The moans of the dead echoed from outside of the store room closet. The air inside was stail and the only light came from a candle. Stephen sat up against a wall as Dan and Sarah conversed.

"I can't breath." complained Stephen, sitting with his knees against his chest.

"Well maybe you would prefer it outside. I'm sure the zombies would love the company." retorted Sarah angrily.

"Cut him so slack, Sarah. I'm having trouble breathing too." stated Dan.

"I know I know! But we can't go outside. Period!" ordered Sarah.

The storm still raged on and Dan Pulitzer continued to think about his fallen commrades. He still couldn't believe that Mick and Jim were dead. Dan felt as if he were trapped in a unending nightmare. Meanwhile, the moans continued to echoe from the outside.

"I got to pee." informed Stephen, still sitting.

"I swear to god Stephen, you don't stop complaining!" shouted Sarah.

"Kiss my ass, Sarah! I'm sorry I'm not one of your officers! But I don't take orders from you and I can't help it I have to piss! Maybe I should just whip it out now and whiz all over the closet walls. Would you like that?" cried Stephen.

"Listen, you son-of-a bitch! My men died saving your life so your damn well gonna hold it!!!" she replied.

Dan shook his head in sadness. He was tired, hurt, and going through remorse. The last thing he wanted to hear was arguing.

"Will you two please give it a rest? Sarah, the man needs to piss. It wouldn't hurt any of us to try. I suggest we all go out together and take care of our bodily needs." stated Dan.

Sarah thought for moment and sighed.

"Alright Dan, lead the way." she said.

Dan nodded, then slowly opened the closet door and the three of them quickly exited it. Stephen took in air gratefully. He felt as if he had been locked up in the closet forever. Dan scanned the area and saw that no zombies were in sight. He motioned for the others to do their business. Stephen quickly found a wall and began to relieve himself. Dan watched him from a far. Meanwhile, Sarah went in the opposite direction and searched an isle for toliet paper, and hopefully a bathroom. She took a few steps away from the group and used her flashlight to find her way. Her few steps turned into many, until she was in an empty isle. Sarah slowly view the shelves with her flash light and suddenly, a zombie busted through one of the shelves, and attacked her. She screamed.

"What was that?" asked Stephen, zipping his fly.

"Sarah!" shouted Dan, running after her scream.

Stephen raced after Dan, Sarah's screams echoing in his ears. He prayed to god that she was alright.

To Be Continued....