Valentine's Day

Chapter 1

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Dark pools open and let dim light pour into then, helping them come to focus and also helping give the owner of those eyes a throbbing headache. With a groan, he sat up and rubbed his vision clear of the aching light. He slid his bare feet over the side of the bed; a yawn escaped his lips.

His wife and youngest son would be home soon and he didn't want them to know he had been napping.

He stood up on wobbly knees, each movement sending a tingling sensation that almost hurt, through his legs and up to his pain receptors. Brawny legs almost gave away, but as he took a step forward, the odd sting began to dissipate. With a half grin of triumph, he began to exit his room. He padded across the plush carpet, down the stairs and into the living room. A chill ran down his spine as a cool breeze swept his hair from side to side. He tilted his head in confusion as he glanced around the room. Searching for the source of the sudden icy breath. His eyes locked on the front door.

The open front door.

It rocked and creaked as the wind gently hit the door.

The young Sayian slowly made his way to the ajar door. He slipped his hand behind it and shut it, the sound of the slamming door echoed through the deathly silent house. He swallowed the lump in his throat as ebony caught sight of red.

He moved towards the alluring color.

A perfumed scent filled his senses as he moved closer to the wooden table in the living room.

A vase sat upon the table.

A crystal vase with beautiful roses sitting it.

There was no water in the bottom, telling him the roses were meant to die, they were meant to have a short life that would be snuffed out abruptly. His fingertips ran over the velvety red and they went across something hard.

Like paper.

White caught in-between his fingers and he pulled it from the vase.

A piece of folded paper rested atop his open palm. He slowly unfolded it, his eyes staring down at the black cursive.

He mumbled the words aloud as his eyes moved over each syllable.

"Goku Son, roses are red violets are blue, honey is sweet and so are you. Roses are blue, violets are red on Valentine's Day you'll . . . you'll- DEAD!!" His mouth hung agape for a moment. The Sayian was at a loss for words, but he continued reading his mind screaming that it was a joke. "On valentine's day there will be no memories for you to save the only flowers for you . . . will be on your grave," he gasped, 'does someone want to kill me?' The paper slipped from his finger as a purr of an engine grew close to the house and came up the gravel driveway. He stared forward his mind a jumbled mess; well more jumbled then it usually was.

The front door opened silently and a presence moved behind him.

"Goku . . ." The voice spoke softly. He recognized the voice of his wife, ChiChi. "Are these for me? They're so beautiful!"

"No . . . they're for me . . ."

"What?" ChiChi stated in disbelief. "Who are they from?" She peered over his shoulder.

"I-I donno, but I don't think I want to know . . ."

Goten smiled at his father and stepped in front of him, bending over and picking up a piece of paper that was on the floor. "Dad what's this?"

ChiChi took the paper from her son. Her eyes scanned over the paper and a sharp intake of breath came from her. "Who-who would write such a horrible thing?"

"What mom?" 14 year old Goten asked, suddenly interested.

"No-nothing son. Everything's fine. Go get ready for bed." Goku reassured his son who scurried out of the room and disappeared up the stairs. "Maybe it's from Vegeta . . . it could be a joke." ChiChi shrugged.

"For some reason I doubt that, but you never know with him. He does some spontaneous things . . ." Goku nodded. But at that moment, he felt something in his gut; something that told him it wasn't from his Prince . . . yet someone else . . .



Continued. . .