Once upon a time in a faraway French town named Marseille, there lived a pair of beautiful identical twin girls named Colette and Clara. Born to a wealthy Aristocrat and his wife, the girls grew up with their older brother Victor in a life of luxury. Despite the girls sharing the same features, they were very much polor opposites when it came to personality and tastes. Clara was by definition the perfect girl in her family's eye, due to her dutiful nature. She was far more concerned about her family's economic standing than Colette was and preferred to spend much of her time gossiping with her girlfriends and out shopping for a new dress and hat. Colette however, soon proved to be a handful to her parents, as she preferred to do more boy's activities such as climbing trees or rough housing outside with her dogs. Colette, unlike most of her family, associated with many people that her parents considered inferior to them, as she viewed them as more trustworthy than those of the upper class.

Despite all the differences, the two were the closest of sisters and shared all their secrets with each other. Indeed it was Clara who first found out about her sister's feelings towards a young inventor, who had apprentley been helping Colette learn how to read. As much as Clara knew how her father would disapprove, she said nothing believing that her sister would grow bored with this infautiation and marry someone of their class. However it soon became apparent that Colette would have no other but him, and when their parents found out a heated argument ensured. Her father gave her an ultimatum that she either gives up the young inventor or risk disownment. Clara tired to presuade Colette to change her mind, however this just ended up in the two having a heated argument with words said that caused both of them to never see one another again and in fact this would be the last time that Clara would see her sister alive agian.