Chapter 1

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R2-D2 accompanied Senator Organa along with his counterpart, C-3PO through the hallways of the Sundered Heart. They approached the Captain, who was speaking with one of his subordinates, when Senator Organa paused and looked down at the astromech droid.

"Artoo," he sighed. "You have seen a lot, been through a lot, haven't you?" he mused out loud. "I think you probably have seen more than just about anyone and you have remained a steadfast companion to both Anakin and Padmé."

R2-D2 merely issued a small stream of vague affirmative sounding beeps.

"If there comes a day when Leia, or Luke, are safe from the Emperor...if there is a day when they can learn the truth of their heritage safely, then you are to teach them of their past. If neither Master Yoda, Obi-Wan, nor I are there to tell Leia or Luke, then I charge you with that responsibility."

C-3PO exclaimed, "I would be happy to help Artoo in this endeavor! I know that between he and I, we can fulfill your wishes perfectly!"

R2-D2 blew a raspberry as Senator Organa grew an irritated expression. Seeing Captain Antilles reaching a lull in his conversation, he beckoned the two droids to walk with him.

"Captain Antilles."

The tall brown-haired man bearing several fresh facial wounds glanced towards Senator Organa. "Yes, your Highness?"

"I'm placing these droids in your care. Treat them well. Clean them up. Have the protocol droid's mind wiped."

C-3PO started, "what?!"

R2-D2 chittered in what was clearly amusement.

The golden protocol droid moaned. "Oh, no!"

C-3PO was separated from his counterpart and was led away. R2-D2 wandered the hallways of the CR90 Corvette as he contemplated Senator Organa's request. If all went well, it would be Master Yoda, Obi-Wan, or the Senator to explain things to the younglings, but if all else fails, he would do his duty and tell the children of their past.

For Mistress Padmé and Master Anakin's offspring...yes, he would do this, painful subject though it might be for the children.

23 Years Later...

Most of the others were asleep now, tired from both the battle and the jubilant celebration that had taken place within the Ewok village, and thus R2-D2 was able to remain undetected as he made his way past the sentries. His years in the Clone Wars had taught him a few things about stealth, to say nothing of his time in the Alliance. After leaving the village, he went to the point where he had detected the Lambda-class shuttle landing, to where Luke had emerged to rejoin the others on the forest moon of Endor.

There wasn't much left, mostly embers and charred bits of metal. But the mask was there, the last recognizable piece of Vader. A low trill came from R2-D2, a sad lament for his former master at his resting place. The Emperor was dead, as Luke had reported earlier to Alliance High Command and now Artoo was looking at proof that Darth Vader...Master Anakin...had fallen as well.

Master Yoda was dead.

Master Kenobi was dead.

Prince Organa was dead.

There wasn't much else to process for Artoo and his duty was clear. There would always be danger for Luke and Leia, but the greatest threats had now passed. It was time to tell the Skywalker twins about their heritage. About their mother and their existing family on Naboo. About the Jedi and Master Anakin's forbidden marriage to Mistress Padmé. And about Master Anakin's malfunction and his turning to the Dark Side that had left the Jedi Order at the Emperor's mercy.

Artoo had a brief moment of panic in deciding whether or not to reveal C-3PO's original creator; Master Solo had already threatened to blast him numerous times. This could very well be the final bit of encouragement needed for Master Solo to do just that. Annoying or not, C-3PO had been his partner for longer than C-3PO remembered, and though Artoo would never admit it aloud, he would miss the gold-plated chatterbox.

But he had his mission and he would remain faithful to his duty and to the memories of his former masters.

With another sad series of moaning beeps, R2-D2 turned away from the funeral pyre that Luke had given Master Anakin and made his way back to the Ewok village, back to the two humans whose world he was about to shake to its very foundation.

Leia had been asleep in Han's arms when she awoke with a start. Beside her, Han murmured sleepily but his breathing remained even and deep as his sleep continued undisturbed. Unsure of what had woken her, she glanced around and nearly panicked when she realized that she and Han weren't alone. The moment was brief, however, and her panic passed when saw that it was Artoo who had entered the hut that the Ewoks had allowed her and Han to use for the night. She was distracted for a moment by the memories of what they had used that hut exactly for and blushed. The low beeps that came from Artoo refocused her attention onto the droid that seemed unusually agitated. Another set of beeps and she leaned forward to examine the read-out.

"Come with you? Come with you where? This can't wait?" Leia nearly collapsed back onto the bed, but Artoo blew a much louder raspberry this time in what was clearly an imperious tone.

"Wuzzat?" Han asked blearily as he slowly sat up.

"Artoo wants us to go somewhere," she stated, more than a little irritated. She decided to abandon the dress the Ewoks had given her and donned her Alliance fatigues once more. Taking a moment to re-braid her hair into something that was less likely to catch in the numerous branches, she added, "he seems pretty insistent that we do."

"I suppose Goldenrod is there as well?" Han asked but laughed aloud at Artoo's derogatory trill of beeps. "Well, there's that at least."

Leia smiled and happily accepted the arm that Han draped over her shoulder, careful not to jostle her wounded shoulder. "Well, let's see what Artoo has to show us."


Luke wasn't sure why he had gone back to the funeral pyre he had erected for his father, but in the long hours of the night he had found himself journeying back. He stood there for long minutes, unsure of what had brought him there when he heard soft voices, and the distinctive tread that was R2-D2's.

I wonder how they found their way here, he mused, I hope this place will give Leia some of the peace she deserves.


He had to smile, his sister...his sister! had come with Artoo and Han at her side.

"Little sister," he smirked, "what brought you here?"

"I think it's obvious that it is I who is the older sibling," she retorted loftily.

Han snorted, "you two are already bickering like siblings, not sure how neither of you figured it out sooner. Hoth wouldn't-oomph!"

Leia's sharp elbow to his gut silenced him, "talk of that again and I'll see you back in carbonite!"

Han just grinned and Luke let out a soft chuckle.

"R2-D2 here decided to join us in our hut. He was rather insistent that we come here after we didn't find you in the village. I would appreciate it, Kid, if you didn't run out on us or you might give Leia a fit."

"How did Artoo know I'd-" but his question was cut off by Leia's harsh gasp.

"Leia?" Han questioned worriedly and followed her gaze towards the pile of ashes that Luke had stood in front of. And then he saw it, the helmet. The helmet that had the visage which had given him nightmares and haunted his thoughts ever since Leia had freed him from his prison of carbonite. Looking more closely, he could see parts and shapes in the debris that now looked more like parts of Darth Vader's survival suit.

"You said Vader had died, Kid, but I didn't really believe you, not until now," he finally managed to say. "So why aren't you looking more happy or relieved about it?"

His curiosity and suspicion was aroused when he saw Luke glance towards Leia, whose gaze had remained riveted on Vader's helmet and who now remained suspiciously silent. When Leia remained quiet, he turned his gaze back towards Luke who bore a somber expression he didn't quite understand.

Luke took a deep breath, "We're siblings, Han. Our father was Anakin Skywalker. Anakin Skywalker didn't die like Obi-Wan had told me, no, something far worse happened to him." When Luke finished, he sighed and joined Leia in her examination of his remains.

Han looked back and forth between the re-discovered twins and now followed both of their eyes. He understood then, the terrifying truth that had made Leia cry the night before, the truth that had changed Luke so profoundly since that last time they spoke on Hoth.

"Vader," he said flatly. "Your father is Va-"

"My father is not Darth Vader!" Leia nearly screamed at him, turning from him and Luke. "My father was Bail Prestor Organa, not that evil...thing."

"Leia..." Luke spoke softly but Leia cut him off.

"No!" she breathed out harshly. "No, Luke...just no."

"What about our mother then?" Luke asked while Han remained silent, staring at Vader's remains.

"Our mother...she was probably an unfortunate who Vader took advantage of!"

Before Luke could reply, Artoo rolled his way over into both Luke and Leia's line-of-sight. He began trilling angrily, loud enough to disrupt Han's reverie and Luke was hardpressed to understand the astromech.

"What?!" Luke exclaimed.

"What did he say?" Han asked.

Luke glanced at Leia and said softly, "He said 'Master Anakin loved your mother, and she loved him."

All three were now staring at Artoo who beeped nervously.

"How could you possibly know that?" Leia hissed with a fierce glare.

Artoo twittered at her and before Luke could translate, Artoo began displaying a recording for the three humans to view.

It was a beautiful backdrop; a canopy of carved wood, flowers, and greenery and a small balcony that overlooked a beautiful lake of shimmering, crystal clear water. By the balcony stood a man and a woman who were holding hands while another man, a holy man by all appearances, stood nearby reading from a book.

The man was young and handsome with a thin braid that curled behind his ear. He wore a dark brown robe where, at his waist, a familiar looking lightsaber hung. One of his hands that had joined with the woman's was a golden skeletal and clearly artificial arm.

The woman...

Luke and Leia's breath caught simultaneously at the sight of her.

She was framed in a simple white, flowing wedding gown. Brunette hair could just barely be seen, but her features were clear as she and the man shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

"Mother..." Luke whispered.