Title: Alive Again

Alternate Title: A Story Where I See How Many Ways There Are To Kill Harry Potter

Summary: Harry Potter is cursed. He just can't seem to die properly. A non-chronological story told in bits and pieces. Rated T. No pairings.

Chapter 13: The Source

Sometimes Harry wondered what was causing his inability to die. Had he always been this way? Was is a result of what his mother had done to protect him? Or had something inexplicable happened with that first killing curse?

How could he possibly rid himself of the curse when he did know what had caused it or why he had it?

The Deathly Hallows were intriguing not because of the promise of immortality that the stories said the items gifted, but because of the ideas it stirred in his mind. Instead of something to give immortality like the philosopher's stone or the Hallows, why not something to take away immortality. If only. It seemed his life was never that straightforward.