A small drabble.

Harry James Potter, wizard extraordinaire was simply trying to help out his best mate when he just happened to create havoc once again. It all began on the 14th of August the day of the planned wedding of his best mate Ronald Weasley to Harry's best friend in the world Hermione Jane Granger.

Everything was going perfectly as the minister turned to Hermione and asked do you take this man to be your lawfully wedding husband sealed for all eternity by magical bond?

Hermione though not seeming to be quite as happy as people expected answered "I do."

Of course having asked the bride he turned to Ron and asked do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedding wife sealed for all eternity by magical bond?

Harry standing beside the very nervous Ron watched as Ron stared at the minister in some sort of shock. Giving Ron a nudge in his ribs Harry leaned forward over Ron's shoulder and quite loudly prompted Ron with "I do."

Before anyone knew what was happening a flash of light joined Harry and Hermione for several seconds. As soon as the light faded an elegant piece of parchment appeared above the minister and gently floated into his hand. The minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt looked at the parchment and then quietly declared "I now pronounce you man and wife. Harry you may kiss your bride."

Everyone stood motionless staring at the minister not quite believing what they had heard. Hermione's mother was the first to speak. Looking at the minister she asked "Are you saying that Hermione is married to Harry."

Kings looked at them rather sheepishly while silently muttering to himself, "I knew I should have used their names like they do in the more modern version, damn Molly and her interference." He looked at Helen Granger and said "Yes according to the marriage certificate."

Helen looked truly happy as she almost shouted "Thank you God."

Richard Granger added his piece as he was feeling delighted said "Wonderful, no more moronic manner less slob over for Sunday dinner. Thanks Harry."

Hermione stood staring at Harry while hiding the feeling of relief she had. "What Happened?"

"Ron froze up again. I was just prompting him I swear I was." Harry said praying that she would not hex him.

"Harry James Potter, you do know that with the use of the old vows Molly insisted on there can be no divorce. We are married now and for all eternity." Hermione said quite clearly, then added. "you best kiss me so we can all get out of here."

The two new Potters and the two older Grangers rushed away just as Ronald Bilius Weasley finally realised what was going on. They were quick enough to escape before his jealous hate filled side got out yet again. The last they saw of him he was yelling at his mother about her vile interfering ways ruining his entire life.

An hour later at the Granger home Harry swore to Hermione that he would do his utmost best to be a good husband. As soon as he finished talking Hermione admitted she was only marrying Ron because it was what everyone expected of her.

While back at the Burrow as Ron blamed everyone else for what had happened and not on his freezing up, Every one was either shouting or telling some one off, Molly was swearing she was going to beat him senseless, Luna Lovegood stood at the back of the Burrow and cast several cleaning charms thinking to her self 'anyone testing my wand will not find a petrificus totallus charm. Ron will just have to learn he's mineā€¦..