Carlos' heart was palpitating against his chest, he swore everyone who walked past him could hear it. The short male turned into his open locker and grabbed his bag, heading to the courtyard, where he knew a certain tanned beauty was every day after school; when there wasn't tourney practice of course. Ben's coronation was a few months back, and Carlos couldn't be happier. He felt a great urge of relief flood through him when Mal and the others admitted themselves to goodness. None of them wanted to be like their parents anymore. None of them cared about that. However, for Carlos, he started to become more self-aware of himself. His feelings. His thoughts. Before, on the isle, he was his mother's personal slave. Always doing chores, cleaning her furs, cleaning her car and often getting beaten when things weren't done right. From a young age, he was taught that love was a weakness. Cruella De Vil didn't exactly like the fact that she had Carlos. Though, in Auradon, love was seen as the most magical and powerful emotion you can have. It could break you, Carlos learned from many tales of backstabbing boyfriends or over-dramatic girlfriends.

He couldn't control his feelings. It was just one big emotion urging him to do something crazy, something he would never had thought to do in a million years. Carlos could never find himself striding up to Jay confidently and asking him out. There was just too much risk that could go into it. And Carlos wasn't a dare devil.

Today was different. Today Carlos felt different. After months of just sitting around and letting his feelings make him distant from Jay (and being awkward when they spoke), he walked out into the courtyard towards Jay. His feet seemed nearly glued to the grass when he neared the taller, handsome male.

Jay couldn't make sense of what was going on between him and Carlos. He had gone to Evie and Mal many different times because of how odd it felt. Carlos was trying to push away from him as much as possible, but all Jay wanted to do was be near him. At times, he found himself dreaming about cuddling with him. Sometimes Carlos would let him kiss all of the freckles that dotted his cheeks, which Jay used to tease him about playing connect the dots on his face. Evie told him that Carlos' feelings were getting the better of him and that's why he was in secluding himself in the library, though Jay never bought it. How much of a coincidence would it be that the two actually liked each other.

That was another thing he didn't understand. He didn't comprehend that two people could like each other without interference, without a pestering love triangle, or having to go behind someone's back. Jay wished his twisted mind would just revert to normal, so that he could think and feel like an actual person without influences from his father or anyone else on the Isle controlling his decisions. If it had not been for the way he grew up, Carlos and him would already be together. He was usually weak at the knees when he saw the smaller boy, which was abnormal for him because he was bold with the ladies (though he didn't really like girls that much). A sigh escaped his lips as he walked out onto the courtyard, underneath a big oak tree where he liked to chill out and take a breather. A few minutes after settling his back onto the rough bark, his arms folded over his chest, examining Carlos walk towards him.

Carlos was definitely fidgeting, which Jay knew it meant he was nervous. Jay suddenly found the familiar feeling of his breath catching in his throat and his heart racing at an unbearable speed; little did he know Carlos' emotions were exactly the same.

"Hey, dude." Jay greeted, tilting his head up slightly, playing it off cool.

"Hi." Carlos replied, keeping his hands in the pocket of his jean shorts.

"What brings you out here? Usually you spend your time in the stupid library." He teased, snickering.

"Well...I just- I mean-..." He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. Jay couldn't help but smile at his friend's nervousness. It was extremely cute, in his eyes. In Carlos', he was just embarrassing himself further.

Jay rose an eyebrow down at him, "what is it, C?" He asked, adjusting his beanie.

"Do you want to go out with me?" The words just spewed out of his mouth quicker than he imagined it. "S-sorry. Just disregard everything that just happened. I'm like the biggest idiot ever." Carlos stuttered, "I mean we're good friends...and I don't want to ruin that, even though I probably already did b-by distancing you and I...b-but I jus-just didn't want to do something stupid..." He continued to ramble on.

Jay couldn't help himself, a smile grew on his face as he half listened to what Carlos was saying to him. It was hard to pay attention though, "shut up, stupid." He said and swooped down, pressing their lips together to cut him off.

Carlos squeaked at the sudden motion, taking a moment to relax onto his soft lips and kiss him back. He hesitantly moved his hands to Jay's shoulders as the other wrapped his strong arms around Carlos' small waist and pulled him up against his equally as buff body. Their lips seemed to move in sync perfectly, and neither of them could get enough of each other...well until someone wolf whistled, causing the two to jump back from their passionate kiss, furiously blushing.

"Well it took long enough, don't ya think?" Jay smirked playfully, taking Carlos' hand, "and my answer is yes, I would love to go on a date with you."

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