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Now, this particular story would be an alternate timeline starting from the defeat of Ken by the 02 Chosen Children. Basically it's all shameless fluff and angst, with a bit of sexual tension (read: YAOI, children!) and growing up thrown in for the hell of it. As of this writing, this series contains five connected (four of which are yet to be typed) short stories.

Daisuke's POV.

"Bathroom Therapy"

Ohhh, this isn't good, this isn't good; this so totally can NOT be good.

Okay, let's review: Defeated the Digimon Kaiser (thank God for Wormmon). Said Digimon Kaiser went catatonic. Went back to the real world. Took our semi-conscious nemesis (ex-nemesis?) to my place since we didn't have anywhere better to stick him 'til he woke up and no desire to explain where he's been the past few months to his parents. Snuck V-mon and Ken in past Jun; then sent the other Chosen Children home, swearing I could handle it (yeah, right). Put Chibimon to bed with a snack that consisted of half the fridge and dumped the unresisting Ken into the bathtub, clothes and all, to try and clean him up a bit.

Oh yeah, and then we started kissing- but that so wasn't my fault.

All right then, I'm in a half-full bathtub with all my clothes still on and playing Slippery-Lippery with my recently defeated mortal enemy . . . now what?

Well, I guess I could always stand up.

Ken looks up at me as I get to my feet and promptly misunderstands, reaching for the waistband of my jeans.

Geez, and they call ME blatant.

"No, that's not what I had in mind, dude," I say quickly, grabbing his wrists before he gets any more bright ideas. "We're still a little young for that, y'know?"

"I know," he says softly, and, surprised, I release him. This is the first time he's actually spoken since we brought him back to the real world- or, more specifically, since Wormmon died.

"Then why are you hitting on me?" I demand, feeling inexplicably angry. "We're not exactly the idea of a dream duo here."

For a long moment, Ken doesn't speak- then, slowly: "I . . . don't want to be alone any more." He looks up at me, bluish- purple eyes searching my face. I don't know what he's looking for, but I met his gaze. "Wormmon is gone," he adds finally. "And so is Osamu."

As if I'm supposed to know who "Osamu" is- I barely even know Ken himself, except through our fights and the odd segment on the news about his latest great accomplishment.

But Wormmon? I could understand what it was like to lose him. After all, I've got a partner of my own, don't I?

For a moment, I imagine life without V-mon- and to my shock, I instantly understand just how horrible Ken feels right now. Because I can't DO it. I can't imagine living without V-mon. I cannot picture my life without sneaking him in and out of my house at odd hours, without having to run from angry freaks of technology as he struggles to digivolve to a new level, or without this stupid little Digivice permanently attached to my hip. Losing V-mon would be as bad as losing myself.

I just look at Ken, knowing there's nothing that I can really say right now. He's dripping with wet sand and soapy water, still fully dressed and his hair mussed beyond belief- in short, the guy's a mess.

And I don't think I've ever seen anyone more amazing.

"It's okay," I say softly, taking a seat on the edge of the bathtub. "You're not gonna be alone anymore. You're one of us now."

He looks up at me, and the expression on his face . . . No human has ever looked at me like that before. Like they trusted me. Looked up to me . . . Believed in me.

I'm getting REALLY nervous now. It was bad enough when I thought he only wanted to make out with me; but now he's acting like I'm supposed to be the adult here. Me, probably the LEAST mature member of the Chosen Children, playing babysitter (and worse, kaiserin) to Ken Ichijouji, boy genius and self- proclaimed ruler of the entire digital world.

Irony really sucks.

Ken leans over a little, his head in my lap and arm pillowed under his chin. He looks exhausted, and I can barely stifle a yawn as I recall just how late it really is.

"Your first name is Daisuke, correct?" Ken asks tiredly. I nod a little blearily and he falls silent again for a while, and then murmurs, "Daisuke Motomiya: leader of the Chosen Children," almost more to himself than me.

I just shrug and half-consciously brush his hair out of his face. "Not really," I reply idly. "That's what Taichi said, and sometimes the others listen to me when we're in really serious trouble, but I'm not much for responsibility or heroics. And I'm definitely not smart enough for the job. I think the others would rather follow Takeru- or better yet, Taichi himself."

He's quiet again for a minute, then says: "I'd rather follow you."

For some reason, I smile. "Thanks, Ken."

"You don't have to thank me for something like that. Not ever," he says softly, bracing an arm on either side of me and getting to his knees to kiss me again. This time, I don't hesitate to return the gesture.

As I reach out to hold a hand to his cheek, I can't help but notice that this is about where we came in. I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow; don't know if the others are gonna forgive him . . . Right now, the only thing I DO know for sure is that my heart's in my throat and my stomach's full of butterflies, but everything's wonderful. You know what I mean . . .

The way you feel when you're starting to fall for someone.

* tbc . . . *

A/N: Kaiserin: kai-ser-in, n. A German empress, or the wife of a German emperor.

In other words, it's the female version of a kaiser. *evil snigger* Can't you just SEE it- Daisuke Motomiya, Digimon Kaiserin. ^_^ With a whip and a miniskirt and . . . um. Maybe I should be saving this line of thinking for a more smut- oriented story.

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