"Hurry up Weasley!" Pansy cried, "How hard is it to ask stupid question?"

Ron screwed his face up and gripped his hair as if in pain, "Just give me a second." He almost whined.

"You have thirty seconds, or you forfeit." Blaise told him.

It was New Years Eve, and a small group had gathered in the Heads' Dorm. They were a part of the handful of students who had decided to return to Hogwarts after the war to finish their studies. Hermione had been named Head Girl, to no one's surprise. However, when Draco Malfoy had been named Head Boy, the entire student body had been shocked, including himself. Professor McGonagall, now Hogwarts Headmistress, had explained to anyone who dared to question the faculties decision, that while the war had shown a side of Draco that was less than desirable, he had in fact not been acting of his own free will, and on top of that, his record as a student was exemplary, second only to Hermione herself.

The first two weeks had been uncomfortable to say the least, the two rivals barely acknowledging each others' presence, except for their Head Girl and Boy duties. However, as the weeks progressed, the two discovered they had more in common than they both realised. Their conversations had become easier and the two had slowly become friends, which was something that neither though possible.

Pansy and Blaise, seeing them together, had also put aside their differences, along with Harry, Ron and Ginny. The war was over, and the realisation that no one really ever wins, hit them all hard. Also, since attendance at Hogwarts was only seven years, the eighth year students had thrown a spanner in the works, forcing the faculty to find a place for them. The solution they had come up with was a united house, and all the eighth year students would spend their final year together. The students who survived the war and returned to complete their studies had been reluctant at first, but finally seeing the scars they all had, inside and out, they banded together.

The first few weeks had been rough, the school had been repaired, but the ghosts of their lost classmates and professors remained. Harry and Draco had spent a lot of time in the Shrieking Shack; Ginny and Ron avoided the hallway where Fred had lost his life and Hermione threw herself into her studies, pretty much avoiding everyone and everything.

But when December had arrived, the castle came to life, cheering everyone. Decorations hung from every vantage point, trees were dressed and spread throughout the castle, the main dining hall tinkled with stars and snowed constantly. Smiling faces were everywhere.

Harry, Hermione and Draco had chosen to stay for Christmas, along with a handful of students throughout the school. None had family to go home to; Hermione's parents were in Australia, the obliviate charm had been too strong to recover their memories; Draco's parents had been locked up in Azkaban, his father for the remainder of his life, his mother for 3 years. And Harry, well, Hogwarts had always felt like home.

Ron and Ginny had returned the day after Boxing Day. Christmas had been miserable since it was the first without Fred. Pansy and Blaise had returned the day after that.

And that was how the seven former rivals found themselves in the Head's Common Room, on New Years' Eve, playing a stupid drinking game that was slowly turning them all into a drunken stupor.

"...Eight, seven, six..." Blaise was counting down, waiting for Ron's question.

"Argh!" Ron growled in frustration.

"...Five, four, three..." Blaise continued.

Ron looked panicked, "Never have I ever had sex!" The words fell from his mouth all at once.

"Really Ron?" Harry drawled, "That's the best you could come up with?"

The others laughed, but Hermione noticed Draco was staring at the glass on the coffee table, his face had gone pale. Blaise caught her eye and she instantly knew.

Oh fuck! She thought, Harry is so very wrong. That was actually the worst possible question Ron could have asked. And there was no way out of it. They had charmed the glasses so no one could cheat.

The others hadn't noticed yet, they were too busy razzing Ron over what they thought to be the dumbest question anyone in the room could possibly ask. No one here was a virgin, right?

The rumours surrounding Draco were legendary. His sexual prowess was the subject of many a conversation of the female students (and some of the males, truth be told). The Slytherin Sex God he had been labelled, but judging by the expression on his face, that's all the rumours were: rumours.

Hermione glanced back at Blaise, shooting him a questioning look. Blaise shook his head answering her unspoken question. The circle of shot glasses filled themselves, a clear liquid this time, which Hermione assumed was vodka or gin. Harry, Ginny, Ron and Pansy all grabbed their glasses, still laughing, and threw them back, slamming the empties on the table in unison. Hermione and Blaise both tried to resist, but the pull of the charm was too strong. They both reached out and followed suit, grabbing their glasses, swallowing the liquid (definitely vodka) and slamming them back on the table.

Draco hadn't moved. And the others finally realised. Harry looked about to say something, but Blaise shot him a look that said shut up. Ginny and Pansy both looked stunned, and Ron, whose tolerance for alcohol was reasonably low, completely missed the silent conversation that was taking place around him.

"Come on Malfoy, drink up!' He said cheerfully and Harry punched his arm, "Oww, what was that for?"

Draco shifted in his seat, moving to stand, "I forfeit," he said quietly before leaving the common room and heading up the stairs. His bedroom door slammed, making them all jump.

"What crawled up Malfoy's arse?" Ron asked, before finally realising Draco's glass was still full, "Merlins Balls! No fucking way!"

"Shut up Ron." Pansy hissed at him and then looked at Blaise, "Did you know? You said it was all true."

"Yeah, I knew," Blaise nodded, "We made it up."

""But..." Pansy was stunned, "But girls talk about him all the time."

Blaise grimaced, "Have you ever heard any of them say they actually had sex with him?"

Pansy frowned and then looked at Ginny and Hermione, both of them shook their heads. Neither had heard of anyone who had had sex with Malfoy, only the rumours. "Fuck," Pansy said in a low voice the realisation hitting like a freight train, "No one said they didn't have sex with him, we all just assumed."

"Fucking liar," Ron said gleefully, "I knew he was full of shit, fucking Sex God, my arse. The bastard taunted us for years, it'll be fun to get back at him."

The others didn't have a chance. Hermione was in front of him, her hand around his throat. Ron yelped, and fell backwards onto the sofa. Pansy and Ginny, who were sitting either side of him leapt out of the way. Hermione in full flight was not someone to be messed with.

"Shut your fucking mouth Ronald Weasley." She snarled at him. She had harboured feelings for Ron for most of their school years, and during the final battle, they'd kissed. And then they had spent the next month trying to tell each other that it was like kissing a sibling, until Hermione had finally had had enough and confronted Ron. He had sighed with relief and they had agreed that they were better as friends.

But right now, she was furious at him.

"What the fuck Hermione?" Ron bellowed.

She spun around, grabbing her wand, and aiming it at him. He yelped again and launched himself off the sofa, tumbling behind it with a loud thump onto the floor. His head popped up slightly, eyeing Hermione behind the cover of the high sofa back. It would have been comical, if the current situation wasn't so tense.

"I told you to shut your mouth Ronald." She repeated and Blaise moved to stand behind her, not sure of what she was actually going to do, but ready to grab her if she actually tried to hex him.

"Come on Hermione," Ron squeaked, "It's just a bit of fun. I mean all these years, the stories and rumours, and none of its true. It's funny, don't you think."

"No I don't think. And you don't have any right to make fun of him." Hermione snapped, "You want to taunt him about being a Death Eater, or about his father, go for it. But this is off limits."

Ron opened his mouth to respond, but ducked down quickly when she raised her wand at him, "But it's not true. None of it. Come on, we could have some fun with this." His voice was muffled by the sofa.

This time Hermione didn't get the chance, Ginny grabbed him and pulled him up, and slapped his face, "How 'bout we start some rumours about you?"

"Ginny, oww, what was that for?" Ron rubbed at his cheek, "What rumours about me?"

Ginny smirked at him, "Girls talk Ron, and when girls talk, unlike guys, they tell the truth."

Ron frowned at her, "Girls talk? What?" Hermione punched his arm, "Stop hitting me!" he yelled.

"Ginny's right, girls do talk Ronald," Hermione agreed with Ginny, "Girls tell each other everything. And you know who has the biggest mouth in the school?" Ron shook his head, "Your friend Lavender. I believe she used the phrase Minute Man."

Ron's frown increased, a deep crease on his forehead, "Minute Man. What?"

Ginny laughed, "Think about it brother."

Suddenly Ron's eyes went wide, his face a deep shade of red, "She said that!?"

'Yep," Pansy told him, "She gave us every little detail."

"But it's not true!" Ron exclaimed, "Maybe the first time, but not-"

"Stop talking," Ginny said, her face screwed up, not wanting to know about her brother's sex life.

Blaise threw his head back and laughed, "Minute Man! That's not the story you told us Weasley. Wait til the other guys hear this!" he chortled and then choked on his laugh when Hermione rounded on him.

"No, you don't get to make fun either." She told him and then pinned him with a glare, "I know secrets about you too Zabini, I mean, the noise coming from the alcove near the dungeons a few weeks ago..." she trailed off.

"You saw?" he hissed at her.

"No," she shot back, "But I heard. And I'm sure you don't want that little snippet of information out."

Hermione had been patrolling the halls the week before Christmas break. On her final sweep of the school, she ventured down to the dungeons, and to the large alcove that was a known hiding place for those in an amorous mood. She'd stopped short at the two voices she'd heard, slightly taken aback. One voice was that of Blaise Zabini, the tall, dark skinned Slytherin that she had begun to call her friend. But it was the other voice that had surprised her. Graham Montague, the former Slytherin Quiddich captain. And the two were most definitely not discussing Quiddich.

Blaise narrowed his eyes at her, "Granger," he snarled. "If you say-"

"You have my word." She told him, "And just so you know, I don't care. It doesn't change anything."

The others were watching the two of the like they were watching a tennis match. "If you're talking about Graham, all of us know about that." Harry said, "And Hermione's right, we don't care. Fuck who you want."

Ron's eyes went wide, "You and Montague? You're gay?"

Harry punched Ron's shoulder, and then looked at Blaise, "Sorry. I thought we all knew."

"That's okay Potter," Blaise said, his smile returning, "I've heard you and junior Weasley in that alcove more than once."

Harry's face flushed pink, Ginny just rolled her eyes.

"Junior Weasley? Harry what's he talking-" Ron looked between his best friend and sister, scrunching his face up, "Have you been...have you been fucking my sister!?"

"Yes, Ron. That's exactly what we've been doing," Ginny drawled, "What the hell did you think we were doing?"

"I didn't want to think about it," Ron looked disgusted, "I mean, Merlin! You're my sister, and fuck, if mum finds out."

"She won't!" Hermione yelled, "No one will, because this," she waved a hand at all of them, "Stays right here. All our secrets, stay in this room." She glared at them all, "Because if any of you say a word about Draco, the entire school will find out all your secrets from me, I promise you that."

She looked at Pansy and grinned, "Except you Pans. You don't give shit, so I've got nothing on you."

Pansy grinned, "She's right folks, I don't give a shit what anyone says about me, but Draco is my friend, and if any of you feel the need to spread Draco's story, actually any of these stories, Hermione won't get a chance. I'll come at you like lightening."

"And what about you Hermione" Ron dared, "What if a rumour started about you?"

Ginny shook her head. "And what rumour would that be?"

He glanced around the room, searching his friends faces for an answer, "Ah-ha!...Krum!" he said triumphantly.

"Really?" Ginny said rolling her eyes, "Krum? Everyone knows about Krum, you idiot!"

"Party's over," Hermione snapped, "Get out. All of you."

They all held their hands up in defeat, "Fine, not a word." Harry said, backing away.

"Ronald," Hermione's voice was low, and slightly terrifying, "I mean it. If you utter one word, the entire school will be calling you Minute Man, before you can say Draco's a virgin."

Ron nodded, his face completely sincere, "Hermione, come on. I gave you my word. I promised I won't say anything, and I won't"

Hermione nodded, knowing that while Ron was a sometimes a complete douche, he was a genuinely good guy, and he was right, his word was good. Pansy and Blaise stayed put as the three former Gryffindors left and headed for the eighth year dorm.

"Do you think he's okay?" Pansy asked and then held her palms up, "I know, stupid question."

"I'll go talk to him." Blaise said, but Hermione stopped him.

"No, let me." She said, "You're his friend, both of you are, so he needs someone he can be angry at. And who better than me?"

"You sure?' Pansy asked, "He's pretty mean when he's mad."

"I've experienced it." Hermione reminded her, "I'll be fine. Go."

She watched as they left, both of them telling her to yell if she needed help. She reassured them that she would, and then turned towards the staircase. How long had he been up there while they'd been arguing? Ten minutes? Twenty? She'd lost track of time. But she was sure it had been plenty long enough for his defences to be up, protecting himself from something he couldn't control.

She stood at the bottom of the stairs, taking a deep breath, steeling herself. What the fuck would she say to him? Would he even listen? She took each step slowly, psyching herself up. She'd dealt with angry, spoiled, sullen Draco for all of her teenage years. She'd survived that, and she was sure she could survive this.

She stopped at his door and knocked gently, "Draco?" she called, but was met with stony silence. She knocked again with the same outcome. She turned the handle, and entered his room. "Draco?"

He was standing by the window, his back to her, staring out. His shoulders were tense, his back rigid. "Come to gloat, Granger?" his voice was terse, his back remaining towards her as he spat the words out.

"Draco, no," she said quietly, "I would never."

"I imagine Potter and Weasley have announced it to the entire world by now." She saw his jaw clench, and she touched his arm, causing him to flinch.

"They won't tell a soul," she assured him, "No one will know."

He finally turned to her, his face drawn into a familiar sneer, "What do you think, Granger? Will you use this against me?'

She stepped up and poked him in the chest, "Stop being a spoiled brat." She snapped, "You know damned well I would never do that."

He took a step back, his face startled, "Did you just poke me in the chest?"

Hermione couldn't stop the laugh from bubbling out of her throat, "I believe I did." She watched as he rubbed his chest, his face still concerned.

"Draco, they won't say anything. They've been..." she paused, "Threatened. Harry and Ginny will deal with her mothers' wrath, and Ron's nick name will be Minute Man, if they do."

Draco sniggered, "Minute man?"

"That's a freebie," she told him, "But you don't get to use it. They don't get to, so you don't." He nodded and she smiled, "Now, did you want to talk about this?" she asked him.

He took a breath, exhaling deeply through his nose. He sat on the edge of his bed, and looked at her. "There's nothing to talk about."

She sat beside him and asked tentatively, "How did the rumours start?"

He shrugged a shoulder, "Blaise and I made up a story when I was fifteen, and thought it would be funny to see just how quickly it would spread. We didn't think anything of it until Pansy came to us a few weeks later, batting her eyes at me," He laughed at the memory, "I asked what the hell was wrong with her, and she said she wanted to know just good the Slytherin Sex god actually was in bed."

"Pansy hit on you?" Hermione could barely contain her grin.

"She did," he replied then added, "She did say she was just mucking around and that she just wanted to get a rise out of me, assuming that Blaise and I made the whole thing up. But we denied everything, and she actually believed us. She didn't hit on me again. We've been friends way to long for anything to happen between us. It'd be like doing your sister." He smirked at Hermione. He'd had the 'what-happened-with-she-and-Weasley' conversation and knew that was why they didn't amount to anything.

Hermione punched his arm, "Smart arse," she chided, "I just don't get it though."

"Get what?" he asked.

"Well, the way the rumours flew around, I figured most girls would have been throwing themselves at you. I'm sure you could have had your pick."

"Who says I didn't?" he gave her a rueful look.

"So why.."?

"Why didn't I sleep with any of them?" he asked and she nodded, "Well, we'd done too good a job of the rumours. And well, I, uh...didn't want to...fall short, as it were."

"That makes sense, I guess," she took his hand in hers, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," He nodded, not taking his eyes off their linked hands and squeezing gently, "How did we become friends?"

"War will do that to you," she said, "And McGonagall didn't really give us much choice."

"I guess that's it." He was still looking at their hands.

"It's okay, you know." She said quietly.

He glanced up at her, "What is?"

She gave him a small smile, "Being a virgin. It's okay."

"Easy for you to say, since you're not. And if the rumours I hear are true, you haven't been for a while."

"What rumours are those?" she asked.

"Krum. Fourth year Yule Ball." Draco said, "And apparently there have been several others."

"Oh," she huffed out a breath, "Those rumours."

"Are they true?" he asked, looking back at their hands.

"They are." She said simply, "Does it make you think any less of me?"

He shook his head, "Of course not. Why would it?"

"See, it doesn't matter," She pointed out, "It doesn't change who you are. Draco, look at me." He lifted his head, almost reluctantly, and found her smiling at him, "It doesn't change who you are." She repeated and then shocked him by leaning in and kissing him.

Her scent was all around him, her lips soft and hard at the same time. Her hand rose to cup his jaw, her thumb sliding across his cheek. He began to kiss her back, before yelping and jumping up.

"What the hell Granger!" he yelled, "What are you doing?"

She frowned at him, "Kissing you."

"I didn't fucking ask you to." He snapped at her, "You think you can come in here and be all nice and friendly and then fuck me, just so you can tell the world you were the first to bag Draco Malfoy!?"

Hermione stood up, and stalked the few steps over to him, and punched his arm, "No you fucking dim-witted twat. I came in here to see if you were okay. I came in here because I care. I kissed you because I wanted to kiss you. I kissed you because I've wanted to kiss you for a long time now. And in case you haven't noticed, I don't give a shit. Not about the Sex God rumours, or your virgin status. I just wanted to kiss you."

Draco was stunned. Hermione Granger had kissed him, had wanted to kiss him. His brain was struggling to process this information, "But why?" he stammered.

Her eyes were still on fire, blazing into him, sending a not unpleasant shiver through his body, "Because I like you, you idiot." She said, then her voice softened, "But if you don't want me to..."

He took a deep breath, his brow creasing as he considered what she was saying. She liked him. She wanted to kiss him. But if he didn't want to, apparently that would be fine.

"Hermione, I.." he stopped, not knowing what to say. He wanted her, not because she was here and it would be easy to say yes and just fuck her and get it over with. But he wanted her in every sense of the word. She had managed to crawl under his skin, she made him laugh, and she frustrated the hell out of him. He just hadn't realised just how much her cared for her, until now.

"Draco," she broke into his thoughts, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...I'm sorry." She turned to leave, but he grabbed her arm.

"Hermione, don't go. Please stay. I want you to."

She turned to face him, "Draco, we don't have to do anything. If you're not ready...I don't want you to regret anything."

He stepped closer, not daring to touch her, not sure how to touch her, "Hermione, I want this, I just don't..." he closed his eyes and huffed out a breath. He felt her hand cup his jaw and he leaned into the caress. Her hand was warm and soft, gentle against his skin.

"Draco we don't have to do anything you don't want to. I don't care. I'll wait for you." She reassured him.

He opened his eyes and smiled at her, "Aren't I supposed to be saying that? I'm the guy after all."

Hermione laughed, "There's no right or wrong here. You can take all the time you need."

He leaned in, his face just a breath away from hers, "Stop being so nice to me." He growled before his mouth descended on hers.

His kiss surprised her. She had expected him to be tentative, nervous, but this was sure and commanding. His arms wrapped around her waist and she arched into him, her own arms wrapping around his neck. His tongue slid along her lips and she opened her mouth allowing his tongue to slowly slide along hers. He tasted of apples and whiskey, and her nostrils were filled with the distinct scent that was all Draco Malfoy; musky and masculine, sandalwood and spice. A slow, sensual burn rose low in her belly, spreading through her and finding its way to her core.

She pulled away, not actually wanting to, but her need to breathe outweighed her other senses. He leaned his forehead against hers, breathing hard. "Where did you learn that?" she whispered.

"I said virgin, Granger. I didn't say innocent." His voice was husky and rugged, his chest heavy as it rose and fell.

Hermione looked up at him, trailing her fingers across his forehead, tracing his jaw line, and brushing gently over his lips, "That was perfect."

He ran his hand down her spine, drawing a shiver from her, goose bumps raising on her skin, "Can I see you?" he asked, the lack of innocence of his kiss was unable to hide the nervousness in his question.

She stepped back without a word, gripping the hem of her t-shirt and pulling it slowly up her body. Draco held his breath, watching as inch by inch her skin was revealed. She lifted the fabric over her head, and tossed it across the room. Her hands went to her jeans, pulling the button open and tugging the zipper down. She pushed them down her legs, and kicked them from her feet, and stood before him, her pale pink lacy bra and matching knickers had his breath catching.

His hands flew to his own jeans, but she stepped forward, stopping him, "Not so fast," she told him and nodded to the bed, "Sit down."

He frowned at her, but complied, sitting on the edge of his bed, his bare feet planted on the floor. She leaned down and tugged his t-shirt off, rumpling his hair as she pulled it over his head.

"I thought you said slow down."

"That's all I'm taking off you for now," she said, "We're not going to rush this."

She moved over him, placing one knee either side of his hips, leaning back on his thighs so she wasn't pressed up against him. She knew he'd be aroused, shit, she was aroused, more so than she'd ever been before. But she knew she needed to go slow. She wouldn't rush this with him.

She thought back to her first time with Krum. He had been patient and slow, taking his time and allowing her to guide them. He had known she had been a virgin, and had said the same thing to her, they wouldn't rush. So she would afford Draco the same luxury.

Draco placed his hands on her thighs, slowly rubbing along her warm skin. She leaned back and gripped his knees, allowing him to explore her. His hands moved from her thighs, gliding across her flat stomach, feeling the ridges of her hips. He moved around her hips, his hands hesitating slightly before stroking across her lace covered arse. She closed her eyes and sighed, sending a jolt of pleasure through him. He pulled his hands back across her hips, dragging them along the insides of her thighs, before stopping at her knees.

Her head flopped back and she moaned quietly, "Keep doing that," she murmured, "Your hands feel amazing."

He repeated the movement, circling her in a figure eight of sorts; along her thighs, across her stomach to her hips, down along the curve of her arse and back to her thighs. He peered down at the place between her thighs, seeing the lace that covered her becoming damp. His cock strained against his jeans, wanting to be inside her. But he knew if he was inside her right now, it would be over in seconds. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

Hermione opened her eyes when his hands stopped, and saw the strain on his face. His eyes were closed, trying to regain his composure. She shifted her hands, running her fingertips along his abs, feeling the muscles bunch as he clenched at her touch.

"Draco," she whispered, "Look at me." He opened his eyes slowly to find her smiling down at him, "Why did you stop?"

"Hermione, you're stunning," he breathed, "It's too much."

She brushed a hand across his cheek, "Did you want to stop?"

"Fuck no!" He blurted out, his face turning pink.

She laughed, "Good, because neither do I." She reached back and unclasped her bra, sliding it down her arms, revealing herself to him.

Draco sucked in a breath at the sight, swallowing thickly. Her breasts were round and larger than he would have thought, but he instinctively knew they would fit in his hands perfectly. Her nipples were pink and erect, and he realised she was as aroused as he was. He reached his hand up slowly, cupping her gently, feeling the weight of her perfect breast in his hand. He brushed his thumb over her nipple, eliciting a small moan from her, the tiny sound surged in his groin, his already hard shaft growing uncomfortably harder against the prison of his jeans. He shifted his free hand to her lower back, pulling her forward and taking her nipple into his mouth.

"Draco, fuck!" she cried as he sucked hard, sliding his tongue around her areola, and flicking across her nipple, his actions belying his inexperience. He surprised her yet again by lifting her and tossing her onto the bed.

"You sure you haven't done this before?" she asked with a laugh.

He laughed with her, "One hundred percent certain." He told her standing and pulling his jeans off and she couldn't help but notice the sizable bulge straining against his tight fitting boxer briefs. He climbed back on to the bed, and lay beside her. He took her nipple back into his mouth, and she slid her hand though his hair, arching against him. His hand slid up to cup her other breast, squeezing gently and then pinching her nipple. She gasped and he pulled his hand away.

"Sorry," he said, lifting his mouth from her breast.

She took his hand and placed on her breast, "Keep going," she told him, "You didn't hurt me."

"Are you sure?"

She cupped his jaw, "Draco, you didn't hurt me. Quite the opposite."

He looked down at his hand on her breast, and squeezed again. He watched her face change, a look of sheer pleasure washing over her. His hand moved lower, skimming the waistband of her knickers. She dragged her teeth across her bottom lip wondering how far he would go. Her breath quickened as his fingers stroked over her, a light touch that almost tickled. Then almost as quick as he had touched her his hand was back on her stomach.

She whispered his name and he glanced up at her, "Can I take them off?" he asked quietly.

Hermione nodded and watched as he slowly pulled the lace down her hips. She lifted herself off the mattress, enabling him to divest her of her knickers. He dragged them down her legs and dropped them to the floor, and looked back nervously at her.

She was completely naked. He let that sink in. Hermione Granger was naked on his bed. He said it a few times inside his head to assure himself that this was real. He locked his eyes on hers and pressed a hand hesitantly to her calf, lightly grazing her skin. She grasped his shoulder and shuddered at his touch. He moved slowly upwards, hid hand coming to rest at the juncture of her thigh and hip. He finally allowed himself to look at her. She was exquisite. Her skin was smooth and the light tan from the summer months was still slightly visible. He bit his lip when he noticed several small scars marring her honey coloured skin, no doubt put there during the war.

He finally dared to drop his eyes lower and discovered that save for a tiny patch of dark hair at the top of her slit, she was bare. He swallowed hard, wanting to touch her, but his nerves held his hand in place.

"Draco," Hermione's voice was quiet and soothing, "Please touch me."

She spread her legs as wide as she could, but since he was pressed against her side her knee came to rest on his hip. The movement caused his hand to slip of her hip, and he found himself within millimetres of her core. He was still wearing his boxer briefs, and said a silent prayer of thanks to Merlin, as he was sure he would have come all over her at the sight before him.

"Hermione, I don't..." he choked out, not exactly sure of what he needed to do. He'd read books, studied pictures, but nothing could have prepared him for the reality of the situation. He could see she was wet and the scent of her arousal filled his senses, a heady aroma that could only be described as Hermione.

She took his hand, and placed it between her thighs, and he groaned at the feel of her. She was soft and warm, and so fucking wet. His pelvis lurched forward, seeming to have a mind of its own, his hard length pressing against her hip.

"Move your fingers," she told him, and he complied, sliding through the wetness pooled at her core. She moaned and arched her back. Draco was completely stunned that the tiny movement of his fingers could affect her in such a way. He hadn't realised he'd stopped until she told him, don't stop and her groan when he resumed his ministrations went straight to his cock.

She grappled with his underwear, knowing she need to go slow, but wanting to feel his bare skin pressed against her. His hand left her momentarily, tugging his boxers down and kicking them away. Draco pressed against her side, his hand resuming its exploration between her thighs. He crashed his mouth to hers, his tongue tangling with hers as she writhed beneath him.

She grabbed his hand, shifting his fingers slightly high than they were, 'There," she groaned tearing her mouth from his. She thumped her head back into the pillow, as he played with her clit like a child would with a new toy. He watched her reactions, as he circled and pressed, discovering what made her moan the loudest. Her fingernails dug into his forearm and her hips thrust against his hand, "Draco, fuck! Put your fingers inside me."

He moved his hand, his fingers searching between her folds finding the small hole that would allow him entrance. He pressed against her, feeling her body give and found his finger sliding into her. She was warm and wet, and his finger glided though her without resistance. He added another finger on her command and surprised both of them by leaning down and lapping at her with his tongue. It was slightly awkward given his position beside her, but he didn't care. She tasted sweet and salty at the same time, a distinct flavour all of her own, and the noises coming from her had him almost toppling over. He kept going, not sure if this was right, but when her hips suddenly jerked against his face, and his name fell from her mouth in an almost feral moan, he figured he was on the right track. He felt the sudden pressure of her inner muscles clamping around his fingers. He jerked his hand, but she grabbed it, holding it in place, while she rode out her climax.

Draco watched in fascination as her body shuddered with the tiny aftershocks of her orgasm. Her hand gripped his hair and tugged gently. He looked up at her, her face a picture of bliss, "You can stop now." She told him, panting for breath.

"Oh," he said, sliding his fingers gently out of her and moving to lay beside her, his hand resting on her belly, "Sorry."

"Don't be sorry, that was amazing." She assured him, reaching her hand down and circling his hard length, drawing a groan from him.

His head thumped against her shoulder, as her hand slowly began to move along his length. Holy Fuck! Her hand felt like nothing he could even describe. He groaned again as she increased the pressure, and his hips moved of their own accord.

He grabbed her wrist, "Hermione, please," His voice sounded tortured, "I won't last."

She smirked at him, "Good." She said and tugged hard on him. She was relentless, moving her hand fast, dragging her fingernail along the sensitive underside. His body shook, and he groaned, and she felt the warm liquid from his cock land on her hip and stomach. He bit down on her shoulder, swearing, as he jerked and shuddered against her, another stream of wetness falling onto her skin. She felt his breath panting against her chest, his cock softening in her hand.

"Good? What the fuck is good about that?" he snapped at her, pulling away.

Knowing he was embarrassed that he had come all over her, she shifted her hand from his cock and gripped his hip, stopping him from moving away. He looked down at her, surprised to see the fingers of her other hand sliding through the mess he'd made on her stomach, "I like you all over me."

His face flushed pink, "You don't care that I did that?'

She smiled at him, "No I don't. In fact I liked it very much." He looked sceptical, "Draco, sex isn't always about fucking, sometimes it's just about being together. Touching and exploring and coming all over each other." She ran her fingers through the sticky mess on her belly again, "And this is good, because when you're inside me, you'll last longer.

He looked down at himself, "You've kind of ruined that for a while."

"Was the build up to that," she gently stroked his limp penis, "Not enjoyable?"

His eyes went wide, "Fuck no! Hermione that was...Merlins Balls, that was phenomenal."

She laughed, "Well, here's the best part. You get to do it all over again."

He grinned at her, the famous Malfoy smirk crossing his face, "Does that happen every time?"

"Me coming like that?" she asked.

"Yeah." he said against her skin, his tongue licking across her taught nipple.

"Only when the guy knows what he's doing." She told him causing him to pause his current task, "I'm not sure how it's possible, but you certainly know what you're doing."

His mouth twisted into a smile, "I took your advice." He told her, "I read a book."

Draco didn't think it possible, but the build up that followed, was even slower and more intense than the first. Hermione's reactions to his touches, the small whimpers and moans, had him growing hard again in record time. And this time she touched him back. Her hands caressed his face and neck. Her touch seemed to draw flames across his chest and stomach, and when she squeezed his arse, he made an almost embarrassing squeak into her neck.

He rolled her to her back and hovered above her, the underside of his cock pressed firmly against her swollen heat. She reached between them pressing her hand to her belly, and he watched as a yellow glow spread across her abdomen. He realised what she'd done, a contraceptive charm, but she had done it silent and wandless. To his knowledge, only Dumbledore and the Dark Lord himself had been able to do such magic, he even had his doubts about the Dark Lords' abilities.

"Silent magic?" he asked completely in awe of the naked witch beneath him.

She smiled up at him, "Yes, but that's a conversation for another time."

He leaned down and kissed her, "You're amazing."

She ran a hand across his cheek, "Thank you," she whispered, "Are you ready?"

He nodded, taking his engorged cock in hand and directed himself towards her. He locked his eyes on her, and finally pushed into her, their voices mingling as they groaned in unison. Hermione's eyes fluttered shut, and she breathed deeply. Her body stretched around him, it had been a long time since she felt so full. She hadn't had the chance to fully look him, but she knew he was big when she had wrapped her hand around him. She opened her eyes and found him watching her.

"Tell me," she panted, "Tell me how it feels."

Draco swallowed hard, "It feels right," he said, "You feel...fuck!...you feel perfect. Familiar." He hadn't been prepared for the heat of her body, the tightness of her channel, the softness of her pussy surrounding his cock. She was like a cool drink of water after a day in the sun. She was exactly what he needed, without even knowing it.

Hermione wrapped her legs around his hips, rising slightly to press fully against him, "I know," she groaned, "We fit perfectly."

He began to rock his hips against her, a natural instinct he didn't know existed, but the ache in his balls had in groaning in frustration, "Hermione, I...I can't hold on " his voice was strained, barely a whisper.

"It's okay Draco," she murmured rocking gently against him.

Draco shifted on his elbows, giving himself room to move, and began thrusting into her. Long, deep thrusts, starting slow and building into something he could never have imagined. She moved with him, meeting his hips in time with his rhythm. The ache in his balls grew, and he squeezed his eyes shut, willing himself to hold on. He knew this first time would most like end quickly, but he had hoped for more than a few minutes. The tingle in his spine spread, pushing him to move faster, and he couldn't hold back. He thrust into her hard and fast, drawing a moan from her, the sound pushing him over the edge. He felt himself swell inside her, his body jerking above her. He came with a loud groan, jet after jet of hot fluid exploded in streams from his cock. He collapsed on top of her, feeling her shudder beneath him, her pussy spasming around his softening cock.

She wrapped her arms and legs around him, caging him against her. His breath was hot on her neck, heavy pants across her sweat dampened skin.

"Hermione, I'm sor-" he began, but she cut him off.

"That was perfect." She said then sighed in bliss, "Draco, you were perfect."

He lifted his head to look at her, "Really?" he asked and she nodded, "You're not just humouring me?"

She brushed her fingers along his back making him shiver, "No, not humouring you. That's was...Draco that was amazing, imagine what you'll be capable of when you know what you're doing."

He snorted against her neck, "Are you willing to help me find out?"

Hermione frowned slightly, then smiled, "Draco, what are you saying?"

He pushed up onto his elbows and smiled down at her, "I'm asking you to be my girlfriend. That's if you'll have me."

"Are you sure?" she asked quietly, "This isn't some post, lost virginity high?"

Draco brushed her hair from her forehead, "I'm sure" he said, "This isn't lost virginity high...well, actually it is, but I've wanted you for quite some time."

Hermione swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat, "Then yes, I'll have you."

"Good," Draco grinned at her, "Because if that was lesson one, I can't wait for the lesson two."

"Draco!" Blaise yelled, shoving the bedroom door open, "Get your miserable, lazy arse out of bed. Stop sulking and-" Blaise stopped short, stunned by sight before his eyes.

"What the hell Zabini!?" Draco yelled, "Get the fuck out!"

Blaise stood rooted to the spot, his brain screaming at him to move, but his feet not seeming to get the message. Draco sat bolt upright, his arms wrapping protectively around Hermione, who was currently naked and sitting atop him, her knees either side of his hips. Hermione's back, and the curve of her arse, were on full display, the sheets had pooled around them both in a tangled mess. The small groan that left her throat when Draco moved filled the room.

Draco looked up at her, realising that his shift in position had pushed him deeper inside her, "Sorry," he whispered.

"Don't be, you feel amazing," she whispered back, before glancing over her shoulder, a smirk on her face, "Geez Blaise, if you wanted to watch, you just had to ask."

Her comment pulled Blaise from his stupor, "Fuck, sorry, fuck!" he cried, backing out of the room and slamming the door.

Hermione laughed, "One more secret for the group," she said.

"He'll be racing off to tell them all right now, you know that right?" Draco raised an eyebrow at her.

"Does it matter?" she asked running her fingers along his abs.

"No," he groaned, "I want everyone to know I'm yours."

"You're mine, huh?" Hermione's voice was low and sultry. She pushed him back and leaned in, tracing her tongue around his nipple. She loved the taste of him, he was permanently burned onto her tongue, filling her senses. Like herself, he was marked with scars, but they did nothing to hide the fact that he was magnificent. The gaunt, drawn boy was long gone, leaving a lean and muscular man in his stead. She traced her fingers over the well defined muscles of his chest and stomach, a thin trail of blonde hair lead from his naval to the base of his shaft which, Hermione had discovered, was larger than the average, significantly so.

After Draco's first time, he followed it up with another sweet and slow round, taking his time, lasting significantly longer, and dragging out their orgasms and so they both climaxed together. On their third round, she took it upon herself to speed things up and show him exactly what she liked. After he made her come again with just his hand, she took him in her mouth, and had him lost in an experience his fantasies had not even come close to.

Round four and Draco just took her, chasing his own pleasure, not caring about hers. Even though she had awakened him to the sheer pleasures of sex, there was still something. The rumours. The ones he and Blaise had started, the ones he had not followed through. He was ridding himself of the remaining pent up sexual frustration, driving into her with hard deep thrusts that would have been painful had she been anyone else, but she was Hermione Granger, and this was how she liked it; hard and fast and almost rough. He pounded harder and harder until they both cried out, completely spent and falling asleep in a tangled mess of limbs.

Now, she decided, it was her turn. She had woken him after just a few hours sleep, touching, licking and biting at him until he was at full attention, sliding over him and taking him deep inside. She began to move, her hips circling at an agonisingly slow pace. Hermione leaned down, capturing his mouth, kissing him a long, deep kiss. His mouth opened against hers, their tongues mimicking the slow movement of their bodies. His hands gripped her thighs, squeezing gently as her muscles moved and flexed with each rocking movement.

She braced her arms beside his head, picking up the pace slightly, drawing a low groan from him. He reached up to cup her breasts, his thumbs sliding across her nipples. Hermione gasped and bit her bottom lip, slamming her hips down hard. She pressed her hands to his chest and the slow steady thrusts she had intended to drive him over the edge with, turned into harder, faster, almost frantic thrusts.

"Draco!" Hermione gasped as her muscles began to flutter around him, "Oh shit! Oh fuck." And that's exactly what she did, fucked him, hard, grinding down while Draco thrust up against her.

Hermione threw her head back, and screamed out his name, as Draco's body seized beneath her, a litany of profanities fell from his mouth, as he exploded inside her.

Blaise walked back to the common room, stunned at what he had just witnessed. He knew that Draco had been pining after Hermione for some time, but the sight of them together, especially after the previous nights' events, had still shocked him. He figured Draco would sulk for a week after everyone found out, talking his anger out on everyone around him. But Hermione had obviously managed to calm him down, to say the least.

"Is he okay?" Pansy asked frowning at Blaise's dazed expression. "Blaise! Is he okay?"

Blaise finally looked up and grinned at her, "Oh, I think he'll be fine."

Ginny's eyes went wide and then she laughed, "No. Surely not?"

Blaise nodded, "Oh, I'm sure."

"No fucking way!?" Pansy started laughing, "She's...no fucking way!?"

"Oh, she most certainly is." Blaise smirked.

"What did you see, Zabini?" Harry asked.

"I'm not sure you want to know, Potter," Blaise informed him, "But Granger looks awesome naked, and that's saying something, coming from me."

Ginny and Pansy howled with laughter, Harry and Ron were not as pleased, "You saw them..." Ron asked tentatively.

"Oh I saw alright," Blaise said, "She was about to ride him like a cowgirl." The two girls squealed with delight, while Harry and Ron looked as though they'd tasted something rotten. "But they don't know you're all here, only me. But if you keep screaming they'll work it out."

"What are you thinking Zabini?" Ginny asked.

Their eyes went wide, when they heard a loud series of screams and profanities echoing down the stairs.

"Another drinking game, next weekend, not a word though." Blaise told them as they all scrambled out the door.

The following weekend, Blaise and Pansy arrived in the Head's common room, shot glasses and Firewhiskey in hand. Hermione was sitting on the floor, surrounded by books and parchment, Draco was lounging on the sofa, reading a thick text book.

"Oh, the fun that's happening here on a Saturday night.' Pansy drawled sarcastically, "Put away your shit, Granger."

Hermione raised her eyebrows at her, "And you invited yourselves because...?"

"This is the only place we can get drunk where the professors won't find us." Blaise told her, winking at her.

He'd been goading her all week, since walking in on her and Draco, but she was still unaware that the others knew. She and Draco, while spending every night for the past week in bed together, had not yet gone public, as it were, wanting to stay in their own bubble just a bit longer.

She shook her head, "And if I don't move?"

Pansy opened the bottle and tipped it slightly sideways, the amber liquid threatening to spill on her fresh parchment. Hermione yelped, and swore at her, gathering up her books and marching then to her room.

"Why are you pissing her off?" Draco asked, "You know she can put you on your arses without thinking about it."

Pansy shrugged, "Come on Draco, this is our last weekend before school starts again. Live a little."

Harry, Ginny and Ron came through the door, laughing, and staggering. Hermione re-entered the room at the same time, "Really guys?" she sighed.

"Oh come on Hermione," Harry laughed, "One more weekend off won't hurt. Your brain's probably full anyway."

Draco snorted, earning him a sharp glare, "What?' he asked barely containing his laughter, "That was funny."

Pansy had set the glasses down on the coffee table, and was already pouring the whiskey, "Here's to...Fuck, I don't know..."

"Not dying young?" Blaise shrugged.

"That'll do!" Ginny agreed, grabbing a glass and tossing the contents down her throat.

"How much did you all drink before coming here?" Hermione asked cautiously, she sensed something was up. They were all acting a little off.

Ron scratched the back of his neck, his face was slightly red, "Um, well, Seamus brought some of Ireland's finest back with him, and, um..."

"What Weasley?" Draco asked.

Ron's brow furrowed, "What?"

"Oh, for Christ's sake," Hermione mumbled, using a muggle curse that only she and Harry seemed to know, "Dutch courage is it then?"

Blaise looked down at his feet, Pansy's face flushed crimson, 'No," she stammered, "We just wanted to come and have a few drinks with our new friends."

"Nice try," Hermione said shaking her head, "Just ask your fucking question."

Draco was watching the exchange with fascination, suddenly realising why they were all here, but playing dumb, "What question?"

Hermione looked at Ron, "Ask the question Ron."

Ron looked between her and Draco, "Maybe Harry should." He said taking a step back.

"One of you fucking ask!" Draco shouted.

"Oh for fucks sake," Ginny interjected, and rolled her eyes, "Never have I ever had sex."

Hermione looked at Draco, who was shaking his head. He leaned down and picked up two glasses, handing one to Hermione. They clinked them together and downed the whiskey.

"Way to ruin our fun you two," Pansy said.

"Try being a little more covert next time, you twats." Draco said, "Clearly dickface here told you what he saw."

Blaise held his palms up, feigning innocence, "I told them nothing." He said.

Harry snorted, "I believe the words 'riding him like a cowgirl' were mentioned."

Hermione pressed her fingers to her eyes, "Thanks Blaise."

"Don't mention it." He said with a grin, "From what I saw, our Draco's a lucky man."

"Hey," Draco said quietly pulling her hands from her face, "He's right, I am a lucky man." He leaned in, cupped her face and kissed her. It was slow and deep, and he could care less that their friends were watching. Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back with equal fervour.

"Whoa!" Harry whispered, "This looks like more than just fucking."

Draco bent down, and picked Hermione up. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he carried her towards the stairs. "Enjoy your party." He called, laughing at the stunned expressions on their friends faces.

"You're right Harry!' Hermione called as they disappeared at the top of the stairs, "This is so much more!"