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Chapter 1: Initiating The New Kid

It was about ten o'clock at night after the school dance. I don't dance, so my friends and I hung behind the school. My name is Lars Rodriguez, and my friends are Pi Piston and Sputz Ringley. We were waiting for my brother, Maurice, though he likes to be called Twister, to come. We were going to have him jump off of the water tower to initiate him. Not that we'd let him hang out with us, but it will be pretty damn funny to see him hurt himself on all those rusted pipes in the water.

Growing impatient, I asked Pi if we had any beer in the back of the car.

"Pi, we got any beer?"

"No man, we drank them all back at school."

"Damn! You're supposed to save one for me!" I was so angry. I looked over at Sputz, who began to mumble something. I could never understand that guy. He never speaks clearly. But deep down he was a bad ass, and part of the group.

All of the sudden, a blue Volkswagen beetle pulls up near us. It's one weird car. It's a little on the beat up side, and is very old. Not to mention, it belonged to my brother. He's so cheap he couldn't afford a decent car. As we all joked on it, Twister stepped out.

"You're late! You said you'd be here at ten!" Pi got in Twister's face.

"I had to wait until my parents were asleep." Twister looked at us weakly, hoping that we would buy it.

"Guys, let's just get down to business." I said as Pi got out of Twister's face. We all walked up to the high water tower. I saw in Twister's face that he was scared, and I didn't think that he would go through with it. So I came up with a little plan. An awesome one, may I add.

"Twist, I'm gonna jump with you, Ok?" I asked him, then winked at Pi when Twister began to take off his Homer Simpson T-shirt. I removed my baggy green jeans so that it would be easier to climb the tower. We started to climb up the rickety stairs. If Twister didn't jump off this thing, it would certainly break from beneath us. But my plan ensured that he would jump.

We looked at the icy cold, dirty water beneath us. Twister looked like he wanted to run back down the stairs and drive home. He was so close to chickening out. I've known him for all fifteen years of his life, so I knew what all of his facial expressions meant.

"Ok, bro, on the count of three," I told him, giving him what appeared to be a comforting smile, but really I smiled about my marvelous plan. We counted. ONE!..........TWO!........THREE! I pushed him off of the tower and watched him scream as he met the dirty waters below. Pi and Sputz starting cheering me on as I laughed hysterically. This was funny; my marvelous plan worked.

After a minute, we noticed that Twister didn't come back up.

"Lars, I think he's hurt!" shrieked Pi. I quickly climbed down the stairs. Sure, he was my little brother, and I loved to torture him as much as the next guy, but to leave him to die was a little over the border. So I jumped into the water after him. Underwater, I saw him hit his head on a rusty pipe, followed by the water turning red with blood. I scooped him up and brought him out of the water. He was conscious, so I told him to calm down. I was about to put him in the car to take him to the hospital when I heard some voices shouting.

"HEY! WHO'S OUT THERE?" It was the police. Bust! Pi and Sputz bailed, leaving me alone there with Twister. He looked up at me like a helpless child, blood smeared all over his face, and I wondered if I should leave him there and save myself from going to jail, or if I should help him and risk getting caught. I looked at him as if to say, 'I'm sorry," and I bailed. I jumped into my car and started the engine. I slammed my foot on the pedal and zoomed away. Then, all of the sudden, I heard sirens wailing behind me. The police were following me! I slammed harder on the pedal and looked behind me to see if they were catching up, when it happened. I ran straight into a fire hydrant. The water shot up as I banged my head on the steering wheel. The policeman walked up to my window and shined his flashlight on me as he directed me to put my hands on the steering wheel. I did so, knowing that I was busted.