Hello ladies and gentleman I am doing the wenja hunt scene. also tell what your favorite chapter is.

The wenja were in the bushes surrounding a small herd of deer. takkar raised his spear and pulled it down. that was the signal for the hunt to begin. the hunters ran out yelling and throwing spears. suddenly a large black thing came out of the sky. the hunters and deer were both scared. the deer ran into the forest. and the wenja stared at the thing as it landed over a hill.

"Takkar!Takkar!what was that?" asked a warrior.

"One of sheshamays dreams." said takkar.

suddenly Takkar's saber tooth ran off growling.

"come on men we must find the spirits" said takkar

they ran and ran to the hill overlooking the small wash. then the tiger roared

in the wash were the beings the medicine man prophesied.

this was a short one. hope you guys are still with me!