This is just something I put together at like because I wasn't getting any sleep and it was like 2 in the morning so I thought what the hell.

Basically this will be a series of conversations and meetings between Wonder Woman and an Assassin Spider-man (no connections to my other stories). The topics will be random and will go from stances on laws and political opinions to random things like favorite T.V. shows and such. As for it being rated M, ehh that's just a precaution for now, maybe lemons later on who knows but for now it will be mostly for language and occasional graphic violence.

There will be cameos of other heroes or they will be mentioned along with some Justice League events. Sorry, but Spider-man for the moment is the only Marvel character who will be appearing in this story, might change later on though…

As for this version of Wonder Woman, she will be based off of the one that's set to appear next year in her own movie and the Justice League, meaning she's been around in 'Man's World' for over a hundred years now. And she will have an appearance based on that of her cinematic version (which is badass and hot, but mostly badass) because it looks more practical to me for some reason. She is an immortal warrior so it's only natural she wears armor and it actually looks like it.

This will not however be placed in the same universe as Batman v Superman but there will be some similarities and appearances will be the same because they actually do look pretty good in my opinion. But for now I will say that the events of Man of Steel happened a little over three months before.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Marvel or DC characters mentioned, seen or used in this story

'The world has truly come a long way' came the thought of beautiful ebony haired woman as she flew over the city that is called Metropolis in the late evening.

The flying woman dressed in red, blue and gold armor that was reminiscent of the ancient Greeks along with a pair of silver nearly indestructible bracelets and a golden lasso at her side was Diana but to the world at large… Wonder Woman

Diana hailed from the ancient and mystical island of Themyscira, home of the Amazons. An island given to them by the goddesses of Olympus so that they could live in peace and harmony and away from the violence and decay of man's world.

At least, that's what Diana use to think before she left her home and journeyed out into the world of man over a hundred years ago with a man that washed upon the shores of her home. In the past hundred years she's lived in man's world she's found everything she's been led to believe about man to be true… and untrue.

Diana was shaking out of her musings when she noticed a figure sitting on one of the skyscrapers that over looked the bay. For a moment she thought it was the newly revealed Superman but as she drew closer she realized it wasn't him.

For one he wasn't wearing a caped and blue suit with a giant 'S' on it. The second was he wasn't has tall or possess as much muscle mass as the apparent alien has. The man, at least she believes that is what the individual is, was wearing a black suit with the head, shoulders, and chest being a crimson red with what appeared to be a black spider on the chest with the top four legs trailing around up the shoulders and connecting to the legs of another black Spider on the back that seemed a little bigger. There were red gauntlets on his wrists and a red utility belt along the waist line.

Whoever the man was appeared to be staring off into the distance and has yet to acknowledge Diana's presence. She quietly landed behind him, being mindful that her armored boots made a slight 'thunk' sound as they touched the roof and slowly approached them man.

It was then she saw his body tense and he slowly turned back to look at her. His black lenses zeroed in on her with an intensity that caused the amazon warrior to tense slightly in response. A minute of silence passed before the man final spoke after pushing something on his red gauntlet.

"For a moment there I thought you were the other guy" he spoke in a slightly relieved tone as he stood up and turned to fully face her.

"You mean… 'Superman'?" Diana asked with a quirked eye brow as she studied the man before her. He was perhaps an inch taller than her and had a firm and solid build, not bulky or slim but somewhere in between. She also saw that he was standing extremely still. With her superhuman senses most people when standing still, fidget or make small bits of movement, eve one's who are 'still as a statue' yet he was making almost no movements of any kind to the point that she could have mistaken him for a statue. And earlier she saw when he moved that his movement was almost like liquid, almost perfect in the way he moved

'He must be a meta-human' Diana thought as it was the only way that could explain his unnatural grace.

The man scratched the back of his neck and let out a nervous laugh "Yeah him, then again I should have realized it when I didn't hear his cape flapping in the wind. It's why I never wear one, I mean who wears a cape? Has Edna Mode not given enough examples on why people shouldn't wear capes?"

Diana smiled at the quip "Perhaps he is trying to bring it back? Or, he's trying to look good in it?"

"Please, the only guy I've met who could pull of a cape is Batman!" the red and black man said as he gestured to the distant lights of Gotham City across the bay

Diana let out a snort of amusement as she has heard that the vigilante of Gotham has been reported wearing a cape.

A moment of silence passed over the two as they continued to examine each other, both in case the other proved to be hostile and because they never met and were curious about the other.

"Diana…" the Amazon said as she held out a hand while her eyes had a guarded look in them.

The man before her looked at her face for a moment then her hand before slowly extending his and gripping it firmly "Peter…"

As they were shaking hands Diana smirked "No 'superhero name'?"

"I'm not really a superhero so no, not really" Peter said as he let go of the woman's hand and flexed his own having felt the strength in her grip. 'Damn, this woman could beat me in an arm wrestling match'

"If you're not a hero then what are you?" Diana questioned Peter

"Oh, just a guy trying to get by in the world with the cards he's been dealt with is all" Peter shrugged before a being sound came from Diana, or more specifically a small compartment on her waist

The woman reached for it and pulled out a phone and checked the message she received.

Found something you might be interested in. Get back to me soon

Diana smiled at her friend's message before looking up to see the man approaching the edge of the roof

"And where are you going?" Diana asked as she watched Peter carefully

He looked back at her and said in a light tone "I'm done here and I have a flight to Italy in an hour. Don't worry sweet heart I'll get you something nice"

Before she could offer up a retort he leaped into the air at a height and speed that confirmed her suspensions of him being a meta-human and shot some kind of white substance from his wrist and used it to swing away in a manner that vaguely reminded her of Tarzan

Diana walked towards the edge of the building and saw the Peter swinging away with a reckless but graceful abandon before she lost sight of him.

She stood on the roof top for a few more minutes as she replayed the meeting in her head over and over again before she let out a sigh and smiled

"A hundred years in this world and I'm still discovering new things"

Diana then shot off into the night like a rocket ship and headed back towards her penthouse up in New York City all the while with a small smile on her face.

And done.

So what do you think? Bit short but some chapters will be and some will be long. I just wanted to have the two actually meet each other first and get to know each other a little which they will do over the next several meetings they have. Don't worry there will be some action during their third meeting.