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Alex's Pov:

Buildings crashed down as I ran through the city. Blue, red, and yellow flashed by me on every side. I heard booms and crashes, the zooming of ships flying above me and buildings falling next to me. All I heard was the voice in my head telling me to run.


I heard my ten-year-old son's voice calling out to me. I spun around in circles trying to spot him in the crowd. There! I sprinted over to him, to grab him and keep him safe. I was running, but he wasn't getting any closer, and the the building behind him began to fall. I started to get closer, I reached out to grab his hand, and then the building collapsed.

I shot up into a sitting position breathing heavily.

"Mom? You okay?" I heard my daughter open the door.

"Yeah, Claire, I am. Just another dream, you can go back to sleep."

"You were dreaming about Kai, weren't you?"

"That obvious huh?"

"Here mom, take these," Claire said, handing me pills, "They'll help you sleep."

"I'm okay Claire."

"No," she said, firmly, "You have a big day tomorrow."

"Fine, I'll take them," I said, "You okay?'

"Yes, mom. Just worried about you."

"Okay sweetie, If you're sure. Goodnight."

"I am," Claire said, smiling faintly, "Sleep well mom, I'll see you in the morning."

I laid back down to go to sleep. It had almost been three years since the attack that had taken my baby from me. I missed him so much. THe way he would crawl into my bed when he was scared, the way he would take care of me when I was. He was my ray of sunshine, and my life had been cloudy ever since that day. I just wished I hadn't lost him that fateful day when Khan had attacked our city, but the truth was it just wasn't meant to be. Just like my love life.

And with those thoughts, I fell asleep.

John's Pov:

"John! Where is that boy?"

I shot to my feet, and turned to sprint down the hall. Sleeping on the job was my specialty, but it was definitely frowned upon by the captain. Not that I had a real job other than school work and bringing food to the crew on the bridge that couldn't get down to the cafeteria.

"John, I didn't bring you onboard this ship so you could sleep your way across the galaxy."

I turned back around and put the saddest puppy dog eyes I could on my face.

"Sorry, Cap," I said, running the back of my neck, "Just haven't been sleeping well is all."

"You've been having nightmares again haven't you?"

"So what if I have? Not like I can dream myself into remembering anything other than the face in my nightmares. I can't even remember my real name! I only remember stupid facts and school stuff from before."

"C'mere John," the captain said, opening his arms, "I love you bud. You come to mean so much to me over the past four years. You're part of my crew, making you family, and nothing can change that. You know I've tried to care for you like you're my own son."

"Thanks, Cap," I said going in for the hug.

"Captain you're needed on the bridge," A Russian voice sounded over a comm link.

"Be right there, Chekov," the captain said back through the comm, "John, I want you to go to your bunk and grab your school things, then report to the bridge. Commander Uhura is giving you a language test today, so I hope you've been practicing your Klignon."

I let out a groan, "Please no Cap, not Klingon, not today."

"You can talk to Uhura about that one. I'll see you up there in fifteen. If not you're scrubbing toilets."

"Fine," I grumbled out, "See ya then."

As I walked to my bunk, I turned back to watch as my captain walked back to the bridge. He cared for me, but rarely let it show. I knew that he cared though. I began to walk back to my bunk and wondered about the face I had seen earlier in my dreams. I couldn't shake the feeling that she actually existed, that she was alive and knew me, but then I shook my head. If anyone had known me, they would have looked for me before Cap found me. I had Cap to thank for my life. Captain James T. Kirk.