For the past few weeks, I have not updated 'The Marvels', and for that, I apologize.

Unfortunately, with how unexpectedly busy things are now, this will likely persist and may get worse. Admittedly, I have also lost interest in continuing the story, which is why I have thought of a possible solution.

Instead of continuing the story, you (the readers) would give me requests on what smut (or occasionally not) you would like me to write. It could be a part of 'The Marvels' multiverse/universe, or be completely unrelated to it. For example, let's say you wanted me write a chapter(s) on Harry/Carol in the future, which would later lead to actual incest between Harry and their daughter.

I will not be able to do every request, but at least, I would be able to provide something at a more frequent rate. Again, I am sorry to those who loved 'The Marvels', and I would like to thank everyone who loved it.