Years had passed, Carlos and Jay were still in a happy relationship. Of course, they didn't get along all the time, but they loved each other. So, they worked it out. College went by painfully slow, Jay got a full ride because of Tourney. Carlos went off to a different school to study chemistry, or something like that (Jay wasn't too sure since he wasn't into science). College was hard, the couple was separated most of the time, and they barely found time to make calls. College graduation came and went, now Jay was playing Tourney professionally, and Carlos was applying for jobs that went with the degree he earned. Eventually he would find a job as a veterinarian and would move into an apartment with Jay. Each night they would share their "I love you"'s then go to sleep.

One night in April, Jay took Carlos out on a date, the same hidden beach they had their first, and disatorous, date at. It was a precisely planned, romantic date. At the end, Jay came up with this whole speech about how much he loved Carlos, how his boyfriend shaped him to be the amazing person he is, and how he even realized what love was because of their relationship. Carlos realized what Jay was going to do afterwards because of the carefully chosen words.

"Carlos De Vil, will you marry me?" Jay asked softly, getting down on one knee, popping the ring box open.

Carlos sniffled and threw his arms around Jay, "Yes! I will! Oh god Jay, I love you so much!" he exclaimed.

Jay laughed happily, holding his fiancé close, "I love you so much more."

And of course,

Carlos and Jay lived happily ever after.

and that concludes this story, thanks for everyone who stuck with it :)

~fangirl for days