kind, caring, and put other's needs before her and I can play that role easily. Ugh, I guess I am receiving that exciting moment that I have been craving for. Why couldn't I have just opened my eyes to those golden gates?

The first few months of my new life to some time for me to get used to. You know, it isn't easy getting adjusted to a new life when you just spent twenty-one years living your old one. I went through a phase of depression and anxiety. Anxiety because here I am alive in another realm while my parents and sister are alive in a totally different realm, world, universe, whatever it is called. Anxiety because I know that I will never be able to see them again. That is when the depression crept in the more I thought about them and my past life. Being dead would've been a totally different experience for me. I would be happy and free and will be able to watch down on my family from above. I will at least not be able to worry about them. Now, I am going bat shit crazy thinking about them. How are they handling my death? What would think they if they knew that I was actually trapped in a different body in a dangerous universe? My depression caused me to become more of a silent and unhappy baby, which greatly worried Hinata's parents. But, I didn't care. I didn't consider them my parents. They are nothing but characters out of an anime who I just so happen had the misfortune of being their daughter.

After awhile, I slowly adjusted to my new life. Though I miss my old life like crazy, I have been slowly coming to the reality that this is my new life now and there is nothing I can do to change it. No matter how many times I cried or begged or prayed. Nothing has changed so far and it never will. This is my new life now until I die and find myself within another body in a different universe or officially in heaven. So, without really having any other choice, I got my act together and started play the role of the Byakugan Princess.

I have realized two things over these past few months since I have decided to accept my new life. One: I hate being a baby. It is the most boring thing I think I have experienced. Most my days was spent laying in a crib, staring at the ceiling, unless I was being fed, played with, loved on, or shown off. These past few weeks have been a little bit more interesting for me. I have began to understand the words that was being spoken to me such as "Hinata-chan", "Okaa-san", and "Otou-san" though I couldn't say them back just yet to my annoyance. Since I am an adult stuck in a baby's mind, I thought I would be able to easily speak back to them. For some reason, I am able to understand the Japanese language just as well as English. But, the inability to be able to speak back from being a baby limits me and it is just so frustrating. At least I get some excitement out of Hiashi when I attempt to mimic his words in my baby gibberish to show that I understand what he was saying and can tell he is proud of me. Maybe I am on the right path to give Hinata, I mean myself, a better life since I am showing progress so quickly. It is going to take me awhile before I see myself as Hinata and Hiashi as my father. I think I can grow a close relationship with him if I can meet the expectations he is going to have for me in a couple of years. The woman, on the other hand, who I learnt that her name is Haruna, is someone that I instantly connected with. She reminds me so much of my mother from my past life, so that helped eased my anxiety and depression, and she's the one that I spent most of my time around. She is a very affectionate, kind, and patient woman who has taken care of all my needs at anytime during the day and all through many nights.

Many of these needs consist of me being sick which brings me to the second thing that I realized: I understand why Hinata acted so weak and feeble. I am always sick and nobody can diagnose me with anything. When I swallow something, sometimes I puke it back up. I am underdeveloped physically for my age. I was born three months early and I am still considered underweight. My muscles are very weak so I have a hard time grasping things such as a rattle or supporting a bottle between my hands. Being born in the winter season didn't help my case as I was always catching a cold. To me, it seems like whatever illness I have goes away as I grow older since Hinata never shown any signs of sickness in the anime or manga. She was really short and skinny so that's why she wore baggy clothes as a child because she didn't feel comfortable in her body. I think that is also why she struggled with training the Gentle Fist because she grew tired easily, clumsy, and wasn't up to par in the strength department due to the effects of this illness. My goal is to overcome all of these obstacles early on in life so I don't get branded as a failure in Hiashi's eyes. If I am going to be living Hinata's life, I want to enjoy it and not be miserable.

Even though everyone knows I am not going to be walking at the average age like every other baby in Konohagakure, I have the advantage of being able to speak before them. Whenever I was alone in my crib, I would practice and whisper words out loud until I got them down pat. At only eight months old, I surprised everyone day as I succeeded in babbling some words out of my mouth. "Okaa-san? Okaa-san. Okaa-san! Okaa-san! Okaa-san!" When I realized that I could speak, I grew very happy and shouted the word over and over again. I was sitting in the high chair while Haruna was preparing lunch for me and Hiashi as he was doing some paperwork at the kitchen table. When they both heard me speak, they instantly jerked their heads towards me with mouths agape.

"D-did our daughter just talk?" Hiashi asks his wife in amazement.

"S-she did!" she replies, rushing over to me. "Hinata-chan! Sweetie, can you speak for Okaa-san and Otou-san again?"

I nod my head. "Okaa-san!"

"She can talk!" Haruna cheers, clasping her hands together. She looks over at her husband. "It appears that I have won our bet. She said my name first!"

Damn that he gets defeated, Hiashi makes his way over to me. "Come on, you know that you want to say Otou-san for me!" Oh, I know I can Hiashi. However, it is more fun to watch the Head of the Hyūga clan beg and dance around like a circus monkey.

I shook my head and shriek, "Okaa-san!"

Haruna almost falls to the floor from laughing so hard as Hiashi's face grows red in embarrassment and sighs. He leans in and whispers in my ear. "Hey, do not make me come across as a fool to your mother. Cut me some slack for your old man!" Even though he is strict and stern by nature, Hiashi becomes a little softie when it comes to his wife and daughter.

I decide to give him the benefit of the doubt and stop torturing the poor guy. "Otou-san!"

Hiashi's face lit up at the sound of his paternal name as he ruffles my small patch of dark-blue hair. "That's my little girl," he tells me.

"I guess we are even now," Haruna teases as she comes up by Hiashi's side and wraps her arms around his waist.

Hiashi kisses the top of her head. "I cannot believe Hinata-chan is already saying mother and father at such a young age and can understand at times what we are saying to her," he brags. "She is going to be a genius when she's older." Nah, that title is going to be given to Neji. Sorry. Though, it is kind of strange to hear Hiashi praising Hinata, um, me.

"She is going to make a fine leader to this clan one day," Haruna says as they both stare at me with doting eyes.

A light bulb went off in my head as soon as she said that. I know what I want to do during this lifetime. I want to become the leader of the corrupt Hyūga clan. I need to become the leader. Mentioning Neji a moment ago, I can have him help me run the clan to nullify the Main House and Branch House. We can rebirth the clan and all come together as one House and get rid of that monstrous Cursed Seal for good. As he gets older, Neji is going to experience the death of his father and learn the ins and outs of the two Houses and how truly shitty the Hyūga clan really is. I need to somehow befriend him when he is young, possibly before the death of his father. That way, hopefully, he isn't going to hold a grudge against me and hate me. Another choice is to stop his father's death, but no one will want to hear a toddler's wild "imagination". Knowing my luck, Danzo or Orochimaru will somehow get their evil hands on me if I get branded as someone who can foresee the future. So, I need to keep all my knowledge to myself.

The first baby steps I need to take to become the future Head of the Hyūga clan is to start training as soon as possible. I need to turn around my disadvantages and improve in areas such as strength and stamina. I need to start teaching myself how to walk and forcing myself to be not become physically delayed and allow for those medical-nins to be right. As soon as I learn to walk, I need to toddle around all the time to build up stamina in my lungs and strength in my leg muscle. Heck, I can kill two birds with one stone and build up strength in my arms by carrying two toys around while I walk. I really would need to do this all in secret because I would make an odd sight by marching around room, lifting my stuffed animals up and down, and talking to myself.

I know there is a lot more baby steps I need to take, and that training is going to be the longest baby step that I am going to take, but I just need to take things slowly and work hard everyday. I mean, I am a baby. I am not doing anything else with my life except pooping in my diaper… which I should really start using the toilet now that I think about it since technically I am an adult in a baby's body… ignoring that, ignoring that!

I finally learned how to walk at around at sixteen months old. I was still a little delayed, but my goal was to learn to walk before I was eighteen months old so I am on the right track. Even though I practiced and taught myself, I let Haruna and Hiashi think that they taught me. Either way, they were just relieved that I am going to end being a normal and functioning toddler after all. I still have that illness lingering around in my body, but the symptoms are not as severe as they were during the first year of my life. I can manage to digest food now properly without vomiting it back up and I am slowly building up my strength and stamina.

After learning to walk, I decided one day to explore the Hyūga compound and search for Neji to start creating a bond with him. I have only met him a handful of times in brief exchanges when Hiashi and his twin brother, Hizashi, attended meetings together and brought us along. My only interactions with Neji have not been important enough for him to remember me by since he was too young. The only thing he did at most to me was giggle, stare, and mutter incomplete words and sentences. He would never admit it, but I knew that Hiashi is proud at the fact that his daughter, who is a whole year younger than Neji, can participate in full conversations with adults better than his brother's own son can.

I slid open my bedroom door and poke my head out into the hallway. The coast is clear. I quickly stumbled down the hall, making my way by memory to the Branch House. At this moment, I am suppose to be taking a nap so no one is going to check up on me for a while. Every now and then, I have to peek around a corner or wedge myself behind a stairway when I hear footsteps or people talking. Somehow, to my luck, I made it to the Main House's courtyard without getting caught. Which, now that I think about it, no one is allowed to activate their Byakugan at the compound unless they are training or otherwise authorized to because of privacy reasons.

I travel across the beautiful courtyard, being careful not to mess up any gardens or decorations, and climb up the stairs leading to the Branch House's porch. Unlike other compounds in Konohagakure, ours only has two large estates that houses the Main House members and the Branch House members. Inside these estates, they are sectioned off into living quarters so each family has their own set of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and living area. I am really not sure about the Branch House, but on each floor of the Main House is a training room and a commons area where people can train or hang out. Having a father who is the head of our clan, our living quarters are bigger than everyone else's and we live on the very top floor.

I make my into the Branch House and instantly head to Neji's room. I am thankful that he and his father live on the first floor so I do not have to increase my chances of getting caught by having to expand my searching range. I raise up my tiny and bony fist and gave a few knocks on his door. It slowly slides open and a cute, little Neji reveals himself. He widens his eyes at his unexpected visitor and gives me a toothy grin.

"Hewllo, Hinata-chan! What awre you doing here?" he asks me, cocking his head slightly to the side in confusion. Even though he speaks well for a two-and-half year old, I can still hear the adorable mispronunciations in his words.

I throw my hands up in the air to express my excitement. "I want to play with you!" I tell him. Over the past sixteen months of being Hinata, I have grasped the concept on properly acting like a young child without exposing any adult mannerisms.

Neji raises his eyebrow, appearing fretful. "Where is Hiashi-sama and Haruna-sama? I do not want to get in trowble."

I hold a finger to my lips. "Shhh, we won't if you don't tell your father.

Neji hesitates for second before eagerly nodding his head and allows me into his bedroom, closing the door behind us. He picks up a panda stuffed animal and a grey wolf stuffed animal. "Wanna pwlay blocks with my animals?"

I clap my hands together! "Yeah! I want the panda!" In reality, I would rather play "Ninja" and somewhat enhance my skills with him, but I need to do what he likes first in order to better my relationship with him.

Neji shakes his head and hands me the wolf instead. "No, Pandie is mine! You can have KeKe," he snaps as I suppress a smirk. The serious and prideful Neji that I grew up watching is getting defensive over a stuffed panda. I forget that Neji is only a toddler and is going to act like a toddler. Still, this is hilarious to me!

Over the next thirty minutes, I force myself to not pull my hair out as I built towers with blocks and pretend that our stuffed animals are monsters and terrorize our city and knock everything over. Actually, I am quite enjoying myself since I find some fun in destroying the buildings we make and hearing Neji's infectious giggle which, in return, makes me giggle. Why can't moody teenager Neji be sweet and friendly like baby Neji? However, what is annoying me is that the boy grow stubborn as hell when it comes to stack the blocks. They have to be lined up precisely and look like an actual house and I can't get through his thick head that out creations do not have to look neat if we are just going to end up knocking them over. Suddenly, Neji's door slides open and making us both jump. Slight dread grew inside of me as I caught sight of an extremely angry Hiashi with his arms crossed. Hizashi is standing beside of him, mimicking his older brother's body posture.

"Hinata-chan!" my father growled. "What is the meaning of this? Sneaking out of your room? You were suppose to be taking a nap!"

Ugh, he's scary when he's mad and I do not like being yelled at. "I-I wasn't tired and I wanted to play with Neji-nii-san," I explain. At least I am not lying.

Hiashi shakes his head. "That does not matter. You are only a toddler and you need your naps whether you like it or not."

Hizashi glances over at Hiashi with a baffled expression. "Hiashi-sama, I am surprised that your daughter has managed to find her way all the here to my son's room when she's only been here once."

Hiashi flickers his eyes over to his younger twin brother. "I am not. She is a bright child, but right now she is being a disobedient child." He sticks his hand out. "Come, now! We are heading now before your mother worries herself to death. She is not happy with you."

I expected for Hiashi or Haruna to come looking for me eventually so I am not at all surprised by his reaction. I reach out and hug Neji. "I had fun playing with you, Nii-san! Maybe we can do it again soon!"

Neji gives me a sad expression and nods his head in response. I get up and take my father's hand as we walk out of my cousin's room. "Wait!" I hear Neji cry as he pushes past his father, carrying his stuffed wolf. We stop walking as I cast my eyes over to him while Hiashi stares him down with narrowed eyes. "I want you to have KeKe. He hewlps me sleep bewtter, but now I have Pandie. So, Keke can hewlp you sleep bewtter now!"

I take KeKe from his hands and give him a warm smile. "Thank you, Nii-san! I promise to nap with him later."

Clutching the wolf in my hands, Hiashi and I set off back to our living quarters. Our short trip back there is very quiet as he did not say one word to me or attempt to question me. I try to read his facial expressions, but they are hard and blank. Instead of stopping me off at my bedroom, like I was expecting, we walk into the living area where I found my mother sitting on the couch, sewing. I instantly feel bad as I notice the worried look written all over her face. As soon as she sees us come, Haruna shoots up from the couch and strides across the room. She bends down and embraces me in a tight hug.

"Oh, I am so glad you are okay, Hinata-chan!" she exclaims. She pulls me away and runs her hand through her hair. "This is unlike you! Why did you do that?"

"I wasn't tired and I wanted to play with Neji-nii-san," I repeated, telling her the same thing I told Hiashi.

She looks up at her husband who shrugs and then back at me. "Well, tell us next time if you want to do something. There is a time and place for everything."

"Well, I wouldn't have to sneak off to play with Nii-san if only Otou-san and Oji-san can just get along," I say before being able to stop myself. Crap! I'm too young to know about the feud and dynamics between the Main House and Branch House.

Haruna gasp as Hiashi glares me down. "What did you just say?" he asks, grabbing my arm.

Okay, okay. Just calm down and just play baby! I jerk away from him, ran behind Haruna and bury my face into her skirt, hiding from Hiashi. "You scared her, Hiashi-kun," Haruna scolded as she ruffles my hair. "People talk, you know. She must have heard it in passing one day. You know how children can retain information and blurt it out at any moment."

I poke my head around my mother's leg as I saw Hiashi sigh, pinching the brink of his nose. "With Hinata-chan, I often forget that I am speaking to a one year old. Her communication skills are just too advanced for her age."

"That just means we have a gifted and intelligent daughter," Haruna reassures. "As we always hoped for." She arches an eyebrow. "Maybe you should start arranging playdates between her and Neji-kun."

Hiashi frowns. "My daughter is not going to associate herself with children of the Branch House."

Haruna places her hands on her hips. "Our daughter has no children to play with in the Main House. The child closest to her age is five and a five year old is not going to want to play with a one year old."

"Well, she is going to start training when she turns two in six months," Hiashi replies. "So, she is not going to have time to play with other children anyways."

"Our daughter is not going to antisocial until she hits the Academy," Haruna snaps. "She needs to be around at least one child around her age to develop social skills. The Hyūga clan cannot have a socially awkward person as its leader!"

Haruna and Hiashi stare each other down intensely before my father finally gives in. "Fine, you win. A man cannot just simply disagree with his wife, especially one as beautiful and kind as you, my dear." He leans in and kisses her forehead. "I will arrange for Neji-san and Hinata-chan to have play dates twice a week until she starts training. Then, we will see from there."

"See, you can be a teddy bear when you to be," Haruna cooes as she plants a kiss back on her husband's cheek, making his cheeks grow red. She looks down at me and smiles. "Great, now you get to play with Neji-kun again really soon. Until then, let's put you down for that nap again."

I groan. Seriously, I still have to have nap time after all this nonsense? I can't wait until I'm older. "If you get up again, I will change my mind," Hiashi warns me as I nod my head in understanding.

As I laid in my crib, I did some quick thinking before sleep overcame me. Everything is going according to plan so far. I get to see Neji more to grow closer to him and I get to start training in a few months. I need to pay attention so I can pick up quickly because I do not want Hiashi to start yelling at me and shredding my own confidence. I know he cares for me, but the pressure that the Elder, his own father, puts on him makes Hiashi think about his clan's needs over his family's needs at times. I do not want the Elder to get into his ear that I am an unworthy and failing heiress. I need to meet everyone's standards and just stick to my plan without any distractions. If I can do that, maybe I can become the Head of the Hyūga clan one day and prevent Neji from spiraling into darkness and becoming obsessed with that density and fate crap. Because that shit was annoying to watch about in the anime and I am not bound to live through it.

Author's Note: I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of "Playing the Role of the Byakugan Princess". I know that there are many fan-fics about an OC dying and coming to the Narutoverse. However, I haven't found much, if any, about an OC being reborn as Hinata. I have seen many as Sakura, but never about her. So, I am going to write one about living Hinata's life. Some parts is going to be canon, many parts isn't. If the whole story was to be canon, you might as well just go watch and read Naruto and just visualize it in Hinata's POV. I am very excited about this story and I hope my readers are, too.