Chapter One ~ Just How I Like It

AN: So yeah my very first Ant-Man fanfic, so don't judge me for my bad writing plus I'm from Finland so my English is what it is… So how I write characters is the way how I see them. No hate please, if you like this I would have some feedback :)

This will be written at Hope's POV and I've planned to write at least 10 chapters but if you like this I'll naturally continue writing. As I already said I would love to have feedback from you guys :)

He just pulled me to his arms and kissed me. First I was taked by surprise but his lips felt so good against my own. I'm not even sure if he noticed that I was kissing him back when I heard the door open. I pulled out quickly but not enough.

"When did this happen?" Hank asked while switching glances between me and Scott.

"Nothing's happening" I replied maybe too quickly to believed as the truth. I closed my eyes at embarrassment as Scott looked me like I had hurt his feelings.

He let me go from his strong and safe feeling arms and crossed his arms. "Whoa, whoa," Scott argued his voice full of sarcasm. "Something's kind of happening."

I wanted to slap him and tell him to shut up but I just stood there and stared him with wide-eyes full of disbelief.

"Well, if that's the case, please shoot me again." Hank said sounding little taken aback.

My embarrassment kept me from meeting my father's gaze. The same wasn't with Scott, our eyes were locked and yet he had to spill the 'only us two in the room' moment. "Yeah, I don't know what you were doing just grabbing me and kissing me like that." What the hell was he talking about and trying to blame me for something he did? "I'm-I'm little surprised myself . I have to be somewhere, I'll see you later Hank." He was about to leave but he opened his mouth once more and turned to me with an amazed expression. "Really Hope?"

Then he turned back to the staircase that led outside. As I watched him leave I haven't even noticed that Hank was now standing next to me. "Scott?" He called after him.

"Yeah?" Scott replied not stopping or looking back.

"You're full of shit."

"Oh, yeah" He said still walking down the stairs. I was sure that Hank didn't believe one word that came out of Scott's mouth. And yet I understood him, if I was him I would like to leave as soon as I could if I had did the same thing as he did. Even when Hank and I weren't that close I still was his only child and I would always be daddy's little princess no matter how old I got. Scott just happened to be the Prince Charming who was trying to take me away from my father. Oh god did I just call Scott prince charming? What was happening to me, yeah I liked him but I never tought about having a crush in him. But maybe that is the way I like it. My feelings to be surprise to me -

"Seriously Hope, when did this-" Hank cut my toughts off

"-Don't." So I cut him off.

"Fine, we'll talk about it when you're ready. But anyway I want to show you something. Follow me." Hank replied and starter walking to the other way.

As we walked I couldn't think anything else than Scott's lips against mine. It wasn't lasted more than a few seconds. Maybe next time we wouldn't have distractions and maybe next time I would really just grab him and kiss his perfect lips that perfectly matched my own.

AN: I hope that you liked the first chapter. I know that it was short and something that you already saw in the movie. I just wanted to have a chapter about what Hope was thinking in this scene. I promise that the next chapter will be longer.

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