"Lord Perseus!"

The manticore was confused, why would the primordial show up here out of all places. He never leaves his realm anymore, so why leave now? While the manticore was thinking these things, a man started coming out of the forest, making the aura of peace around the demigods, hunters, and monsters even stronger.

The man was about 6'5, with tan skin and muscles that aren't too big, but are anything but small. He had raven black hair that seemed to flow in invisible wind, but the most interesting thing about him was his eyes. His eyes were a dark purple flame that seemed to relax anyone who looked into them. They seemed to be like a fire in the middle of winter, calming anyone, no matter who it is. He had a permanent smile on his face, showing bright, white teeth that seemed to glow.

This man just stepped out of the forest and stood there, watching everyone, while Thorn and many of the monsters bowed to him, while some of the lesser monsters ran away, scared of the power rolling off of him. He looked at Artemis and his smile seemed to widen, before turning to the manticore.

"Ah! Dr. Thorn, fancy meeting you here. I haven't seen you in years, you never visit anymore. No one really visit anymore, so I decided to leave my realm of peace and visit the mortal world," Perseus said, answering the unasked question on Thorn's mind.

Thorn slowly raised his tail and was preparing to use the shock of Artemis to kill her, but before he could fire, Perseus looked right into his eyes and used his power to make to him disintegrate. The hunters and Artemis just looked in awe, while the demigods just looked in fear. Artemis just slowly walked towards primordial, putting away her bow, telling her hunters to do the same, which they did willingly.

Perseus just turned to look at her, and his smile widened once more. When she reached him, she slowly hugged the man she thought of as a second dad. He hugged her back, while almost everyone who didn't know him was in shock. The younger hunters were extremely confused, while the older ones smiled at the reunion.

"Its been a while, little moon," Perseus said.

"Way too long, father,"She replied.

Ajax finally asked the question on almost everyone's mind,"Who are you?"

Perseus turned and looked at the demigods and hunters and said,"I am the youngest Primordial, Perseus, the Primordial of Peace."