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Saikyo Yori was ten years old when she climbed her first tree. More importantly, she was ten years old when she lost her grip on the branch she was sitting on and fell five feet towards the unforgiving ground. When she tried to break her fall Yori landed hard on her right foot and sprained her ankle. When she opened her mouth to scream it was covered with a rag and it knocked her out. Yori woke up to the throbbing of her ankle and a dimly lit room. She looked around and discovered that she was not the only one in it. There were five other kids, ages ranging from five to thirteen. To her right was a small five year-old boy who seemed separated from the other kids.

Yori crawled over to him and asked, "Hey where are we? What's going on?"

"I-I'm not sure." He answered with his hands shaking.

"Hey don't be scared, we'll get out of here." She held his hands, "Chichi (father) will come and save us!" Yori exclaimed.

"I'm not scared." He said as he looked the other way, taking his hands out of her grasp.

With a small smile she said, "Yeah, you seem too strong for that. You know, you somehow remind me of Chichi, you're both the strong and silent type." The boy looked back at her, surprised.

"Really?" He questioned.

"Un (yes/yeah), I'm sure you two would get along great." After moments of silence she asked, "What's your name?"

The boy looked at his hands debating whether to tell her or not. "Kyoya... my name is Kyoya."

She smiled wide, "My name's Yori, it's nice to meet you Kyoya!"

Suddenly the only door in the room opened and three men walked in. The man in the middle started to talk them as the other two tied their hands. "Now I understand that you brats are scared but if you cause any trouble we will kill you. Is that understood?"

He received nods from the children, Yori was about to protest but someone else beat her to it, a little girl stood up and yelled, "Don't you know who I am! Send me home this instant, I could have you arrested. My daddy is-"

The man ended her fit by slitting her throat, her blood squirting everywhere. Everyone but Yori and Kyoya screamed. Yori was deaf to the noises around her as she looked at the blood that got on her hand, she was surprised. What surprised her wasn't the dead body, she's seen plenty of them before; with her father being the leader of a branch house of an old yakuza clan that descended from ninja it was hard not to. What surprised her was the sight of seeing someone die, their blood leaking out of their bodies. Her father had yet to kill anyone in front of her; he never let her see the life slowly fade out of their eyes. Now that she'd seen it she was scared. Not of her situation or the girl's killer, but of the fact that it could have been her.

Yori opened her green eyes to see the light shining from her window. As she sits up she thinks, 'Since that day I've wanted to become stronger. Strong enough to protect myself and never feel helpless again.'

After wiping the sleep from her eyes she made her way to the dining room of her small traditional Japanese style home.

"Ohayo (good morning)." She said with a yawn.

"Ohayo imouto (younger sister)." Said her older twin brothers, Haruto and Haruki, who were already eating their breakfast.

Before Yori sat down she bowed to her father, Saikyo Ryunosuke, who was at the head of the table and her mother, Mei, who was still cooking, "Ohayo Chichi, ohayo Haha (mother)."

"Ohayo." They both said back.

They all ate in a comfortable silence till Yori asked, "Where's Ryo-nii?"

"Your brother was helping me with a mission from the main house late last night. So I'm allowing him to sleep in." Ryunosuke stated

"I guess being the oldest," commented Haruki

"And successor of the clan," continued Haruto

"Isn't easy." They finished together as everyone continued to eat.

"Would you stop that? It's annoying." said Yori

With a smile Haruki said, "No," and Haruto finished, "Why would we?"

"I have an announcement." Their father said before they started fighting, "Mei and I have decided to send the three of you abroad."

"Really? Yay!" Said the twins as they high fived each other.

"Where are we going?" Yori asked with a smile, though inside she was scared having never left the country before.

Seeing through her Mei walked over to her only daughter and combed her fingers through Yori's short black hair. "Haruto and Haruki are going to China , you're going to Italy. Luckily you three have already learned the languages."

"You will attend Vongola Academia (academy) in Italy and your brothers will attend a sister school in China. But be warned that these are not normal schools, but schools for children of the Mafia." Said Ryunosuke

"But why do we have to go?" Yori asked looking up at her mother, "I want to stay here with you guys!"

"You need to broaden your horizons my child." said Mei, still petting her daughter, "You can learn many things in Italy that we could never teach you."

Yori stands up yelling, her mask of smiles breaking. "So, I still don't wanna go!"

Ryunosuke stands as well, towering over her, "What happened to your drive, your determination?! Didn't you say that you wanted to become stronger?!"

It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Mei then quietly ushered her twins out of the room.

Ryunosuke took a breath to calm down as he gently placed a hand on his daughter's cheek. "To become strong you must find something to protect. The more you have to protect the stronger you are." He bends down till his forehead touched hers, their emerald eyes locking. "And I'm sorry my little wolf, but I have a feeling that you won't find it here."

"Ok... I'll go."

On the day of her departure she picked up her cell phone and dialed an old friend.


"Hi Kyoya, it's me Yori."

"Yeah, I know. I have caller ID aho (idiot)."

She giggles, "When did you get so mean?"

"I've always been mean, you've just been too stupid to notice."

She gasps dramatically, "Does that mean I've gotten smarter?"

He sighs, "Why did you call?"

Yori was silent.


"I'm leaving."

"...Where to?"


"For how long?"

"Three years."


"I'll miss you."


"Take care of yourself for me."


"A few weeks ago Chichi told me the secret to strength. Do you wanna know?"


"The secret to strength is having something to protect. The more you have to protect the stronger you are. Don't be alone forever Kyoya, even carnivores travel in packs."

"But I'm surrounded by herbivores, they're all so annoying. Besides, I'm not alone... I have you."

Silent tears begin to run down her face, "Kyoya, will you come and see me off?"

"No, because you'll suffocate me with hugs."

Yori smiles saying, "You got that right."

"Yori, it's time to go." Says her oldest brother Ryoma from her door.

"Okay. I'm coming." She says to her brother as she wipes away her tears. "I'll miss you Kyoya."

"If you don't call me in Italy I'll bite you to death."

With a giggle she says, "I'll call you everyday!"

"God no."

"Okay then every other day."

"I'm hanging up."

"Alright you win, once a week."

"Whatever, goodbye omnivore."

"Bye Kyoya."

A/N: Kyoya was 5 at the beginning of the chapter and 10 by the end of it. Yori was 10 at the beginning of the chapter but 15 by the end of it.