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Chapter 1

One night in a village called konoha lived a boy named Uzumaki Naruto. Konoha is a great village considered the best out of all the 5 great ninja villages. Even after that fatal day 7 years ago.

Flashback 7 years ago...

In a secret building outside of Konoha the 4th Hokage the 3rd Hokage was watching over the 4th's wife pregnancy.

"One more push honey our litle boy naruto is almost out the,"4th said to his wife Kushina. "Don't you think im trying,"She cried out.

Now the reason for the 4th the 3rd and the 4th's wife to be in a secret building is because of kushina situation. She house the nine-tail demon fox also named kurama. "shhhh! No spilling that name to anyone only people close to the nine-tails may know it like me since I am the author of course," The now 4th wall breaking author replied. But back to the story little naruto was born but before anyone could get to him a masked man with one eye whole and a swirl on it appeared.

"Hand over the demon container our the boy gets it," The 3rd looks at the 4th " how did he find out,"

"I have no idea Hiruzen but he is a serious threat that must be dealt with " The mask man looks at the two war heros and tossed boy naruto in the air and held a kunia under him. Seconds before naruto was impaled the 4th disappered in a yellow flash and caught naruto.

"Umm dear author," said the masked man.

"hmmm? yes mada... I mean masked man you need anything," the author asked curious why the masked man stopped the story

"Yes why are you recreating the same original story like other I mean its your fanfiction why don't you do something else," said the masked man

"Well obi... I mean masked man its simple i'm to lazy but I promised from here on out it all from the brain."

"Alright nice catch Minato caught him like you used to catch those football back in your high school days," said the 3rd.

"Thanks Hiruzen but football I have no clue what that is,"Minato said confused

The mask man starts laughing and both Hiruzen and Minato heard a sizzling sound and look down to see paper bombs on baby naruto and minato flashed away again just like the masked man planned. "Now 3rd hogake tell me who is the demon container," The masked man asked

Hiruzen sweatdrops and The mask man used this time to take kushina away from konoha. The mask man then ties kushina up to two big rocks. " Now tell me kushina who is the demon container or I will torture you until you tell me,"said the masked barely able to stand sweatdrops.

"Look at my stomach baka," kushina said. The mask man looks down and smiled. "

Well just my luck I got the demon container," he said.

"Well just my luck I got a baka tryig to take the nine-tails out of me, Kushina shot back. The masked man laughs and started doing hand-signs.

" I summon you the great nine tailed fox," he said as he slammed his hand on the ground only for nothing to happen. Kushina looks around then looked a the man

" Am I missing something wasn't you supposed to summon the nine tails," She said. Sweat started to fall off the mask man's mask.

" Well looks like I forgot to add chakra," he said which causes Kushina to sweatdrop again.

The mask man did the handsigns again this time with chakra and slammed his hands down and the fox came this time,but before it could run the masked man took control of him with his all powerful Sharingan. All of the sudden Hiashi appeared.

"All powerful sharingan last I recall all uchiha died," And he started laughing and you could also hear laughter from konoha as well.

The masked man now mad blew Hiashi away with a wind justu. "Stupid hyuga know your place, now Fox take care of the village I got the 4th," And he dissapeared in a vortex. Leaving a now dying kushina behind.

With the 4th

"Wow naruto born for 5 minutes and you already almost died hmm,wow what a world we live in huh. Lets get you home. The fourth said to little baby naruto. He flashed away to his house put naruto down in his crib made by kushina and then flashed to the top of the hokage mountain. Minato stood there looking at the giant demon attacking the the masked man appeared behind him he reached for minato only for minato to flash away without knowing he was there. The 4th appeared in a spreaded out area in a forest. And the masked man appeared in front of him.

"Nice 4th got away before I could get you. How did you know I was behind you,"The masked man asked curiously

" Ummm what do you mean?" Minato asked.

"So you didn't know never mind then," The masked man said.

"Riddle me this mask man who are you only person I know that could control the nine-tails is dead and his name is hashirama." The masked man then proceeded to sweatdroped.

"BAKA I'M MADARA UCHIHA a person also capable of controlling the fox."He yelled at the 4th

"Oh yea him to," Minato said feeling stupid for forgetting about madara uchiha.

"Get ready minato I'm coming for you, " The now named Madara said as he dashed towards the 4th.

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