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Remnant – Vale

"Slowly, slowly, slowly…"

A large and lumbering machine slowly trotted to its destination, a construction worker wearing a white hard hat using hand signals to direct the driver of the machine. Nearby, multiple workers, humans and Faunus, piled bricks up on and applied a grayish-white liquid on each new layer at a small plot of land. Construction managers stood beside their comrades, directing workers using instructions from the blueprints they held in their hands.

After the robot invasion had been halted and the threat quelled, the Vale council immediately dispatched hundreds upon hundreds of construction workers to rebuild the wrecked city, with 15,000 of its original 1,400,000 or so citizens dead or missing.

Surprisingly, the CCT escaped the destruction relatively unharmed, despite the countless missiles launched towards it by the robot forces. Thanks to the anti-air artilleries, the missiles never reached their target. Reports had also claimed that a single man used a hunting rifle to singlehandedly shoot down more missiles than the AA guns.


"Well, 'least the cafeteria's still intact." A girl with flowing blonde hair said, stepping into the room, scents of food reaching her nostrils. Her sister, a brunette with red highlights, squealed once she smelt the unmistakable scent of cookies and rushed towards the counter as a trail of red roses appeared behind her. Nearby, a girl with skin as white as snow pinched her nose and sighed in exasperation.

"Your sister's still the same, though." Another brunette walked up to the blonde, revealed to be the cookie-addict's sister. On her head, a black bow was tied around it, with her clothes being mainly black-and-white, with some purple leggings. "I like her to stay that way." The sister replied. Nodding, the brunette strolled towards the counter, her friends following closely behind.

After getting their food, they found an unoccupied table and took their seats. The blonde's sister returned with a large plate with cookies stacked upon one another, reaching a staggering height of a meter. The moment she sat down, the cookies started seemingly teleport into the girls mouth as she stuffed the cookies into it. Her sister laughed at the sight of the brunette's mouth enlarged to the size of multiple marshmallows.

"Hey Weiss, when does the school give us vacation, anyways?" The white haired girl looked up from her plate after hearing her teammate's question. "It's three days from now on, ties in with the winter holidays. You should really pay attention sometimes, Yang." The girl, Weiss replied, with an irritated tone in her voice. The large-chested girl fist pumped, giving a shit-eating grin to the air. "The school can't let us in while they repair the damage done." The other brunette added. "I can't believe we-no, Team R.E.D. managed to beat the robots, and that weapon, the amount of destruction it can do…"

"But still, lots of damage had been done, the docks are in ruins, and a lot of people are hurt, and…" The other members at the table didn't need the young girl to finish her sentence and they already knew what the word was. The red-haired girl's face immediately fell at her words, but instantly brightened up again when the door to the cafeteria opened, with nine men walking in once the door nearly flew from its hinges.

"Team R.E.D!" The cafeteria cheered at the red-clothed mercenaries, who had become a bit of a celebrity after the news of them building the weapon that rid Remnant of the robot threat were spread throughout Beacon. A man wearing a hard hat waved the cheers off, while a young man, looking slightly older than the four girls, blew kisses at the cheerers.


"Yo, Ruby!" The Engineer was thrown back a bit when the brunette, named Ruby, hugged the man tight. His face twisted in confusion before patting her head, smiling. "Uh, 'scuse me." The girl blushed a bit and jumped back, face still slightly red.

"S-sorry, sorry!" Ruby stammered. The Engineer chuckled, ruffling the girl's hair, much to her annoyance. As the girl tried to fix her hair, the members of RED Team sat down at a table joined with the one Team RWBY is sitting at. The two teams exchanged greetings between one another, before the RED mercenaries strode off and took their food from the counter, receiving cheers as they did.

"So, where you guys staying when the school starts the repairs?" The blonde stated as the men sat down with trays of various food in their hands. The man with a mask on looked at the girls, before letting out a long sigh and relighting his cigarette.

"I am going to be straight here, we are leaving this place tomorrow." The reply shocked the girls into stopping whatever they are doing and look at the men with eyes as wide as plates.

"Y-Y-You're leaving? Why?" The redhead said, tears starting to form in the corner of her eye. The eyes of the blonde, however, turned into a shade of red before turning back into the normal lilac color of her irises. "Look, we know, you're our friends, but… We have a war to fight. As much as we don't want to leave you, we still need to fight our war." The masked assassin replied.

"The Engineer here has succeeded at building a working teleporter, and is successfully tested to show that it brings us back to where we came from." The Spy added. Suddenly, a ringing sound was heard coming from the Engineer's pocket. The Texan excused himself and walked into a nearby toilet. He took out a large and bulky phone, one that he kept on him at all times for no particular reason, and pressed a button on it.

"…H-Hello?" He was surprised that the device actually managed to ring and pick up a signal, but the voice of the Administrator sounding through the phone was even more of a shock.

"Yes m-ma'am?"

"You're fired." Silence.

"And the Medic, and the Pyro, and the Spy, and the Demoman. You are all fired." The voice coldly said. "B-But ma'am, what's the re-"

"You five had exceeded the time for non-notified leave, and thus you have been fired. As for your friends, the Heavy, the Scout, the Sniper and the Soldier, they are to be transferred to Team Drickston of the RED corporation. I expect them to arrive tomorrow twelve-hundred sharp. Am I clear?"

"Y-Yes ma'am!" The line went dead, leaving the Engineer with a beeping sound in his ears. Deep down, he was happy that he was going to be still staying here, but he still felt sad for leaving his four un-fired members. He put the phone away and made his way back to the cafeteria.

"Hey guys, I got news from the Administrator." The Scout did a spit-take as he heard the words, resulting in staining the clothes of an unlucky student who groaned. "The WHO?!"

"Who's the Administrator?" The brunette, with evidence of dried tears on her face asked. "She's the one who orders us around, give us instructions and plans of attack. She fired me, the Spy, Medic, Demoman and the Pyro for being absent for too long now."

"So you're gonna stay?" Yang excitedly asked the man, who nodded in response. "They won't, though." The Engineer motioned to the other four members. "They'll be going back today, and will be using the new teleporter I designed to do so. Even though I only talked with 'her' for 'round three times, I could recognize it as her 'Get the fuck back here' tone."

"Language!" Ruby shouted, pointing at the Texan. "So, ya'll better start packin', leaving tonight, nine sharp."

Ruby's mouth was twitching a bit, as if she doesn't know to be happy or to be sad. "OK! B-Bye!" The girl shouted after them as Team R.E.D. exited the cafeteria, with the four other members taking a final look around and waving in the direction of Team RWBY and JNPR.

"It's actually sad, to get away from here." Scout said as he swung his bat. Heavy grunted in agreement. Sniper merely pulled his hat down and walked in silence. Soldier was, for once, actually silent. The team walked through the avenue, and into their respective dorms.

7.00 PM

"Are you sure this will work?" The Russian asked the Engineer as he toyed with his bullet. "Bah, it'll be mighty fine." He answered as he stood up from his chair and pressing a nearby button. The contraption directly in front of them started making whirring sounds, and shaking violently. Scout slowly backed up, afraid of the machine. The shaking stopped after a few seconds, and the rectangular plate on top of the machine started spinning rapidly, before a bright purple glow was emitted from the 'Enhanced Teleporter 2000', as the Engineer had named it.

"Go on!" The four members reluctantly moved on to the teleporter, and one by one they disappeared in a flash of purple light, leaving only violet particles floating around in the air. The Heavy shook the Texan's hand, before waving towards the four girls of Team RWBY who were giving a farewell to their friends, and stepping onto the contraption, disappearing soon after.

Ruby wiped a tear away from her eyes, and walked up to the Engineer and his comrades. "So… Where are you staying?" The Engineer looked up, and looked at his comrades, who shrugged. "W-We don't know, we weren't planning on that." He said as he opened his scroll and went to a house renting website. Ruby saw through the transparent screen and smiled, before running back to Yang and asking her something. Yang grinned after listening to her sister, and gave her a thumbs up.
"You lot can stay at me and Yang's place at Patch!" Ruby said excitedly, her movements bouncy. "No, ve can't, von't want to im-"

"Nonsense, I asked dad 'bout it, and he is happy to give you a place for now!" Yang interrupted the Medic as she walked up to the five men and her sister. The five mercenaries looked at each other, before nodding and the Spy taking his cigarette out from his mouth. "We accept your offer, thank you!" Spy said as he smiled genuinely, contrasting his usual snarky and sarcastic grins.

"Well, let's get packin', boys!"

Three days later – Patch


"Fucking turbulence…"

"C'mon, it's not that bad!" Yang exclaimed as she patted the Medic and the Demoman on the back, who were kneeling over trashcans and puking green matter into them. "All me scrumpy…" The Demoman glumly said as he stood back up.

They had just arrived at the airport at Patch, an island off the coast of Vale, home to Signal Academy. The Y and R of Team RWBY led the five mercenaries-now-teachers through the exit, where a pick-up truck was parked. A man with blonde hair was leaning against it, with his left hand in his pocket and the other holding his scroll. He noticed movement in his peripheral vision, and looked up, beaming.

"My lovely girls, finally back!" He exclaimed with hands wide open, welcoming the two girls for a hug. Ruby squealed and ran into the man's embrace, with Yang following closely behind. The blonde man hugged them both, and lifted them into the air effortlessly.

"Wow, that guy's tough." The Texan whispered to the Spy, who nodded. "Zid you notice that Yang and the man share the same color scheme in clothing?" The Engineer looked back towards the man, and indeed he saw similarities. Firstly, he was blonde, Yang was blonde. His clothing mostly consists of yellow and tan brown, so does Yang.

"I'm taking zat he is zeir father then?" The Medic said while adjusting his backpack filled to the brim with medical equipment and blood samples. Ruby overheard them, "Yea, he's me and Yang's dad." She said while gesturing to her father. "Dad, meet Engi, Medic, Spy, Pyro and Demoman. Engi, Medic, Pyro, Spy, Demoman, meet Taiyang Xiao Long!" She nearly squealed, but held it in. The five men walked up to Taiyang and exchanged greetings and shaking hands.

"My little red here has told me about your exploits, and damn I wished to thank you for saving Vale." Ruby looked at him, and pouted. "Daaaad! Also, one for the swear jar!" She said as she magically pulled out a jar filled with small coins. Her father sighed and pulled out a 1 Lien coin and deposited it into the jar.

"Now let's get going." Taiyang said to the five mercenaries and his daughters.

Taiyang's house

"This is a quaint lil' house, I like it!" The Engineer said as he stepped through the doorway. The owner chuckled and directed each of them to the guest rooms, with five mattresses laid out in it. After setting their bags down, the five RED men sat down and chatted.

"Hey, guys. What do you think we could do for, you know… them helping us out?" The other members looked at Engineer, before shrugging. Sighing, the Texan got up and approached Ruby, who was watching the holo-television, laughing every now and then. He joined in, and found out she was watching a film. After watching for a while, he heard footsteps behind him and turned around in his seat, revealing Taiyang.

"Hey, I wanna show you a place…"

A few minutes later

The five men followed Taiyang and Ruby through a forest, teeming with flora and fauna. Soon, they reached an opening. A cliff was located at the end, and there was a small gravestone there.

"This is where my wife was buried, passed away during a mission. She was a huntress, and a good mother." Taiyang said as he stood in front of the grave. The Enginner walked up towards it, before muttering 'May I' to the blonde, who nodded.

Once he was closer, the Engineer was able to clearly see the details of the gravestone. A rose was carved onto the piece of stone, with the words 'Thus kindly I scatter' engraved onto the surface. The Engineer slowly turned around, returning to the group.

"I think I solved the problem of repaying them." He muttered under his breath, going unnoticed by everyone except his team.

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