The sun peaked out from behind a cloud, dousing the land in a light spring warmth. The cold water of the river shivered over his sore, battered feet. His stomach yawed slightly from hunger but he resisted the sensation as he lent back on his elbows, drying his freshly washed face in the gentle warmth.

She hadn't moved for a while, resting in a seated position, her back sat firmly against a rock. Her eyes were closed, her chest rising softly with each breath.

For the first time, he thought, she looked at peace. Her tired eyes no longer casting a weight of suspicion on him, her limbs no longer tensed, ready to defend herself.

It made him feel relaxed. Just watching her quietly doze in the afternoon sun, settled his ever stirring nerves.

He should be wary of her. He should be prepared to discard her from his company should she pose a threat to his safety.

But all he could do was watch her resting form; wonder slightly at her hair that shone a soft, almost golden brown in the sunlight, and how her usually pale white skin was slightly tinged pink. Not unlike the blooming colour of his Noise as he realised his attentive thoughts may not be secret. He quickly cast his gaze towards the river again, forcing his thoughts on the coolness of the water or the heaviness of his eyelids.

But that forced control over his Noise slowly fell out of his grasp as he slipped into sleep, the image of a dozing girl fading in and out of his resting mind.