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" 'Touch And Die' Blue"



"My what?!"

"We're your fairy godparents!" the pink-haired fairy standing before the wild-haired king repeated brightly. The forest spirit by her feet nodded eagerly.

"Unfortunately," the other fairy muttered, adjusting his glasses. The water sprite on his shoulder snickered and the king glared at them both.

"We're here to help you, your highness!" the pink fairy said brightly, ignoring the others with superhuman ease. "To give you your true heart's desire!"

"My what?" the wild-haired king asked blankly.

"That hot servant you ran into at the solstice dance," the second fairy explained briefly, brushing already immaculate dark blue hair back.

The king turned red. "I- I have no idea what you're talking about!" he sputtered defensively, waving his hands.

"Blond kid? Chin-length hair? 'Touch-me-and-die' blue eyes? Fiercely protective of his little bother?" The blue fairy raised an eyebrow as he rattled off the list. "Am I ringing any bells here, your majesty? Hm?"

"Okay, okay!" the king admitted, waving his hands again, this time in a "hush-hush" motion. "So I like him! So what? I'm the king; I can do anything I want! No one will care if I mess around with a servant every now and then!"

"But you don't want to just mess around, do you?" the pink fairy said softly, clasping her hands together tightly. It was more of a declaration than a question. "Because then you might hurt his feelings. And you never, ever want to hurt him."

The king looked away, his wild hair hiding his eyes. "It . . . could never happen," he said flatly. "The rules of our society forbid anything more than an affair with a servant. Even for someone like me . . . there is nothing that I could change. Besides, I was promised to another by my parents before their deaths."

"Uh-oh," the water sprite mumbled.

"What?! Who?" the pink fairy demanded, looking outraged. "Who would dare to stand in the way of your pure and faithful love?!"

The wild-haired king wordlessly pointed out the window and the other four stormed it in a suitably overzealous fashion. In the courtyard below, a beautiful auburn-haired girl sat, attended by a redheaded servant as she made a flower chain for the pet harpy beside her to wear. A red demon with large claws lazily buzzed overhead, keeping an eye out for trouble.

"Holy- " the pink fairy began.

"- crap," the blue one finished. Both swallowed hard.

"He's so adorable!" The forest sprite beamed down at the servant.

"She's amazing!" the water sprite cried happily. "Forget the pretty-boy, your highness, that girl's a keeper!"

"No way!" the king and the blue fairy yelled in unison.

The blue fairy blushed as the others gave him funny looks. "So she's cute," he muttered. "Sue me."

"NOW you get into it." The pink fairy sighed. "Not that I can blame you . . . That guy with her is absolutely delicious!"

"Yeah, whatever," the king muttered, slumping back in his throne. "But still, she's just another countess. What I want is to be with HIM!"



* `~@~` *



Meanwhile, the princess's faithful freaked-out feline servant had made her way back to her princess's side with the help of the royal physician, the small green demon that was his assistant, and a very healthy dose of smelling salts.

"Now take it easy," the physician cautioned her as he helped her take a seat by the princess. "Whatever you saw seems to have really upset you."

"Uh-huh," the feline servant replied weakly. The pretty-boy servant appeared a moment later, carrying the physician's bag and trailed by his younger brother.

"What happened?! Didn't you find her?!" the princess demanded.

"Oh, I found HIM all right," her servant muttered.

The princess fell off her chair. "WHAT?!" she squawked. Her faithful servant wordlessly pointed at the pretty-boy behind her. "Well, this explains a lot," the princess muttered.

The pretty-boy started to get very nervous. "Ah, Milady, what does it explain?" he asked weakly.

"Oh, nothing!" the princess said hurriedly, waving him off.

"My lady," her servant whispered into the princess's ear. "I heard him say that he loved your brother."

The princess's eyebrows went UP. "You gotta be kidding me," she muttered flatly. "And they're still both pining away?" Her servant nodded and the princess rolled her eyes. "Oh, for crying out loud . . ."

"That's what we said!" a voice piped up from her shoulder. Startled, the princess turned her head to find two tiny fairies perched there, one with burgundy hair and one with glasses.

"Who-?!" the princess choked in shock, for a moment having the irrational thought that they might be her consciences. Although, neither had a halo, much less a pitchfork.

"We're the pretty-boy's fairy godparents," the fairy with glasses explained, jerking a thumb at said pretty-boy, who looked like he was about to faint at the sight of them.

"Hmm. . . " The princess's expression turned sly. "That reminds me. . . There's a masquerade ball tonight to celebrate the summer solstice," she said with a small, smug smile.

The glasses-wearing fairy grinned. "We'll get him a costume," she promised.

"I'll get him an invitation," the princess's servant announced.

"And I'll distract my brother's fiancée," the princess finished with a smirk.

"God, I love dances," the burgundy fairy sighed, clasping his hands together rapturously.



* tbc . . . *



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