Valentine's Day
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Chapter 14: Dead bodies everywhere

Hercule pushed down on the gas pedal, I finally get to see Videl, I haven't seen her in a month, I've been so busy showing people how great I am. A soft coo came from beside him. He smiled as he looked over to the young child in the passenger seat. Eighteen and Krillian's daughter Marron. He took her around the world with him. Krillian had asked him to so they could have a break from the child, she's five now and he didn't mind taking her with him. It made him seem greater. He turned left on Calline Road, Videl and Gohan's home came into view. He was glad she was going to marry Gohan; he was strong, smart and Videl's in love with him. That's all that matters. He drove up the driveway and heard Marron say something he put the brake on and turned towards the blonde child as he took out the keys.

"Look, it's Vegeta, Goku and Videl." Hercule didn't see them. He leaned over her and looked to where she was pointing. He gasped blood was everywhere.

"Holy-" he covered Marron's eyes.

"Whatcha doing?" she tried to move his hands.

"Uh, Marron, I need to bring you inside." He picked up, opened the door and crawled out of the car. Then he ran into the open door of the house. He yelped more bodies were on the floor. Trunks, Vegeta's kid, two cops! Cops were here! Who did this? He brought Marron into a spare bedroom. He uncovered her eyes. "Stay In here." She nodded.

"You're silly." She giggled as he left the room, shutting the door behind him. Hercule ran across the lawn and to the three bodies. His eyes widen. Gohan's father, the man that had killed Buu was on the grass; blood seemed to be coming from everywhere mainly from his wrists it seemed to be still pumping from his body. Goku's hand held Vegeta's, a gaping hole where his heart should be. Blood at the corner of his lips, both of their clothes in shreds. Vegeta was laying on his stomach and Goku on his back. His eyes went to his daughter's body. Tears pricked the corner of his eyes. My Videl, my sweet daughter; A blade was sticking out of her chest. Her hair and clothes were singed, her eyes closed. How could someone kill them? They defeated Buu. Where is Gohan? He should have saved my daughter.

"Hercule." He heard a familiar voice. He turned to see a green kid, Dende! The Earth's guardian he was frowning.

"Guardian, someone killed my daughter, Videl." Tears welded up in his eyes again.

"I'm sorry about Videl, but Hercule you need to know what really happened. We should go inside, you need to sit down." Dende turned towards the house and a low groan cut the silence. Dende whipped his head around. Could it be . . .? He ran over to the bodies and saw unruly ebony moving. "GOKU!" he shouted and went to his friend. Goku closed his eyes at the sudden noise. His vision was black in the corners; his fingers still latched to Vegeta's cold and lifeless hand. He let go of Vegeta's hand and leaned on his elbows as a shadow rolled over him. He immediately shielded himself.

"No, please don't" he cried trying to protect himself.

"Goku it's me Dende." Goku slowly moved his hands.

"De-Dende?" his croaked. His eyes looked at the young Namek.

"You're safe." Hercule looked down at Goku.

"He's alive."

"Hey, Hercule. Damn I can't believe I'm still alive." His eyes slowly adjusted to the brightness and saw Videl's body. "She- she's dead, right."

"Yes, she is."

"WHAT!" Hercule yelled, "DID YOU KILL MY DAUGHTER?"

"Uh . . . he had to, she tried to kill him first." They heard sirens. "Why are the cops here?" Dende asked. Goku tried to shrug but it hurt too much. His eyes started to close again.

"There are dead cops in the house." Dende turned to Hercule.

"At least you'll get to the hospital" Goku's elbows gave away. "GOKU!" Dende shouted and ran over to him, he tried to wake him but he was unconscious. A cop car and an ambulance drove up; Hercule met them half way.

"Mr. Son is hurt and my daughter is dead and so is a guy named Vegeta." The medics nodded and went to get a stretcher. They ran to where Goku was laying. They looked at Dende for a moment and ignored him as they put Goku on the stretcher, brought him to the ambulance, and drove off the cops stayed and asked questions then put the bodies in, well body bags. After they had left, Dende had one thing on his mind, the dragonballs. He turned to Hercule who was sitting in the chair opposite of him.

"Mr. PoPo went to get the Dragonballs, he should be here soon so we can wish everyone back."

"What about Videl?"

"NO WAY!" Hercule looked down sadly, ashamed that his own daughter would do such a thing. Goku's a nice guy and she did terrible things to his family and friends, but she did the worst to him. He had no idea that she was capable of such things. He didn't want her to be brought back, not after what she did. A knock on the front door made them both jump.

Hercule got up and answered it. It was Mr. PoPo. "Hi" Hercule smiled at him and let him in.

Dende's face lit up as Mr. PoPo took all seven dragonballs from a green bag.

"Here they are, we need to go make the wish." Hercule followed the two aliens out the door. Marron was still in the room; she fell asleep from boredom.

They put the Dragonballs together on the grass Dende smiled as he said "Dragon come forth and grant my wishes (A/N: I don't remember what they say)!"

The sky darkened as a dragon appeared. Hercule fell backwards onto his butt. "EEK, THAT'S A HUGE DRAGON!"

"What are your wishes?" the dragon's voice boomed above them.

"Uh, we would like everyone that Videl killed to be brought back to life."

"This will take a moment." The dragon lit up and then it faded. "Your wish has been fulfilled. What is your second wish?"

"We would like them to be brought here."

The dragon nodded as the bodies appeared. "Done"

"Bye Shenron." The dragon disappeared as Dende said that. The seven dragonballs lifted into the sky and all flew in separate direction, the sky turned back to a pale blue. They turned as they heard voices. Vegeta stood up and looked around he saw Bulma, Trunks, the cops, Krillian, Chichi, Gohan, Goten, some guy he never saw before, Master Roshi, Yajarobi, Piccolo, Tien, Chaoitzu, Yamcha, Hercule, Dende, and Mr. PoPo. But no Goku. He growled that bitch Videl had better not have him. He walked over to Dende.

"Where is Kakkarot?" he eyed them.

"He's at the hospital, he almost dyed. I thought he was dead."

"What hospital?" he grabbed the front of Dende's shirt.

"The Satan City Hospital." Vegeta dropped him and took off.

"Where is he going?" Bulma asked stepping next to Dende.

"He went to see Goku"

They all heard a loud yell, crap, Dende thought.

"WHERE IS GOKU? I WANT MY HUSBAND RIGHT NOW!" They all cringed as Chichi yelled. Gohan and Goten hugged as she screamed for Goku.

"I missed you brother." Goten smiled at Gohan.

"I missed you too!" Everyone hugged each other and soon realized that Goku, Videl, and Vegeta weren't there.

"Where is my dad, Vegeta, and Videl?" Gohan asked.

Dende sighed "Videl is dead, she was the one who killed everyone." The group gasped, except for the few that knew. "Goku is at the hospital and Vegeta went to see if he was alright." Everyone gasped at that.

"We should go se if he is alright." Krillian spoke up.


"Okay, Chichi, you don't have to yell."

Vegeta ran into the hospital. "Where is Kakkarot?" the red haired woman at the front desk raised an eyebrow. "Son Goku."

"Ah, yes he is in room 119, but he's sleeping so I wouldn't-" Vegeta ran to the room before she even finished. He got to the door and caught his breath before he silently went in. His face saddened as he saw Goku. Bandages covered his wrist; he had stitched in his check and probably in other places that he couldn't see. Goku was obviously having a bad dream. His eyes moved rapidly under the lids, tears fell down his cheeks and onto the pillow. Vegeta kneeled next to the bed and lightly shook Goku.

"Mmm" he moaned as he opened his eyes, the anaesthetic doing its job. He turned towards Vegeta and smiled.

"Hey." Vegeta whispered softly he brought his hand up and brushed the hair from Goku's watery eyes.

" You're alive?" Vegeta nodded. "I'm not dreaming."

"No, I'm alive and so is everyone else"

"I killed her"

"I know she deserved to die for what she did to you."

"She did something, she said something, I- I didn't notice it at the time but she told me to stab her in the heart. She must have said some spell because I have a feeling that she isn't dead."

"Kakkarot, I know how you feel but she's dead." Vegeta smiled at him as a nurse walked in.

"Visiting hour is over." Vegeta turned to the nurse then back to Goku.

"Chichi isn't going to be too happy about that." Vegeta chuckled, as did Goku. He stood up as the nurse left. He leaned forward and kissed Goku's forehead. "I'll see you tomorrow, sleep well." He smiled at his once rival.

"Good night Geta." Goku whispered as he rested his head back on the pillow. Vegeta looked back at Goku and left the room. Goku closed his eyes and was almost asleep when the bedroom door opened. He looked towards the door, the room was dark, and he couldn't see much.

"Hello?" he said weakly, he didn't get an answer. "Geta is that you?"

The light turned on, shortly blinding him. He groaned as he slowly opened his eyes a woman stood in front of him. "Who- who are you, are you the nurse?" he asked she smiled at him, pushing her blonde hair behind her shoulder and leaned down. Her eyes meeting Goku's those eyes blue.

Those were Videl's eyes, he could see the evil, but that was not Videl. "Videl?" his bottom lip quivered with fear, Kami no please don't let this be her.

"Yes my sweet Goku, it is I. I have came back for you. This is my new body; I was hoping you would like it. Do you?" Goku stared at her his eyes wide.


She cut him off. "I doesn't matter, I'm here to finally make you mine and with the help of the dragonballs on Namek. I will make my dream come true. You will love me." She caressed the side of his wet cheek as he screamed.


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